A lot of oldschool books say to focus on one thing, but what's the real truth behind that and do we really need to focus on one thing constantly, deliberately, to accomplish anything?

The Message of a Master's "One Thing" principle has been the keystone that caused an explosion in my understanding of the truth, in more ways than I can describe here. I have noticed that when I was indecisive or having not set a plan (e.g. what's the plan tonight, which bar are we heading to next), the vibration was lowering, but noticed as soon as there's a plan, I felt a surge of energy. In Abe's words: "momentum took foothold" and all other resistance appeared to subside and not matter.

That little incident (about which bar to go to) made me lock myself up in a house for weeks and try and understand it all. When I think/talk, if I have other thoughts pop in and I sort of stop the flow and try to hold on to them, the momentum slows down and I feel a drop in vibration (as the Russian proverb goes, "If you chase two rabbits, you'll catch none"). So I've been milking this idea and realized that I simply must choose either to continue with what I was thinking/speaking about or choose the thought that popped up and go with that. Any concurrency of thoughts meant disaster for the momentum. Incidentally, during this process I've discovered the following amazing fact: we don't actually think, we ask for thoughts, and if we relax in the moment and just say whatever comes, the asking is automatic and you appear to just say everything perfectly and all the other thoughts that popped up, all the questions that you had, get answered in their own perfect timing, it's as if by magic it's all synchronized. Yes, I am sure many of you know what I'm talking about. For me, it was a holy grail because I always hold on to thoughts to try and remember them, queue them up manually for speaking about later, but that's resistant and it violated the principle of staying on "one thing" (which basically says, be in the moment, no matter what, and it will all unfold, momentum will pick up, just don't tempt yourself with the old ways of trying to think this, that and the other, it's as if it doesn't even matter where you continue, as long as you get going on any topic, the answers unfold perfectly on all subjects). Incredible to find that whenever I let go of a thought and continue in the moment, I feel the moment when resistance from letting go of that thought subsided and the momentum of the present picks up, and I get the exact thought I was after. Having practiced it (out of inevitability really) I found a way to get any thought back; eventually simplifying the whole thing to: let it go, it will get solved. Which makes me now question, is there any point figuring anything else out? What's the point of thinking and reasoning? I find thinking and reasoning is slow, it screws everything up, it's like "asking thoughts to try and solve something based on ** logic that is slow, not based on any verifiable truth and what hasn't really solved anything".

So now I try not to mess with any other mental processes that are not cooperating with the laws of my being, my mind, and the universe, as hard as it sometimes is.

What is the real purpose of our reasoning mind? Is it just to understand that we don't actually do the thinking, therefore, let's just ask for what we want and stop trying to figure anything out? I've reached the point of realizing that my mind can't solve anything, I can only ask for answers, and even then, they're not necessary to be happy with what I know today. The Message of a Master says that the purpose of the Outer Mind as they call it, is to transmit desires to the Inner Mind. But this process happens automatically, so what's the use of forcing ourselves through a specific desire? Is the book essentially disguising a trick just so the mind is focused on one thing as a distraction (since it the reasoning mind can't do anything useful anyway), meaning no resistance can come in, but actually, we could be staring at the beautiful blue sky and still achieve what we want (except when we need to actually look at what we're doing)?

My vexation remains. I've finished reading As You Think (original title: As A Man Thinketh) and again, the message was to concentrate thoughts on one objective. It's contradictory to the new ways that say BE HAPPY NOW and all the answers here and what Abe and Bashar say, that it all unfolds perfectly if we just let go of the how, of trying to think or solve anything. Basically, as if our purpose is to think long and hard all our lives up until the point when we realize what our thinking mind's job actually is, and then cease all thoughts and trying to solve because WE CAN'T SOLVE ANYTHING, only the HIGHER POWER can do anything. So if my mind's job is to ... stay out of my own way and do what my consciousness is really inspired to do without any limits in my beliefs, can I now relax and stop trying to figure out any more? It's as if: if there's any mental effort whatsoever: it's safe to let it go. Is this correct? I found that I learn and grow automatically, without writing or thinking or talking (unless it's effortless) it seems the old ways of trying to remember, write, speak, catalog, was just the old mind's system that's on low frequency, regurgitation, abstract flawed logic that's not based on truth, so whether it helps or not, I cannot verify it therefore cannot be tempted to use it; there's only the true apertures of the mind: the laws of the being, universe and the truth. But sometimes/often I get stuck in the old ways, it's hard to let go of some new piece of puzzle or revelation about myself, so I try to think about it and integrate it, instead of enjoying my life. Does it mean I still have some things to clean up in my beliefs? Is it a case of the new beliefs just not being reminded of frequently enough that I slip to using old, resistant, mental processes of trying to integrate a new piece of self-understanding? It's simple to see that the thinking mind cannot understand the level above it, but can it just give up or does it need a little more nourishment of the new belief system, to remind it of how things really are and help it let go?


At the same time, focusing on one thing at a time appears to be understated, underemphasized - for what it did to me is beyond words. Truly engaging in the present moment without actually trying to think, ensuring you stay here and now on whatever track of thoughts you're on, appears to summon the real you, a genius, a channel not unlike Bashar or Abraham. But I do feel a bit like a hamster on a wheel because when I stop the talking and the thinking, I don't know what to do after. The thing is, whatever does come out, after repeating it for weeks, every day, the beliefs seem to raise and ideas that I seemed to desperately grasp to the day before, seem more natural the next day (to my amazement, this was happening every day, I was terrified as to when the growth would stop!). I guess the question in this paragraph is, was my thinking really necessary for this growth to occur? It seems there's a line between speaking and thinking effortlessly, and then trying to effort to learn it in some way; since it's not really me but the higher power that does all the thinking, but the fact that the information flows through me, it does nourish the mind because it has to process these vibrations as thoughts and then via auxiliary channels and back via the ear etc... But anything beyond that seemed resistant to me and any attempts to write something, like affirmations, or "My Belief System" or "My Present Truth", just ended up being temporary scraps, serving as a temporary outlet for my present-moment belief and energy. I just don't know what made me learn all those weeks, what kept the mind afloat and reminded of its job and the truth. It seems to me even just speaking to myself to try and resolve or integrate a piece of some new information helps, as if it soaks into the subconscious. So the question is how can we learn without effort? Can we trust that we'll know and learn what we need, just ask for it, and let it go? Can we enjoy the thinking and then say, "okay, great, now I'll just let it go and let the universe sort it out"? Can we completely let go of thinking about it at all, and say "It will be thought of and understood even better"? What do I do, in terms of my thinking mind, to keep my beliefs afloat? Can I enjoy this growth of self-understanding to happen by itself? There's a word "Dogfooding" that seems appropriate to describe what I am getting at, is to use a tool to create itself (like software compilers that after several iterations are used to create newer versions of themselves), so in this case, to delegate it all to the higher mind without doubt.

Another messy question from me, sorry! I do hope my experiences may have resonated with some of you - in fact, I'm sure they have.


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Obviously some answers revealed themselves to me in a huge rampage as I went for a walk with a friend, as if abusing him for someone to talk...through :) Does anyone know how to post an answer on your own question? Seems appropriate, in the spirit of things, as that's how we often get our answers, as long as the request has been made, and in this case, written out. I wonder if I'd have noticed the answers if I hadn't asked, or has my desire to write (esp. some resistance) speeded things along?

(06 May '16, 11:58) einsof

I also asserted but would like a confirmation that it's just the 'how' that you must not set/define/think-about-how, let the law deliver in multiple ways that you can't even imagine; but also the 'when'. It seems that whenever the mind kicks in and tries to think in a conscious (that horrible sober, fresh, way :/) then that thinking HAS to be: ...

(06 May '16, 12:04) einsof

1) Resistance. Any thinking, any mental effort, equals resistance, so it can't be acknowledged, must not get our attention, otherwise we acknowledge the problem by perceiving it. Right? 2) Any thinking means trying to solve it, trying to limit ways in which the mighty LOA can deliver whatever you want, as it always does in any moment you have no resistance.

(06 May '16, 12:06) einsof

3) Defining the 'when'; impatience. Is this true that 'when' is also resistance as it's trying to dictate to the LOA what to do, when to deliver. Is that the link to being 'detached', is that you know you'll get what you asked one way or another, just don't sit on it and expect it, you must let it go; as if it manifests a lot better when we turn our mind's blind eye to whatever it is; as if the mind by its conscious attention thwarts the manifestation (and it feels so in the gut for sure).

(06 May '16, 12:09) einsof

Wow I asked a similar question exactly 6 months ago, I checked the dates! And before that another question, now 3 years ago. You can check them out, I got some interesting answers. But I'm very very grateful that you shared your insights and experiences! I dont know if you know but Bashar actually said that "we can know everything we need to know when we need to know it". For me, that statement causes two problems. First is a problem with beliefs - for example: it's not so easy to totally

(06 May '16, 12:10) Marin

accept that you will know the answer of every question on a test that you didn't study for. Second is a problem with the word "need" in that statement. I guess that if he used the word "want" instead of "need" the statement would sound too good to be true :). Example: if we don't know the answers to questions and fail the test does that mean that don't need to graduate on the university, too? etc. I hope you get the picture. But I think that you're on to something, I'll impatiently wait for

(06 May '16, 12:20) Marin

this to unfold!

(06 May '16, 12:20) Marin

Synchronicities on this subject, on IQ are going crazy right now. Reading the answer by @Eddie, to the question you posted 3 years ago, juicy :)

(06 May '16, 15:08) einsof

einsof, perhaps it is the brain that does not think, just sorts for patterns and that the minds seeks balance

(07 May '16, 05:56) fred

Hi @einsof for me the key word in your question is "focus" ... focus is when something can be clearly perceived, perception is using and assembling different pieces of information and those pieces of information depend upon the emotional makeup, the beliefs of the individual. Some perceive best through writing, others through drawing, music ...

(16 May '16, 04:46) jaz
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For a question that appears to be about focus and one thing, it seems a little less than focused and certainly doesn't talk about just one thing :)

I think only you know what the absolute essence of what you are asking is, so I'll just pick out a few bits from it that seem to stand out for me.

A lot of oldschool books say to focus on one thing

Implying that something carries more weight because it is old, is a fallacy.

Think about how many books are written today by so many authors with so many different, often contradictory, viewpoints. One day, all these books will also be classified as "oldschool". Does that make any of these books of today any more valid than the books of the future?

It's just different and evolving viewpoints of different people. You have to pick and choose what works for you. And that will change over time as your own ideas evolve.

Universal Laws may never change but human perspectives of them always evolve.

Trying to overlay past perspectives from old books onto a modern world is a great way to start a religion :)

alt text

The reason I say this is, from our newer and more evolved understandings of today, you don't need to focus on one thing - or even anything - to accomplish anything...

You are not creating through action therefore effort and energy and time are irrelevant. You are creating vibrationally through energy which gives you huge leverage.

So you could create hundreds of things simultaneously because you did the Step 1 - the asking - incrementally.

You didn't just today set forth all of those things in motion. You've been setting them in motion, they've been evolving, they've been expanding and now you have done Step 1 - you've already asked.

Step 2...source has already answered that so everything's already lined up and in place.

So your work is to pick anything from among that that delights you, give it your attention, not because it needs your attention but because it feels good to give it your attention, use it as your excuse to come into alignment with who you are and when you are in alignment with who you are, all of those things that you have already put over there in vibrational escrow begin expanding, evolving.

You do not have to orchestrate the path through which things unfold. It's all tended to at a broader level.

You just have to get out of the way so that you can see the opportunities as they come.

Los Angeles, CA, 04/01/07

Quoted from: How many things can one focus on at the same time in order to manifest them?

Also see, Why do we choose to use manifestation techniques as opposed to getting in the vortex?

What is the real purpose of our reasoning mind?

The logical, rational, thinking, reasoning mind provides a focusing framework in which to construct the illusion of a 3D physical reality - and that's all.


To sum up, you'll never analytically think your way to an understanding of Universal principles and ideas because you are using the wrong operating system.

The thinking mind was not designed to do anything other than perceive and interact with physical reality. You need to tap into the intuitive, creative aspect of yourself in order to go to the higher levels.


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Wouldn't It Be Nice If ... :) The website supported a live audiochat and attach it to the questions (then someone kind to transcribe it too!). As always your opinion is extremely valuable and I've been eagerly anticipating your answer. Reading on ... :)

(08 May '16, 05:38) einsof

When one taps into being able to flow information spontaneously, not engaging in any mental effort is that a Vortex in itself? There is strong momentum in this process and I wonder if any kind of 'flow' like this is as good as Vortex as any?

(08 May '16, 05:58) einsof

Having got to this state daily for the past few weeks, I can say it requires being present, not being tempted to think or latch on to any other thoughts that occur and just begin speaking, maybe even rocking side to side slightly or pacing around, but most importantly sticking to the present moment momentum that is being established and being accelerated.

(08 May '16, 05:58) einsof

This is the sort of one-pointedness on a task that I was getting at in the question. Whilst completely resonating and agreeing with you regarding the perfection that's unfolding in the present moment either way, and I know that all the resistance is 'resolved' by turning the mind's blind eye to it, in my case continuing placing the mind back into the present moment, and when resistance subsides and the momentum of the present picks up, the thoughts manifest.

(08 May '16, 05:59) einsof

We are but to ask to think or get our answers. But had I deviated onto any other thoughts, I would have lost the vicinity of the track of thoughts and momentum. I know I didn't have to focus on this thought-flowing task, but I knew to get to the juicy bits, to get a result, I had to stick to it, for momentum to pick up. For is life really worth living if we don't summon momentum onto some specific things we want?

(08 May '16, 05:59) einsof

It seems pointing yourself towards something forces the mind through a task. It's just pointing it towards something; call it intention. Like defining your Ithaca. But then every moment unfolds towards that perfectly. Without some kind of immediate intention that springs you and everything into action, the momentum is lost and you just feel deflated. Maybe it's just me. For what might the reason be that Abe say to focus for 17 seconds to feel the shift in velocity?

(08 May '16, 06:11) einsof

Also, pointing the mind on one thing as a rule disallows distracting and often resistant thoughts (like as to how to accomplish what's in front of us). Without a purposeful intention, many of us beginners (I believe) find ourselves unintentionally going adrift, wondering random things, before finding ourselves having lost that valuable momentum.

(08 May '16, 06:11) einsof

Sorry about this wall of text by the way. Everything I write feels a little dirty to me... as if I'm all over the place. But I'm not :)

(08 May '16, 06:23) einsof

@einsof that is why you need to focus to stay aware. you say:Also, pointing the mind on one thing as a rule disallows distracting and often resistant thoughts (like as to how to accomplish what's in front of us). Without a purposeful intention, many of us beginners (I believe) find ourselves unintentionally going adrift, wondering random things, before finding ourselves having lost that valuable momentum. if you go adrift and fall asleep you lost your awareness. you might also have-

(13 May '16, 03:24) white tiger

awareness when you sleep. know that you are sleeping know what is happening around you or have lucid dream where you know that you are dreaming and can take active part in it. if you go adrift seing what bother you the most you could understand it and solve it. so it is not a complete lost. since those though that are not understand and solve and bother you on the surface of the water. are usely the first thing that you will encounter. if you want to go in the depth things you will first-

(13 May '16, 03:29) white tiger

have to know your self and to know your self means that all those little storm that bother you on the surface of the water will have to be understand and solve. peace, be still. once you understand that the water is part of you you will realize that if you are not at peace you should not reflect. and if you are not able to reflect get to know your self, then you will not get to see the living one.Look upon the Living One so long as you live, that you may not die and seek to see him, and be-

(13 May '16, 03:34) white tiger

unable to see him. so you see it is not bad to let come what is there and let it be. even if it means that you will drift a little while to understand and solve what bother you. so that it does not bother you anymore. do you think that some one that is bother can be at peace? do you think that some one that does not understand and solve what bother him and act like nothing bother him can be at peace? you will probably ask but who can be at peace in this world?-

(13 May '16, 03:41) white tiger

With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible. I am telling you right now in this world you experience and enjoy and learn new things and yes sometime you will have things that are not understand and not solve. if you are able to focus, reflect, peace be still, clear the storm. those storm will not come back. some new one might come but less often but now that you know how to clear the storm. you made some progress that will serve you.

(13 May '16, 03:49) white tiger

@einsof - When you are aligned with your broader self ("in the Vortex") then specific focus feels joyful and that's the time to do it, not to achieve anything but because it feels joyful to be in that specifically-focused alignment. When you are not aligned with your broader self ("out of the Vortex"), specific focus feels painful and so in those times, it's better to stay general about those subjects until you've found a way to align again.

(30 May '16, 04:27) Stingray
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Thoughts are intentions. An intention is a form of energy. If you have a want a need or a thought it's like setting an intention. People often feel the need for long prayers and visualization's because it seems to build up more energy around the subject which makes it seem more magical when it's actually a natural universal law. They help your inner being to grow on top of that.

Sometimes I wonder if there is really any need to pray, visualize or even write requests. Maybe you just have to want something and it will manifest in what ever way you choose to believe sooner or later.

Everything is connected. It's all one sea of universal energy that is expanding and growing contstantly foprever.

If you've ever heard the quote "Everything is everything" You'll know what I mean. Everything effects everything else. Thoughts to me are ok. Wants and needs are like intentions. The only thing standing in the way of those desires manifesting is resistence.

Many religions teach us to push past resistence which does manifest desires and make us grow. A more effortless approach would be to clean it all up using the tools on this website or both.

You could take nothing, grow it into something, keep going and it becomes everything.


Everything is like a muscle, the more it's exercised the stronger it gets. It could be anything. Your current beliefs and insights are also like developing muscles. There is no right or wrong belief or path. The universe does not judge.

You could either choose to focus on one thing and make that grow above and beyond everything else and believe it will manifest desires in other areas of your life as well. There is a kind of a sense of purpose in this.

Or you could change your mind and choose what ever works for you in the moment for a more erffortless approach.

The possibilities are eternal.

It's actually a beautiful thing because it gives us a chance to exercise our own faith, creativity and beliefs that we choose.

Relief is an inner knowing. I think it's the only thing you need no matter what it is your doing or not doing.

My advice out of all this:

Go beyond all those thoughts if there troubling you. Push past it all. In other words clean it all up. Go beyond all that. Heal your energy.

You'll probably either receive an answer to all your questions or go beyond that.

Hope this helps.


answered 06 May '16, 15:01

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Hi, Hope you are well. I found your question interesting. This is because I can relate to what you are saying. I believe in the loa, but not very good at it. I have had some success with loa, but nothing really big, don't know why. I can think about anything I want, day and night. The problem is, little if anything manifests for me. I am not complaining, but I wonder what I am getting wrong. Why can some of it work and most of what I think or ask for not work? Maybe I believe the small stuff is easier to get.

Do we think on one thing and let go or do we keep thinking about what we want? I have tried both with little success. The stuff I would really like to manifest like money to solve my problems is a problem. I cannot no matter what I do or think get hold of the money I need. Something strange is going on. I believe loa does work, but cannot get it to work for me. I have tried visualization (thinking about what I would like ) Used a cork board. (pin the stuff I would like onto the board. Photographs for example) Also writing it all down and let go/forget about it. I am thinking about moving on at the moment, but not sure what to think about. Do I think about the money I need to move? Do I think about where I would like to move to or think about the job I need to support myself and my girlfriend. Enough money would solve my problem.

Take care Chris


answered 07 May '16, 17:36

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Chris Fowler

Hey bud, sort of glad you could relate. To me, ending up being in raised vibrations channeled a lot of answers - I did not expect any of it. It started with The Message of a Master's keeping your mind on one thing. Which essentially means the law of your mind is such that you can only focus on one thing, i.e. be in the present moment, giving yourself the power to deactivate everything else. This true idea grew in my mind until almost everything I wanted to know made sense, and grew and grew....

(08 May '16, 03:16) einsof

I didn't do it out of sheer discipline, I just couldn't let go, I would get up early, and walk and talk all day (through which I realised I could relax and it would just talk by itself, in essence, the virtue of the LOA I have summoned a smooth momentum of thoughts). Each day I felt the vibration rising. I lost weight, didn't want to eat, it was just water. I have some bad habits, I guess, but I also did the following which helped: ....

(08 May '16, 03:19) einsof

Morning glass of water on empty stomach. Then special coffee blended with butter and oil. I then have (irrelevant) a few cigarettes, then between 20-42mg of Sativa-based marijuanna. Oh, almost forgot, every morning 100mg of Modafinil. Everyone is different and this may at all not work for anyone else. In fact, a lot of people are just not mindful like I am and don't think about the self when drunk or stoned or whatever. So these are my 'crutches' (and my inner being often said they're just...

(08 May '16, 03:21) einsof

placebos). But I tell you this: modafinil has saved my life. I was a mental mess before. Anyway: if I figure out what I believe is relevant to you, I will ensure you find the answers. The truth won't stop knocking on your door, your discontent alone about the situation will guarantee that in one relaxed moment, an improved thought on the matter will find you. I am impatient and am trying crazy ways atm, we'll see how it goes :) Take care brother

(08 May '16, 03:24) einsof
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you do not think that it is you that thinks. which do you believe you are the outer mind waiting for the inner mind? or the inner mind waiting for the other mind? you should think about this and the fact that you are both of them. are you so divided from your self that you do not think that it comes from you? maybe you should stay in the beginning and get to know your self.Look upon the Living One so long as you live, that you may not die and seek to see him, and be unable to see him. the focus in meditation is to keep awareness it is a tool that sharpen the mind. like any tool you use it better with practice. people tend to go in extreme in a way or another. where is the middle point between 2 extreme there is where you should be. how does one learn you ask? the answer is easy by taking small steps. look at any children that try to learn to walk. they try to get up it is hard they fall down and try again. after a while they get it then they try to move forward make a step and fall down. try the other leg fall down. eventually they find their balance and can make a step with out falling down. then they put one step from one leg then from the other and they learn to walk and keep their balance.

you ask:What do I do, in terms of my thinking mind, to keep my beliefs afloat? renew your mind. stay in truth, do not trouble your heart, peace, be still. if belief that are not true bother you test those belief see on what they can be true and on what they are not. then you shall know the truth and the truth will set you free.

you also say:WE CAN'T SOLVE ANYTHING, only the HIGHER POWER can do anything.

is that so? are you selling your self and other short. lets take the example of the children again. the children needs something out of reach and say:WE CAN'T SOLVE ANYTHING, only the HIGHER POWER can do anything. then the parents see what the children wants and make a choice to give it or not. or the children ask the parent and the parent make a choice to give it or not. in 20 year who will be the higher power in that example? then are you so sure that you can't solve anything?

as for effort yes you can need some and some time not. lets just say that some time you are at the middle between two extreme and some other time you are more toward extreme and need to walk back to the middle and you need some mesure of effort.

why go in extreme? it only make you fall or fall back to the opposite extreme. be at peace ,stand still. to each problem there is a solution you just need to find it. even if something are very complicated and your option are limited. it is better to start from what is simple to understand what is more complicated and to see what are your option. because going in to extreme and say I can do nothing does not help you at all. and if all fail trust in God your father that is in heavens and ask him for help.

Or what man is there of you, whom if his son ask bread, will he give him a stone? Or if he ask a fish, will he give him a serpent?

If ye then, being evil, know how to give good gifts unto your children, how much more shall your Father which is in heaven give good things to them that ask him?

Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning.

Therefore all things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them: for this is the law and the prophets.

if I have been your helper so be it and let it be.

Let there be light, be the light that you can be, experience and enjoy.


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white tiger

edited 08 May '16, 19:59

Thank you, what you wrote really resonated with me right now.

(09 Jul '16, 15:01) einsof
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