The most persistent and individually unique phenomena people experience is known as "the body". Even though the question is general it's worth asking this specific question for both personal and intellectual reasons: what is the cause of an individual's body (hair color, skin color, illness, injury, nose shape, dexterity, eyesight, athletic ability, apparent age, height, weight, gender, etc)? That is to say, why are some elements apparently impossible to change (gender) while others are reasonably easy (weight)? Why do we go from being a baby to being a child, then a teenager, then an adult, then progressing as an old person all the way to corpse and then dust?

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Within each cell of our bodies is DNA- deoxyribonucleic acid. The DNA contains coded patterns, inherited from each of our parents. To understand how DNA actually works, go here.


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99% of our DNA is the same as everyone else's. but that remaining 1% determines everything from eye color to temperament to body type. Studies with twins separated at birth suggests that even our tastes are coded in our genes- whether we like jewelry, even the names we like or dislike.

Our DNA also carries the codes to age progression. Most of the growth and changes that occur in our bodies are directed by the DNA in various glands, mainly the pituitary gland, but also the testes and ovaries for sexual development. Aging after adulthood occurs (we think) because our cells are constantly replicating, replacing old cells with new. But after a few million times, the cells stop replicating perfectly, and we age. They are studying this very carefully, for aging causes a variety of diseases and of course death.

This is the truth behind the science of our bodies. We can change certain things about our bodies through plastic surgery, exercise and diet, and even transplant in new organs to replace failed organs. But ultimately, it is our DNA which directs the building and genetics of our body. Through this miracle, we all are unique and special!

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