If someone wanted to write about the spiritual aspect of things, and wanted to publish a book on this subject, how would they go about this, and who would be a good contact to help them to manifest this Book?

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Hay House, possibly?

(06 Jan '10, 02:12) Vesuvius

Did you mean a hard copy book, or an e-book?

There is some really good advice here from Sazsays and there is another author on the site looking into the same if you follow wildlife's link.

I have been selling e-books from my website for about 7 months now, and I recommend this way of doing business if you don't really feel the need for a paper book. No one minds the format; I sell just as many as I probably would if it were in print, and it's a lot less hassle. I did not have to get an agent, then a publisher, and wait the year or more for the book to hit the stands. All I had to do was educate myself about putting up a website, uploading the book, registering with PayPal and so forth. It took a couple of weeks of study and I was ready to go.

If you look on my profile page, you will find my website listed; take a look if you like.

It's not the most sophisticated website out there, I am sure, but I have a lot of fun, hear from interesting people, sell books, get donations for my work, and keep up lots of short stories that allow me to express myself. Not a single negative in the enterprise!

Good luck with your idea!


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I did visit your Website. Thanks for the suggestions.

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answered 06 Jan '10, 02:02

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You could self publish by making it an ebook and build your own website to sell it.

Also, I got an email this morning from an internet marketer I subscribe to explaining that Amazon will allow you to publish and sell ebooks for the Kindle. Not sure how to go about it, but I think its worthwhile investigating.

There is also scribd.com and youpublish.com

If you wanted to sell a hardcopy of your book there's lulu.com where you can publish and sell your own books.

I have no idea about the more traditional methods of finding a publisher etc etc. but I hope you find this information useful.


answered 06 Jan '10, 02:50

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