My question is about gaining the strength & courage strong enough to overcome even the slightest doubt and rid fear and question out of my mind when i skateboard.

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Fear dissipates when you stop thinking and reflecting upon the worst case scenario. For example, I could never slide down the quarterpipe if I were on the skatepark alone. But I was pressured by my friends to do it. Standing on the quarterpipe, the failure was not an option. I could not think about what happens if something went wrong, because everyone was looking at me. The longer I waited, the more I would resemble a coward. So I did it.

The same process happens always when you have to do something risky. Firstly, you have the urge to do something, then you fight with your mind, and in the end you do what you wanted to do (if you won the struggle with your internal dialogue). If you take out fighting with your mind from the chain, you will be successful. I noticed that I start action in the briefest of the moments when I stop thinking. For example, when I want to pick up a girl, I can even go through 10-15 minutes of internal discussion. Then comes a brief moment when I stop thinking for a while, and I make my move with a blank mind.


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Hello Marcus. The Emotional Freedom Technique or EFT is a great way to release unwanted fears. There is lots of information on IQ and the web about EFT. It's easy and effective.

Love and Light


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Albert Einstein said we can not handle a problem from below the problem or equal to the problem but it is above the problem that we find the solutions.

You need to put yourself in a situation of being above your fear, think of what is superior to your fear of riding? I will tell you of myself with a bicycle and a motorcycle ramp, I was young preteen and my friend and I were on our bikes riding this dirt bike trail we came to this big ramp we went past. I stopped and looked at my friend and said "I am going to jump that!" My friend was scared he said "really, I wont jump that!" I had no fear, I was above the fear, I was thinking "Evel Knevel YEAH I am going to fly through the air I am going to jump that!!!!" Well I rode my bike back as far as I could, this was before dirt bikes so I had an ordinary banana seat bicycle in the 70's early 80's. I rode as fast as I could peddle up that ramp and got to the top with just enough speed to make it off the top and I yanked up hard on my handlebars to fall it seemed 5 or 6 feet flat to the ground! I am lucky my wheels didn't break off! LOL I slammed hard onto the ground I felt my feet hurt on the peddles and my hands hurt on the handle bars! I probably bruised both my hands and feet. Looking back now I could have been killed, angels must have been watching over me.

The point I am making is I was above the fear, my mind was on souring through the air, (not dropping like a rock which I did! lol) My mind was on what if in a good sense, fear is our minds on what if in a bad sense. Fear is a feeling, it can not hurt you, you feel tired, you feel hungry, you feel happy, you feel sad, it is just a feeling. Raise above the fear and the fear disappears, deliberately change the fear thoughts to thoughts of grandeur and excitement! You will see that fear melt away and a feeling come over you like "YEAH I am going to do it, lets go!" It is a rush of excitement driving you onwards when you raise above the fear.


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Fear is not necessarily a bad thing. A little bit of fear keeps you sharp. It's when you have too much fear that your performance declines.

Take a look at the following chart:

alt text

Your activation level, on the X axis, is your level of stimulation. At the far left of the graph is boredom. At the far right of the graph is anxiety, the paralysis that occurs when there is too much fear. As you can see, the goal is not to eliminate fear entirely, but to use that fear to create the ideal level of arousal.

The red area in the graph is The Zone, the point at which calmness is balanced by excitement, and your mind and body are razor sharp, where all of your movements become effortless. When you are in that zone, you will achieve peak performance.


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Thanks. What is the source of the chart? I can not understand where boredom is represented on the left and where anxiety is on the right. It does look like a chart that shows the relationship between performance and activation (cause and effect?)

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Fear is essentially a big challenge to overcome, nonetheless, it one that can be conquered essentially by adoption, and the conditioned behavior! Given the severity and nature of the fear, you can enable yourself to seeking counseling therapy to control the fear, so that the fear is not a fear any more, and you can use it to your best advantage!


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