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It's been an interesting path, the last part of it been rather quick, discovering the truth on the LoA.

However, now that I know it's for real, I'm afraid. I'm afraid of attracting to myself things that I don't want only because I won't stop imagining worst case scenarios. You see, that's the way I learned to function to be well, I thought, that was the only way to stop those things from happening, to be prepared and know what I would do beforehand.

So there I was, thinking I was so smart because I would feel some disaster happening, imagine it fully in order to know what I would do.

I'm more aware now of all this, and I'm afraid of keep bringing to me these things. The past months have been a rollercoaster of events, some very dramatic.

So my question is, did you feel this way? Did you go through this? How long did it last?

For instance, I keep dreaming (sporadically, not ALL the time) dreaming that I will cut myself while chopping vegetables, and while I'm doing it I'm thinking of it, and I sometimes do! (not necessarily chopping vegetables) Yesterday I dreamed about cutting myself again, and in that morning, while washing the blender I cut myself with the blades!

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Barry Allen ♦♦

I have fearful thoughts at times, then I remind myself that it's only my awareness of unwanted. That helps me a lot and gets me to refocus on what I do want.

(20 Jun '13, 08:45) clearheart
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Coming from a background of having mild OCD and panic attacks I was often afraid of my own thoughts. Knowing that thoughts create reality didn't help of course. But now I know that I have the power to focus and that I can decide to be miserable or I can decide to be powerful. It's like raising your hand when you want to.

You just focus and do it. You have the power of focus. In fact I asked a question to have someone sooth my remaining fearful thoughts. And @Stingray did that very well. You might want to check it:

And in fact it is my experience that negative thoughts manifest themselves veeeerryyy slowly. They are like thick glue. And positive thoughts manifest very fast instead. They flow smoothly like water.

One tip that might help also regarding "imagining worst case scenarios". The images have no value in context of LOA when you don't feel anything. Neutralize the feeling in your inner body and it doesn't matter what you see in your mind anyway :) Because then it doesn't vibrate and cannot attract anything.

I keep dreaming (sporadically, not ALL the time) dreaming that I will cut myself.

Dreams are manifestations. This means you vibrate that fear throughout the days and it manifests in your dreams.

I would recommend to meditate every day so you sharpen your inner radar for negative emotions and so know every time you feel that fear in your inner body throughout the day.

Then you can aim at it and neutralize it, for example with Faster EFT.


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Thank you @releaser99 i'm starting to understand more and more through your different answers.

(20 Jun '13, 04:05) lastplacefavourite

It is a SCARY thought to most people who think, OMG< I Caused every bad thing in MY LIFE. It is so hard for most to deal with that. It is why so many can not accept it. When I heard that, it resonated INSTANTLY. Thank u for this question.

love n light



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TReb Bor yit-NE

It resonated with me too, and longer ago than when I was really aware of it. What I know is that without the inspiration to know what I don't want, then it's hard to know what I do want. It does surprise me though when I find myself struggling, like yes OMG , I know better than this what is up? Then I realize I must be in the middle of knowing something new very soon.

(22 Jun '13, 05:48) clearheart

I did not feel afraid, but it took me a long time to accept that what I do see in my current reality is what I have created, and just I can just as easily create what I do want rather than what I don't want. I have learned and accepted that many of the thoughts I think are not my own, but are actually thoughts I've been taught to think by others.

The way I differentiate these is: If it makes me feel good, it's my thought. If it makes me feel bad, it doesn't belong to me, so I can reject it.

The technique I use is one I learned from Bashar: At any moment, all possibilities exist, and this thought that I'm thinking is one of an infinite number of choices. Thus, I can allow the bad thought to exist as a possible choice, but I do not have to choose it. I can consciously choose a POSITIVE thought that is more to my liking.

It has taken a lot of practice (a couple of years), and I had to discard a lot of other peoples' thoughts, but I'm getting better at it every week.

It's simplistic, but I like things broken down into simple steps; it works best for me.


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Beach Baby

I agree on this! "It has taken a lot of practice (a couple of years), and I had to discard a lot of other peoples' thoughts, but I'm getting better at it every week." or what I think other people might be thinking...

(20 Jun '13, 20:39) clearheart

yes, it does have to do with what they say is a question of balance

(20 Jun '13, 21:24) fred
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