What is your knowledge and understanding, your experiences with angels, or someone else experiences with angels?

Angels are holy and come from God they were create before man kind and are higher than us mere human beings. They are here to watch over and protect us within the boundaries of our free will.

Angels are in heaven and heaven is where ever God is and God is everywhere. But heaven is an specific place that is so beautiful peaceful and loving.

Angels are with us from our birth on as humans. I would like to know their names; like Michael the Archangel, Gabriel, Uriel. The different kinds of angels. Angels do communicate to us. Also anything else you would like to add about angels.

The bible says be careful how you may entertain strangers for you may be entertaining an angel. Now that is an humm moment of realization to the fact. The bible also says angels are messengers of God.

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thanks Barry Allen for answering the question for me and added the tags. Have an nice day Barry Allen.

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Thanks Vesuvius for answering the question for me. Have an nice day Vesuvius.

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Thanks for all of your answers about angels and please continue to leave answers about angels.

(21 Oct '09, 03:18) flowingwater
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I hear angels. I see angels. I talk to angels all the time. Moreover, I love angels. If you are open and believe angels are around you angels will reveal themselves in magical ways. It started when I was 22 and involved in a car accident. I am glad to stay I have vivid angelic manifestations. It is a blessing indeed.


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I am glad that you are able to see angles. They are wonderful and they watch over us humans.

(20 Oct '09, 07:29) flowingwater

I would like to hear your story about seeing angels after an car accident. Have an nice day.

(21 Oct '09, 03:14) flowingwater

Hi Tina I am curious which Angel or Angels do you communicate with.

(04 Dec '09, 11:19) Roy

I am open and believing, and still they do not reveal themselves to me. How can it be?

(04 Dec '09, 16:55) Asklepios

This link might answer your question http://www.goddessflight.com/angels/archangels.html

(04 Dec '09, 17:15) Michaela
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I can tell you the story my aunt told me about the time her young granddaughter was involved in a car accident. My aunt was in the lead car. At a distance behind drove her adopted daughter and the young granddaughter, who was seat-belted in the back seat. To be brief, the adopted daughter's car went off the road and rolled over. When the car came to rest, the disoriented daughter crawled out of the car and started desperately looking for her daughter (the granddaughter) who was missing from her seat. As my aunt realized the accident had happened, she turned and came back quickly to join her daughter beside the car. As the two of them began looking around for the young granddaughter, she came running up the shoulder of the road, calling out, "Mommy, Mommy, the lady helped me!" When they asked her what she meant, she said, "The lady took me out of the car!" On the back seat where she had been sitting, the car jack rested, having been thrown there by the impact of the accident. It would have severely injured or killed her. When my aunt and her daughter examined the little girl, they saw on her wrist, the marks of a hand where she said the lady had grabbed her.

All three women (the granddaughter is in college now) swear the incident is as they have said. It still gives me a bit of a chill to retell it. Now, many people can tell you angel stories, but this is the closest one I've had personally.

As skeptical as people are entitled to be, nevertheless it's worth noting that our world is full of unseen things...things not apparent to the physical eye. So I am open-minded, though I haven't experienced an angel for myself. In fact, my healthy scientific skepticism must stand beside my scientific acknowledgment that the air is full of unseen things like the energy of microwaves and radio waves. So I remain open to possibilities of things that I cannot see or have not experienced.


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Thanks for your answer about your aunt story. Glad the little girl who is not an woman is alright. Continue to be open minded spiritual as well.

(17 Oct '09, 08:23) flowingwater

What a wonderful story and I agree with your last paragraph too.

(18 Oct '09, 02:59) Rebecca

Thanks Unknown and Rebecca. Rebecca, I'm glad we have some points that are in sync with each other now and then (I just kinda like the feel) but I must also acknowledge that some of your answers make me furrow my brow and say, "Hmmm." As I said, I remain open-minded in my inward quest and I truly appreciate you for the challenges you present to my thought process as I try to get my head around some of these ideas. Without the challenges, my spiritual growth would be a little bit dull and not as steady. So thank you! (Okay, and acknowledgment to everyone else, too, who make me pause and think!)

(18 Oct '09, 07:00) John

You are welcome John. Angels are real John.

(19 Oct '09, 01:09) flowingwater
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I don't know about Angels personally but I think the idea of angelic beings definitely permeates alot within Western culture.

I find it interesting that the British public voted Angels (a song by the pop singer Robbie Williams) as the best song of the past 25 years.

While it is a good song musically, the lyrics are so powerful and suggestive regarding the existence and influence of angelic beings that you cannot help but think that this is a prime motivation for the popularity of it.

I don't know whether or not people consciously believe in angels but they certainly seem to acknowledge at some deeper level that there is the presence of something outside of themselves.


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Reverend Kimberly Marooney is the best selling author of Angel Blessings. I have read another great book of hers, The Seven Gifts of Your Guardian Angel. These gifts that they present us are protection,healing,acceptance, teaching support, inspiration, and love.


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Thanks for the link.

(19 Oct '09, 01:10) flowingwater

Just thinking about angels makes me feel better! I do believe in them, and have a special sign from them when they visit me. I have what is called by the American Indians as "Feather Magic". When I am asking God for help, or thanking Him for the blessings He has given me, I find a feather. Now I am not talking about pillow feathers! I am talking about all kinds of bird feathers, large and small. When my Dad died, I found a cardinal feather, a blue jay feather, and a robin's feather- all in the house! In fact, I found so many feathers that I framed them, along with my Dad's picture. I also had a visitation from an angel one night. I was sleeping, and awoke to find a lady, glowing with blue light, standing by my bed. I was instantly filled with an incredible peace...a peace that passed all understanding. I pinched myself to make sure I was really awake! She seemed to be 'talking' to my soul, and I felt myself seeing pictures and feeling feelings of joy and happiness. The blue light around her was incredible. She might have been Mary- I do not know. It was the most important spiritual experience of my life! Another point: it seems that the more you want to believe in them, the more likely they are to show up in your life! The angelic realm must be wonderful and vast. There are many stories that cannot be explained without believing that an angel intervened to help. Finally, they Love, Love, Love God! They adore Him! They love it when they find us adoring Him, too! Many angelic blessings, Jai.


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That is such an lovly story about angels, feather magic, and of your lady or angel visit surrounded by blue light that is an precious spiritual experience. What is feather magic jaianniah? Take care and have a nice day jaianniah.

(04 Dec '09, 15:41) flowingwater

Feather Magic is granted, as the Indians believe, to certain people. They tend to find a lot of feathers as they go through their days. I am like that. I find feathers by my car door after having been in the store, or when I take a walk. That is what Feather Magic is. Thank you for the wonderful comment!

Blessings, Jai

(04 Dec '09, 16:27) Jaianniah

Oh, you are so very welcome and thank you for your lovely answer about angels jaianniah.

(05 Dec '09, 03:49) flowingwater
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Once my mother and my aunt were travelling in the country side and due to a dust storm the cr got off the main road and they kept driving for about an hour in the dark but could not find the road again. Suddenly they saw a light some distance away and when they approached the light they saw 2 men carrying lanterns. These men pointed my mom and aunt towards the road which miraculously was about 2 minutes aways from them. When they turned the car and looked back there was no sign of the men or the light. Were they Angels? I believe so, I believe that whenever we get help out of the blue like this there are angels at play.


answered 17 May '10, 08:05

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I Think Therefore I Am

Thank you so much, I Think Therefore I Am, that was a great story you reveal to us and yes I believe those were angels directing your mother and aunt. Angels are all around us. For they are God's messengers.

(19 May '10, 04:47) flowingwater

We believe to know of angels and prehaps we know a bit but the truth may encompass a wider range of entities. Could our understanding of angels be traced back to alien visitations? They would have easily been labeled as angels,I believe in the concept of watchers- be they angel or not.


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There are angels from God who are called Holy Angels for the bible tells us so and many people have seen angels and many more have seen them who have not said so. Yes, there are aliens as well for th bible speaks of celestrial beings or bodies I will have to check on the wording. Most people say when they are in the presence of an angel they first feel peace as to not scare them. Your spirit within you will let you know that this is an angel of God probably.

(04 Dec '09, 15:49) flowingwater
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