Where is heaven? Tell me about where it is, what is it, and are their more than one?

Can you travel to heaven before death as sumcomb to your physical body. I have read that people of near death experience going to heaven and hell. I have also read of being transform there spiriually where they communicate with God and his holy angels and than brought back to earth plane to be place back into their physical bodies.

Some say there is no such place as heaven or hell that it is all in your subconscious mind or in that it is not an real place it does not exist. What I mean by real place is that it is not real even on the spiritual relm of being. Can you enlighten us with your answers.

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please add paradise and heaven-relm as my tags also. Thanks and have an nice day.

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Hi, I've altered your title to be a bit more specific. You will find you will get more answers more quickly when your titles are specific questions. Also, it is not possible to add more than five tags to a question so I've added "paradise" as requested - we already have a heaven tag

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Thanks barry Allen you know I don't mind you straighen up my Title or questions and grammar or spelling. For as the thought process flows through me as I type or write my grammar is more than likely sittin on the side lines. So, anyway you can help it being ask better is alright with me. have an great day. I don't know your religion but if I may say remember that Jesus loves you very much Barry Allen and his arms are open wide for you and yours!

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Barry Allen why does it sometimes ask me if I am human? I have been ask that a lot.

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The system usually asks you if you are human if you are doing a lot of editing or asking in a short space of time...it just wants to check you are not an automatic piece of software that is trying to damage the site.

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I always remember as a small child, asking my mother what heaven was. She replied that for her, heaven would be if we could just carry on as we were! We were lucky enough to be comfortable, but not wealthy. As a family we were happy. I think that if you take the happiest experiences of your life, that will be your heaven


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Paul I

Heaven is a term for where we want to be after we leave this mortal life and move to the next. Unfortunately, what lies ahead for us is not understood by many of us. In reality when we leave this life we go to the disembodied spirit world where we await the resurrection of the just. Jesus taught this doctrine very clearly to the thief who was on a cross beside him as he was crucified. Jesus also taught that at the time of resurrection we could be resurrected to a world or mansion of glory based upon our goodness and works. Three glories are defined in the scriptures - telestial i.e. like the current world we live in; terrestrial i.e. a world of greater glory and beauty; and celestial i.e. the world where the Gods live. Since we are created in the image of the Gods from indistructible matter we can become as the Gods are if we follow the path that leads to Godhood.

John Patterson


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I have never heard of people going to Hell in near death experiences, but rather meeting with relatives and loved ones who have been there to comfort them and help them through the transition from this physical plane to the spiritual.

For me, Heaven and Hell are a state of mind, spirit and living in this life. I don't believe in a Hell in after death, just as I don't believe that we are born wicked sinners, and I think it is one more way that we have been controlled and made to conform, and made powerless in this life by the Church.

The transformation after death to the spirit world is exactly that. I don't believe in an accounting after death, just a joyous reunion with other spirits. I believe that we account for ourselves here as, for example, any guilt disempowers us here by keeping us in a low vibrational state, or what we call Hell. THAT is why Jesus taught us to live a good life, and why we are also taught to forgive, and judge not lest we be judged (by ourselves and thus inflict guilt on ourselves and disempower ourselves.), and so on, because our actions here can either empower us here or disempower us here, by our resulting thought and opinion of ourselves and our lives, and our beliefs about our worthiness.

I would recommend a small book by John Randolph Price called The Abundance book - in the first chapter he traces how, in 180 AD, Bishop Irenaeus of Lyons attacked independent thinking and all teachings related to the Oneness of God and man, (as taught by Jesus). Irenaeus believed that a spiritual consciousness and a personal union with God would undermine the authority of the priests and thus the heavy editing and rewriting of the teachings of Jesus began, and continued over the centuries by many translations and agendas. Small though this book is, it has a lot to provoke thought and open new pathways to understanding and positive results in our lives.


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I'm going to start with some links in response to Rebecca's opening observation. There are indeed stories of people going to or seeing hell in near death experiences. ABC News even had an episode on 20/20 that documented a case (link).

A couple other stories can be found at www.near-death.com and at www.emjc3.com. This last link tells the story of a cardiologist, Dr. Maurice Rawlings, who has written "To Hell and Back" (available at Amazon.com) about a number of his patients who experienced hell in near death experiences, and wrote a book about it.

Seeing the biblical context of many of your answers, I wonder if you're looking for the Judeo-Christian answer, but I suspect you already know that. Beyond that, there are undoubtedly as many answers as there are people using Inward Quest. I'd be surprised to find two detailed answers that were identical. For many of us, our concept of heaven was given to us early on by parents and religious teachers. As life progressed, we either accepted it as taught, rejected it, or modified it. These changes from our initial belief have obviously come about by our unique life experiences and learning.

Here my short answer (I'm still mulling over the long answer). Heaven is reconciliation and reunion. Heaven is wherever reconciliation and reunion happen, where we are in a relationship of complete love with others.


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Thanks for the links John.

(19 Oct '09, 00:19) flowingwater

I believe we attribute too much to location, calling something a place, even here now, where is here now? If we go out infinently in all directions we could say we are at the center of infinity, but in infinity every place is the center of infinity. So location becomes meaningless and a place is a location, so places become meaningless.

I think of the phsyical as a level of consciousness, so heaven is a higher level of consciousness, it isn't out there, it is right here now. Jesus would say things as the kingdom of heaven is at hand, in other words it is here.

So in this higher consciousness is everything known by you and things you want to know, but not only that a great unity of which you are one with. So when you get there it is bright because it is billions of other souls all one, it is infinent knowlege all higher thought and higher emotion combined, it is love because it is you so you are fully accepted in it because you never were not part of it. It is just your awareness wakes up on that next level.

We can get there though dreams, I have been there through dreams and astral projection, since it isn't a location it is infinite.


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