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Has anyone ever had this experience, and if so which book or system of thought was involved.

I read a lot! I spend most of my life reading spiritual/metaphysical books. Ive recently re visited a book that I thought I had read quite thourghly a few years ago. Ive read many books which ive enjoyed and "got" the first time ive read them, and then read them many times more.

Ive now started to re read this book and things ive never seen in it are "LEAPING" out at me. Im staggered I didn't resonate more with this book the first time round. I know the word "resonate" is cliché and over used , but it seems to best fit this scenario.

Has anyone specifically " re read" a book that previously had little impact on them, and that nows having a profound effect the second time round.

I would be interested to know what this book was/is and why they think it didn't quite sink in the first time round. I cant quite figure out why I didn't buy into this more the first time round...............................

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Monty Riviera

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Barry Allen ♦♦


@Monty Riviera Brilliant question MR - I know that feeling of re-reading something and having no recollection of the text at all. It is almost as though the book contains new words because it resonates on a completely different level.

(12 Jun '13, 08:32) Catherine

yes, 2,3 & sometimes more. that is why i pencile when completed and underline if not before. as thought it takes time to transfer from knowledge to knowing

(12 Jun '13, 19:18) fred
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The books you read are neutral really. Its you thats changed. Every time you reread the book your reading it from an adjusted level of Awareness, like a different point of You.

This happens me when someone highlights an old answer from @Stingray for example. I reread the answer and its like I'm reading it for the first time.

You won't see anything until your a vibrational match to it, even if the words are right in front of you. Such is life:)


answered 12 Jun '13, 09:40

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Very astute and wise observation, @Satori! +1

(12 Jun '13, 18:54) Jaianniah

I know what you mean about the Stingray answers...

(13 Jun '13, 03:33) Monty Riviera

Very smartly said Satori. I suppose once you're at a vibrational match you can discover the same ideas from, say, Ask and it is Given from something as mundane as a newspaper.

(13 Jun '13, 10:01) Nikulas

@Satori - "its like I'm reading it for the first time" - Many years ago, Abraham were asked if there was anything they weren't telling us (humans). They said they had told us everything but that we couldn't hear most of it :) At the time, I thought they were joking but I've found from experience since then that they certainly weren't. Once you "get" something (vibrationally speaking), all you can do is keep repeating it in different ways until someone else put themselves in...

(14 Jun '13, 07:16) Stingray

@Satori - ...a vibrational place where they "get it" too. But once you "get it", it then becomes more and more difficult to remember what it was like to not "get it" :) Abraham have spoken of the need to have people around to act as bridges to the information they impart i.e. those who still remember what it was like to not "get it" and who can express themselves in a way that relates to others who haven't "got it" yet. The problem is that the more time you spend...

(14 Jun '13, 07:21) Stingray

@Satori - ..."getting it", the less you can express yourself usefully to those who are on the way to "getting it". So there's almost a conveyer belt of people required of those who have just "got it" and can provide nudges to those who are just about to "get it" . The other tricky thing is that when one is out-of-the-Vortex on a consistent basis, one can not "get it" again quite easily. As you can tell, I love observing the dynamics of "getting" vs "not-getting" :)

(14 Jun '13, 07:26) Stingray

@Stingray- Welcome back! I was getting withdrawal symptoms!

(14 Jun '13, 08:11) Nikulas

@Jai- Thank you. @Nikulas- Thank you. Yes this has happened to me many times. Everthing is connected so the answer can come from anywhere:)

(14 Jun '13, 08:22) Satori

@Stingray- Thank you, very interesting. "So there's almost a conveyer belt of people required of those who have just "got it" and can provide nudges to those who are just about to "get it". Yes I have noticed that people vibrationally closer to each other seem to be able help each other out better sometimes by providing answers here, that help them "get it" even though they have been exposed to the answer many times by your good self for example.....

(14 Jun '13, 08:24) Satori

@Stingray- Abraham talk about something like this in their meditations. They say that you just relax and breathe and don't try to hard to listen to the words. As you progressively soften your vibration on that topic you will start to hear more of the words automatically. "As you can tell, I love observing the dynamics of "getting" vs "not-getting":). Lol, yes definitely :)

(14 Jun '13, 08:25) Satori

@Nikulas - I'm usually lurking in the background watching, even if not posting :) Don't know if others can feel this also, but IQ seems to go through definite energy cycles, which (predominantly) attract different personalities to post. Sometimes the cycles feel inspiring to me, sometimes they don't. It's interesting to note that an energy cycle that doesn't feel inspiring to me can often feel very inspiring to someone with a very different vibration to me. No right or wrong, as always :)

(14 Jun '13, 08:37) Stingray

@Satori - Yes, and that also means that, on IQ for example, we'll always have new fresh "guru"'s to explain these ideas publicly because it's never really about the principles (which are timeless and unchanging) but about the ability of someone to convey those ideas in the latest language forms to those who are trying to hear them. Once you "get it" - and I know you "get it" :) - you probably have a limited shelf-life for explaining "it" to someone outside of your own group :)

(14 Jun '13, 09:00) Stingray

@Stingray- Ha, Very interesting. This seems to tie in with what you say in your comment about being inspired or uninspired to answer/comment on IQ from time to time. I notice this to! Perhaps during times when we are inspired to engage in IQ are also windows of opportunity when we are more likely to hear or be heard. Thank you:)

(14 Jun '13, 09:28) Satori

@Satori - "windows of opportunity" is a great way to express the concept :) It's all co-ordinated from the Broader Perspective and implemented physically through that feeling of inspiration. I think I once heard Bashar say something along the lines of (very roughly paraphrasing from memory)... "When someone provides an answer, it's because someone somewhere is asking a question that fits it".

(14 Jun '13, 09:43) Stingray

@Stingray- "When someone provides an answer, it's because someone somewhere is asking a question that fits it". That is an excellent quote and explains a lot! I'm going to remember that one. Thank you :)

(14 Jun '13, 10:00) Satori
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Words only have meaning in context to your life.

Words trigger different meanings and emotions in different stages in life. So they trigger different behaviors and understanding within you.

Everyone has a different map of the world within. In other words, nothing has meaning expect the meaning we give things. And this is not only true for words (in a book or on your computer screen), but also true for objects and figures (in the bank account).

For example if I said on this site "Just be happy and live your life". This could trigger memories of dancing within you. So you would go out and you would dance. Or it could trigger good memories for you of being a hooligan in a group of sports fanatics as you damaged public properties. So you would go out and have fun being a hooligan again. Or you could become angry because you are suicidal and the word "happy" is vibrationally out of your reach. Or you could hear "this means there is no way out for me" and you could jump from a skyscraper.

So words have always different meanings in different stages in life. Because depending on your mood and general frequency (vibration) you have access to different thoughts that you have accumulated in life.

So I think there are three factors to consider

  1. Your now vibraiton
  2. Your general frequency (or your overall vibrational range)
  3. The accumulated thoughts and beliefs so far (through contrast, experience and your individual interpretation of things)

I re-read parts of "Ask and It Is Given" almost ever day and it almost always means something different to me every time.

Currently I'm reading the book "How to Get Lots of Money for Anything Fast" by Stuart Lichtman. Though I read it a few month ago and didn't get much out of it, it seems as if it opens up a whole new world to me now. Like as if I'm reading a completely different book. Back then every word bored me, but now I'm really enjoying it.


answered 13 Jun '13, 06:45

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Yep...ask and it is given does that to me too releaser99. It makes more sense to me every time I re visit it.

(13 Jun '13, 11:21) Monty Riviera

Hi Monty,

I first read David Cameron Gikandi's Happy Pocket Full of Money on wealth consciousness 2 years ago when I was just a metaphysical nipper and asking, asking, asking and hoping for a silver bullet (money) to jump out at me. It didn't but I did find it intellectually arousing. It kind of made sense and I wanted to believe in it but it didn't serve me (or so I thought).

I've done a ton of exploration around money (and it's not about money, stoopid) and felt inclined to reread it again recently and WOW! All the concepts of already there I now 'get' and that there's nothing outside of me I need to do, etc. but lines like 'you've always had it, you've just chosen not to see it' now make delicious sense!

The huge impact on me now is the idea of wealth consciousness. In short, I'm practising it now and the miracles are starting to show up. In long, if you want a million dollars for example, never ever imagine a million dollars in your bank account (and I know this isn't Abraham territory). Instead, develop images, based on a firm foundation of belief that anything you are wanting has already been created for you, of everything that the million dollars would give you. Revisit the images to develop the sense of being wealthy, with plenty of everything, not just money, and to firm in your mind, through observation, that you simply have them. You are becoming, through I AM, that wealthy person who has those wealthy things that are so clear and established in your mind that the money just shows up to support your idea of having those images. Money is a 'how', like people and coincidences, and we should never engineer them in our minds. What we create is the new version of ourself (plentiful, self-assured) with what we want (big house, yacht, etc.)

That blew me away this time around and I'm seeing results in just 7 days of 'getting' it. Of course I'll get it even more when I next pick it up! There's a free copy somewhere on the internet, highly, highly recommended.


answered 12 Jun '13, 06:55

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Focus Dude

I will pencil it in for a read Dude..

(13 Jun '13, 03:35) Monty Riviera

Wow, i really like how you described the process of envisioning your wealth. So your saying more so, envision yourself as the result of what you intended to be and then the universe will send you things that support that belief of yourself?..did I get that right?

(14 Jun '13, 05:04) ikaruss21

Am a couple of chapters in Dude....very good!

(14 Jun '13, 06:08) Monty Riviera

@ikaruss21 ... glad you liked my attempted explanation. Yes I believe you've got it right and may need tweaking so that it all slots in nicely with your beliefs so far. So, get 'wealthy' or, what I prefer is 'have more than enough' to ... then list all the things you want to experience or have. Make them big so you develop an adjusted mindset of the new you in having these bigger things. You simply think differently, e.g. instead of that flash car (junior thinking) you might be ... cont'd

(14 Jun '13, 10:08) Focus Dude

enlisting personal trainers. These are less 'expensive' but more the domain of more wealthy people (at least than me!). Then when 'high' in this state, see yourself having the more near-term items that may be bugging you, as done, and it'll feel like no big deal and will then get done. Never picture money but what it represents and the new you that has those symbols of wealth.

(14 Jun '13, 10:10) Focus Dude
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This is the exact reason the Bible speaks to people on many levels.

This is going to be a metaphysical answer but hey I'm in the right place for this!

Have you noticed how a coin sorter has multiple holes. One hole is for half dollars, one for quarters, one for nickels, one for pennies and one for dimes. Now we pour a ton of coins into the sorter, every coin there is! But we are only beginners so we have the smallest hole so all we are receiving are pennies. It doesn't matter that we are given every coin, the only coin getting through are pennies.

As we learn we grow and open up inside now we find something amazing when we read the same book. We now receive five times more, we are receiving nickels! Next comes dimes, quarters, half dollars, then gold dollars.

That is because the more we grow the more we can understand things that were there all along but we didn't notice before. Before it meant something but now it means more.

Finally when we reach gold dollars the same book that was originally so valuable as a beginner now is one-hundred times as valuable! It is the same book, the same information but now you are getting so much more out of it.

My Neo-Tech heirloom packages are like that so me. Greater awakening and understanding comes from reading them over. My Florence Scovel Shin books are like that as well. Another book The Big %#$@ing Secret. The Joy Book, the God Book. Universal Consciousness, The Hermetica. Also not to forget as mentioned first The Bible


answered 12 Jun '13, 12:14

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Wade Casaldi

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This is exactly what happens as we grow spiritually...That is why we should hang on to our books forever! (Who is more the fool: the man who lends a book, or the one who returns it?) The best books lie in layers, telling stories on many levels at once, and thus appealing to all who read...Like the Bible. +1 for a great and perfect analogy, @Wade! Love ya! Jai

(12 Jun '13, 18:59) Jaianniah

Yep..ive read a few of your choices, Florences books were some of the first I read.

(13 Jun '13, 03:36) Monty Riviera

I need to revisit The Four Agreements as well as The Book by Alan Watts. I'm currently reading The Field which has by far been the one that spoke most to me in a language I can understand and appreciate.

Why they didn't sink in the first time? Me. Me being any variety of not-yet-ready to understand or accept. I personally hit resistance with The Book because it was presented to me by someone who I had held a lot of unjustified and misplaced resistance towards in general, which I allowed to cloud me from appreciating it's message and potential.

I think the reason I'm more accepting to the new concepts now as I read them is because it's been a very, very long process for me trying to remove the endless hurdles I had built up against a wide variety of ideas I had at the time lacked the ability to explain.

Unfortunately I've had many great pieces of wisdom presented to me since my childhood. Also unfortunately whenever these were presented I would always ask 'why', and if they couldn't articulate an explanation in a manner I was capable of comprehending (rarely could I) then I would reject it. It seemed most people lost interest in trying to explain things very quickly, most giving up after the first tidbit of wisdom they knew to be true I couldn't handle. I don't blame them for giving up so quickly, it was my fault for being an 'unavailable' student.

Too bad really, I kick myself still when I learn something now and get that spark memory of when I could have learned it the first time so many years ago had I been capable / willing to listen or perhaps believe despite my inability to understand. I know I've missed out on countless opportunities as a consequence, but at least I'm slowly starting to get things now.


answered 13 Jun '13, 20:10

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