Recently I had a very complicated experience, which in many ways, I feel I did not deserve. I had to go through a legal problem and spent a month in jail, in fact it could have been worse and thanks to my father and probably a miracle i'm out.

It was a "drug" issue, i was "safekeeping" a cocaine mix, or it was something like that (i know it was a stupid thing to do), which wasn't even mine, the same person that asked me to keep it for a time sold me to the cops when he was caught somewhere else with other drugs.

I always try to be a very honest guy, I had made meditation a part of my daily life, i have no addictions (maybe a bit to the PC i guess), in fact the only "drug" i consume (or used to consume due to my last bad experience with the law) is marijuana and it was in few occasions, it wasn't a vice, that's what i mean.

The guy that sold me out, besides knowing each other for about 4 years, lived for 5 days in my house (recently before the issue, because he had a problem with his parents), ate my food, and helped very little in return, and even though I was very careful not to give him space to drag me into any of his mistakes, look how he thanked my kindness.

I was a student (had to leave temporarily college because of that problem), I love doing sports, I just can't understand what life tried to show me with that experience... How can i correct my mistake if i really didn't know what it was?

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Barry Allen ♦♦

Why were you safekeeping his cocaine?

(07 Jan '13, 13:14) flowsurfer

Because he was kicked from his parent's home, i said "i was safekeeping it" just because i knew he wouldn't throw it away even if i asked him to, so i let him hide it at home, it was supposed to be temporary... never really thought he would be caught later by police and point at me like the "drugdealer" so he could try and get out of the problem... after the questioning and tests, the police knew it wasn't mine, but by procedure i was still accused...

(07 Jan '13, 15:28) Justice_and_Truth

"Is life different after midnight? With its new dawn and its new lights. Inconsistent and indifferent to the things we were so sure we knew..." ~ TSO

Or in other words, life don't care, nor teach nor is it asking you to learn anything. No final test, nothing to measure up to by its end. Forget what happened and live. You're not in the prison anymore, don't have no drugs, so live. Live now.

(07 Jan '13, 15:29) CalonLan

I didn't really want to lecture him on his decisions or anything but i guess i took part in them when i let him bring that home... I just didn't see it could come to that... and i also guess it's true i was thinking i was kind of immune to that type of consequence because of some of my habits..

(07 Jan '13, 15:32) Justice_and_Truth

You didn't understand my question. Why did you let him hide it at home?

(07 Jan '13, 15:59) flowsurfer

I just didn't think it would make any difference if he did or he didn't hide it in my house, no one was supposed to know, and once he left with it, it would have been like it was never at my home... I had never had problems with the law... so as long as he wasn't saying it to anyone, it would just lie there until he left.. I know cocaine is destructive, i don't approve the use of it, but i try to never judge those who deal with it..

(07 Jan '13, 17:58) Justice_and_Truth

If you didn't think it would make any difference, why did you do it?

(07 Jan '13, 18:07) flowsurfer

Well you know i didn't give it much thought... guess it was because i thought i knew him, and he wouldn't bring me trouble, a type of help... or maybe I thought that big of a favor would return from him later on ..

(07 Jan '13, 18:43) Justice_and_Truth

Well in that case, think about how big a favor he owes you now.

(07 Jan '13, 21:56) flowsurfer
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You already know what you did wrong. Avoid them next time. Chose friends wisely. You kept something that others would think twice before even touching. May be life is pointing you out the particular weakness what made you keep it.

"I had made meditation a part of my daily life"

Meditation doesn't immunize you against suffering. Meditation doesn't make man a God, but he can experience God.If you do something, be ready accept the consequences. It is simple as that.


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sympathy, understanding and extending our knowledge of it through the extremes, our minds are differential machines as are our souls. It's all big learning experience.


answered 07 Jan '13, 15:04

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it is not life that lectures
it just is, it is we who
intellectualize creation from
the bottom up, so pay more
attention to your higher self


answered 08 Jan '13, 07:04

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You have two questions.
1:How to determine what is the lecture that life wants you to learn?
The lecture never ends and the subject is change. Change is the only constant in life. Take from this lesson that nonchalance to drug laws can come back at you and bite you hard. There is a regular contributor named rob (AKA TReb Bor yit-NE ) great guy and he was burned by someone he too thought was a friend that stole from him.
Grace had some wise words to say to him . I believe these might also help you .

2:. How can I correct my mistake if I really didn't know what it was?
Don't kid yourself !
Cocaine is illegal .PERIOD. Drug abusers have one friend ..their drugs everything else is just a path to more.
Ok? Lesson learned. Moving on to NOW. What's the next fun thing in your life today?
The lecture continues lets learn something fun!


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Just one thing, even though i understand your point. Before being so harsh on #2 you should know a bit about laws and who makes them.. Just because something is legal doesn't make it something positive, just because something is illegal doesn't make it negative (to the purpose of whether you go to jail or not yes). For example you could have in the US (i guess it's your country) a whole arsenal in your home and it's not only legal, it's a right, in my country you can't have more than a 9 mm with

(13 Jan '13, 12:18) Justice_and_Truth

lots of permissions... Another example, in China or Russia (and of course many other countries) you could fist hit a woman for any or no reason, and it's not punishable, sometimes it's not even seen as wrong by others, in the US or my country i guess you would have to tell that story behind bars. So i know i was doing something illegal but not necessarily something bad per se. I guess my worst flaw was trusting somebody who shouldn't be trusted and in that i agree completely..

(13 Jan '13, 12:21) Justice_and_Truth

Right, laws are just things some people have told you not to do "or else!". Violating the law is a neutral thing, it has no inherent meaning or value. However, you yourself said you think cocaine is destructive and that he was your friend. What kind of friend helps another friend's destructive behavior? Besides that you passively allowed someone else to lead you into doing something dangerous for no particular reason.

(13 Jan '13, 12:42) flowsurfer
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"In the Path of your greatest happiness will you find the reason that you have chosen this life" --- Richard Bach


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No Brainer

@No Brainer, if you have chosen this life, then you already know. So, what's the point of rediscovering what you already know. Why such need for clarity. Feeling of not being in control maybe?

Nobody ever was, for it wasn't you who chose life, but more like life chose you as death eventually will too.

(08 Jan '13, 08:11) CalonLan

@ CalonLan I know that I know, but I forgot. As I seek happpiness I begin to remember.

For me, it is not a matter of "control." If you hallucinate that you are EVER in control, you are not.

As for death, it is a natural consequence of material existence.

(08 Jan '13, 08:21) No Brainer
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