What is your career and why do you believe you are in it?
Is it currently the same as you calling?

For example:
I created and manifested it exactly how I imagined.

Family business, was expected to work in it.

This is all I could find to pay the bills.


I am curious as to what jobs we all have here and if there are any similarities based on our consciously focused inward quest.

If you feel it is too personal perhaps you can put the industry...

Thank You.

asked 20 Sep '10, 21:10

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I think many of us here who participate regularly on this website have the same career and that is one of teacher...I don't mean teacher in the sense of a school teacher but rather one that chooses to uplift others in life.

From my observations, Inward Quest has become a training ground for us teachers where we get clarity from each other on various spiritual concepts and then practice giving our answers to each other in this virtual world, as preparation to giving answers to others in the physical world.

In my case, I learn as much from clarifying my thoughts here to write an answer as probably others do from reading my (and others) answers.

And certainly, in my life teacher career, I feel I've improved considerably in my physical day-to-day verbal and written teachings since participating here.


answered 21 Sep '10, 23:57

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I am a full time university student and that is definitely not my calling, so you could say that I am kind of suffering now because of certain beliefs. This is because having come into contact with Napoleon Hill's classics and Robert Kiyosaki at the age of 16 or 17 and also finding more about people like Bill Gates and Thomas Edison(my most favourite person in history of all time), I have never believed that one needs to spend so much on education(few grands), time(10-20years) in order to do well or succeed in life.

So what do I want to do in the future.. or now if I could have a choice to stop school?...I don't know.. seriously. And that would probably be what a lot of others would say too. This is because what do you actually want in life? Each time you say you want this, this, that, that, but after you get them, you think to yourself, "Oh.. actually I don't really need or wanted this.." But right now I would love to be able to materialize my own invention or just have a steady stream of 500-1000$ coming in every month in any form(may be internet entrepreneur or sales from royalties etc), as right now I am contented with my basic needs(3 meals, water) and a computer with an internet connection.

As quoted somewhere from this website, "We only want what we want because we think that it will ultimately make us feel better." So.. even if one might think that their current career is not their calling.. it may still be.. sometime down the road.


answered 21 Sep '10, 09:38

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Trophy wife :) That's what I am repeatedly told and I used to resent it for I believed I was more than what nature has gifted me in looks, which I am. So now, I allow my husband the pleasure of showing me off! Afterwards, I happily go back to my cooking, cleaning, doing the laundry, having babies..........And yes have the time I need to work on what I am passionate about going within.


answered 22 Sep '10, 05:02

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daniele: o please!

(22 Sep '10, 17:48) Back2Basics

Basic: thank you for making my day:) Haven't laughed like this in a long time! but you missed the batting of lashes :) love yah!

(23 Sep '10, 17:01) daniele

Plus one! Very sincere and honest!

(21 Oct '11, 07:32) Aphrodite
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Software Developer. Cuz I'm a left-brain maniac. But one day I will become a monk, you'll see :)


answered 29 Sep '10, 00:21

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Provided our career is in some way serving or adding to the Whole in a benefical way and comes from the heart, it will be successful and it really doesn't matter what the actual job is.The key is to fully be with it and do it to the best of your ability - from picking up garbage to president of a corporation. Most genuine leaders understand that everyone plays a vital role in making the company a success.


answered 21 Sep '10, 14:31

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I help run a building company. I havnt the faintest idea how i ended up doing this. I really never wanted to do this and never to my knowledge made a conscious effort to end up doing this.

To me a career is unimportant,it really is just a conduit to earn money. I enjoy so many things outside of work that it remains in second or third place.

When the time comes when finances manifest more i will take a back seat career wise and do what i enjoy doing more. Its irrelevant to me HOW the money comes in.Having said this i do enjoy my job and never dread going to work...its just that i enjoy other things more.



answered 22 Sep '10, 10:10

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Monty Riviera

I am a management trainer/speaker. In my first ever school report the teacher had written the remarks "intelligent but very talkative" so I made talking my profession :-) But on a more serious note when I train and I see a light going up in a participant's eyes when they realize 'aha this can help me in my life' that is gives me great pleasure. Also I find myself in the vortex when I train. My current dilemma is that the market wants me to speak on subjects which I am not really interested in and what I am interested in the market is not that receptive to:-/


answered 23 Sep '10, 10:01

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I Think Therefore I Am

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