A few days ago i was watching the original "The Secret" movie with Abraham/Esther Hicks. One of the so called LOA teachers said that many people fear negative thoughts. But he explained that they don't have to because "positive thoughts are 100 times stronger than negative ones". Is it true?

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Is yin 100x stronger than yang? Or yang 100x stronger than yin? No.

They are equal opposites, that create a perfect balance. I have no idea where does all this 100x stronger, 1000x stronger blah blah wishful thinking come from, but I look around and I see currently the strongest force with leading edge over any other positive or negative force is FEAR. It bends lives and very cores of people. And only LOVE can balance it. Duality is in balance, neither side is overpowered. Hawk

(13 Dec '12, 03:51) CalonLan

@calonlan what can you fear? will you fear your self? dying?you all ready know that one day your body will return to dust.fear is born from ignorance.and caution is born from wisdom.

(13 Dec '12, 05:50) white tiger

@white tiger, it wasn't about me, it was about the fact that there is no inequality in equality.

(13 Dec '12, 06:03) CalonLan

inequality comes only when the pieces of wood is not properly split in understanding and truth. in understanding and truth equality is found. and duality is solved.(>0<) the light came to the world but the darkness as not understood it.

(13 Dec '12, 16:34) white tiger
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Is it true that positive thoughts are 100 times stronger than negative ones?

I suspect the number "100" is just an arbitrary sound-bite thrown out during the interview, just for the purposes of making a point. I think the real figure, if it could be quantified, would be much, much larger.

As for why positive thoughts are so much stronger than negative ones, I find it helpful to think of Big Guys and Little Guys...

Big Guy and Little Guy

In the picture above, the Big Guy represents your Broader/Higher Self that is the accumulation of countless lifetimes of experience (i.e. focused thought) and the Little Guy represents the Physical Self in your current incarnation.

Together, the Big Guy and Little Guy make up the whole You - each represents a different focusing perspective.

If the picture was to scale, then the Big Guy would be way bigger than shown here but this is just for purposes of illustration.

If you consider that every 17 seconds, a focused uncontradicted thought expands into something "bigger" then it should be clear that the attractive power - "attraction" as in Law of Attraction - of the Big Guy (and his many lifetimes of focused thought) should absolutely dwarf the attractive power of the Little Guy...and it does.

Consider now what positive thought and negative thoughts actually are...

  • Positive thoughts happen when the Big Guy and Little Guy are focusing together in the same way regarding a particular subject

  • Negative thoughts happen when the Big Guy and Little Guy are focusing in different ways regarding a particular subject

When the Big Guy and Little Guy are focusing differently, the Little Guy is effectively going-it-alone and doesn't have the support of the Big Guy so his attractive power is massively less.

With the support of the Big Guy, the Little Guy's attractive power is huge.

Positive thoughts have massively more power behind them than negative thoughts

This is why so many religions and philosophies stress the need for alignment with the bigger, broader "You". Getting the Big Guy to back you up will always get you what you want more quickly.

But the twist here is that the Big Guy isn't going to do what the Little Guy wants...he's always just going to focus in his own way (based upon his lifetimes of accumulated experience) so if the Little Guy wants his help, it's the Little Guy who will have to change his focus.

In other words...

Your Physical Self has to find ways to align with your Broader Self...it won't work the other way around

There is more information in Is Hollywood actually creating a World Catastrophe starting from the USA through its movies?


answered 13 Dec '12, 05:55

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and who said your broader self can't be an evil b*tch? What about Darth Vader, he got in touch with evil pretty well.

(13 Dec '12, 06:08) CalonLan

@Stingray I love your answers. You can explain complicated things in such a simple way (unlike some professors at university:). Great insights, thank you!

(13 Dec '12, 06:10) releaser99

@CalonLan - Yes, you're quite right. I forgot to mention that all my answers are instantly rendered obsolete as soon as one considers the clear and undisputed existence of Mr Vader and his despicable, evil master, Emperor Jar Jar, in a galaxy quite some distance from here :)

(13 Dec '12, 06:22) Stingray

@releaser99 - You're welcome :)

(13 Dec '12, 06:23) Stingray

@Stingray, wasn't it mentioned somewhere in annals of LOA that whatever we can imagine can come to existence, or perhaps even exist already? :>

(13 Dec '12, 06:31) CalonLan

@Stingray and @CalonLan- You're defiantly in trouble if your Higher Self is Chuck Norris.


(13 Dec '12, 09:05) Nikulas

@CalonLan - Yes, I agree. Every thought exists in some potential reality. But it's still your choice whether to align with that reality or not. In my reality - where you are currently a guest reading my words :) - Mr D Vader is still a fictional character

(13 Dec '12, 12:05) Stingray

@Stingray Then what is the difference between clearing resistance and aligning? If i lets say have an irrational fear that my higher self is darth vader and i mold this fearful thought to "joy" on the emotional scale, then am i going to manifest darth vader soon into my reality (aligning) or will i clear this thought and simply deactivate it?

(13 Dec '12, 13:54) releaser99

@releaser99 - "Then what is the difference between clearing resistance and aligning?" - In my book, there is no difference. That's why in ME-4 there's really no difference between the process for manifesting and clearing.

Regarding the fear...well, fear is fear...it doesn't matter what the subject of the fear is, it's just an excuse for non-alignment with Broader Self. For example, if I have a fear of flying and then clean it up, it doesn't mean I'm...

(17 Dec '12, 14:25) Stingray

@releaser99 - ...going to now grab a seat on the first airplane I can find. It just means I'm now in a vibrational place where the fear no longer influences my decisions regarding that subject. I can more clearly receive and act upon vibrational impulses from within. If I want to follow an impulse to go on a foreign vacation by plane, I can do it, and if I don't, I don't have to. Clearing up the fear brings my power back to me ...instead of the power residing with the fear.

(17 Dec '12, 14:28) Stingray

@Stingray Could the big guy (in your scenario) every get so big that the little guy couldn't keep up with him? In other words could you just put so much in your vibrational escrow that you couldn't in a million years of processes keep up with it?

(17 Dec '12, 14:31) Catherine

@Catherine - Not possible...because you can never truly be disconnected from Higher Self because you are your Higher Self projected through a physical reality conduit. It's like trying to have the electric light without the light bulb. All that happens is that, sooner or later, a "disconnected" person reaches their pain tolerance threshold, finally decides to "let go" in some way and what they want comes rushing in, like a rubber band snapping back.

(17 Dec '12, 14:36) Stingray

@Catherine - Sometimes people stubbornly hold onto their resistance so much in physical reality that the Next Logical Step (to freedom from resistance) is simply to withdraw focus from this reality i.e. death...which, by definition, is the re-alignment with the Big Guy anyway :) Death as The Next Logical Step

(17 Dec '12, 14:40) Stingray

@Stingray I thought that would be the answer but sometimes it can feel as if I'll never catch up with the big guy. It is getting much easier though - thanks for this answer, it is much appreciated.

(17 Dec '12, 14:43) Catherine

Stingray , I love the pic , I read recently , the physical us , is 0.00001 energy and the Higher self 99.99999 , so was wondering , would you turn it into a 3D graph for better appreciation/understanding , I'd love to have it as wallpaper on my desktop or if another member's up for it that's good too :-)

(07 Mar '13, 22:14) Starlight

@Starlight - Sorry, only just noticed your comment more than three years later ...my comment-responding efficiency average is now probably as tiny as my Physical Self's attractive power in comparison with my Higher Self (which always answers comments in less than three years).

(24 Oct '16, 15:56) Stingray

@Starlight - Regarding the graph, just turn your desktop into a dark black background. Your Physical Self can be considered to be the small white dot in the middle of it. What? You say you can't see any small white dot? ...exactly my point :)

(24 Oct '16, 15:59) Stingray
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Dr David Hawkins mapped out consciousness and this is where you will find out about thought/vibe strengths an interesting read


and as the page says reading "Power verses Force" will give you an even better understanding

I believe Kinesiology demonstrates this beautifully :-)


answered 13 Dec '12, 05:13

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@Starlight Interesting. Do you know how he measures these emotions?

(13 Dec '12, 06:12) releaser99

Releaser , I believe Kinesiology, there's plenty of his stuff on the net , it's not new information and local libraries usually have a copy of Power verses Force to lend out , enjoy if you choose to read :-) I've got a copy of the Map somewhere on Computer but they are also available free on net .Makes sense when you think that grief etc are heavy dense vibes , and happy joyfull thoughts are uplifting, even En-Light-en-ing , wouldnt you say :-)

(13 Dec '12, 06:23) Starlight

Yes @Starlight the correspondence between the "Abraham-Hicks Emotional Guidance Scale" and the "Dr. David Hawkins Map of the Scale of Consciousness" is remarkable ... and Kinesiology is based on subjective feedback mechanisms and fits to a "T" with dowsing ... ♥♥♥

(17 Jun '14, 03:45) jaz
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negative though and feeeling are a big lie made from ignorance inequity and judging.but once you understand the truth negativity as no power. why stay in annything negative to hurt your self or other? harmony understanding and truth is the way to better yourself and other. but you have free will and are responsible of it.so do what you want but do not blame me. so let there be light,be the light that you can be ,experience and enjoy.


answered 13 Dec '12, 05:42

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white tiger

My opinion is that in this World/Dimension which we live in, negativity prevails. Why should we deny it?

Just look around... Problems, accidents and catastrophes are easily manifested, without any special effort... In the contrary, happiness and success are so difficult for us all to make... Even if you try hard!

Why this happens?

In my opinion Earth Dimension is made of low and heavy energy that does not allow higher and positive energy to enter. This is a pessimistic point of view, I know it.

But there is a divine plan of evolution. It is the plan for raising the energy levels of the Earth Dimension. This plan depends from the evolution of the human mental/emotional level and that's why it will take long long time till positiveness rules this world...


answered 21 Dec '12, 10:25

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@jupiterios, you think flood is a terrible disaster? How about planet Earth just taking shower? Earthquake? Could be the Earth sneezing.

Remember it the next time you go take a bath. What disasters you will create for all those living things on your body. I'm sure that all those germs will think of a divine plan of evolution and going to heaven while you'll be killing them with soap water.

(21 Dec '12, 10:44) CalonLan

@canonLan, your example does not make any sense. How can you say that germs have intelligence or even thoughts! How can you equate them with human entities? It seems irrelevant with the issue.

Universe, nature, earth, humanity, all of them evolves. This is the Plan: To evolve to higher states of Being.

Everyone can see this. From Darwin to Astronomers and Scientists of Physics. (By the way, even germs evolve trying to survive against to our antibacterial products.)

(21 Dec '12, 15:47) jupiterios

@jupiterios, you don't need thoughts or mind or intelligence. Humans think the universe revolve around them. And they're no different from germs or bacteria.

Our mind is nothing special. And not sure where you buying those plan from, but they sure don't sell at my local store.

(21 Dec '12, 16:43) CalonLan

@calonlan again it show how low you are in your level of understanding. at the base of everything is energy. the simple fact that you move mean that energy is being use by your free will.you see that as being religious but i am telling you right now it is scientific also and proven. in your car you have gas that convert to energy and a battery to provide energy to start it. remove one of those energy source and the car does not move.if the car move it is because you use another source of energy.

(21 Dec '12, 18:09) white tiger

like gravity. or something else using energy to move the car.and to make the car energy also as been use to make the part and assemble the car. open your eyes look around you. the earth move around the sun,and the sun keep the earth in orbit and gives light with out that light no plants and no animal could live. and energy would become instinc very fast.

(21 Dec '12, 18:13) white tiger

if germ and bacteria moves it means that they also use energy or are being use by energy.

(21 Dec '12, 18:19) white tiger


I am sure there is not any Plan in your local store!

You used the words "buy" and "store"... It is not to wonder that you see the divine purposes as a product.

It is not to wonder that you approach spirituality as a consuming good.

It is not to wonder why you are searching in your local stores instead of searching INWARD.

Afterall, this site is called Inward Quest.... What are you doing here? Go to your local store immediately! That is the place for you!

(21 Dec '12, 18:36) jupiterios

Nevertheless, I'll try to clarify my primary post.

My point of view is that there is an Evolution going on in the Universe. Its purpose is the raising of the vibrations, the raising of the energy of the cosmos. And the spread of Intelligence and of the Autognosia (self awareness).

Human Being and its mind are instruments that can help this raising to happen quicker. As the human Mind And Emotional Vibrations go higher, the Evolution Plan moves faster. Final Destination is the Theosis Of All.

(21 Dec '12, 19:00) jupiterios

Unfortunatelly, vibrations and frequences are very low on this earth dimension. There is a bad quality of energy down here. That's why evil things happen so easily. That's why good things happen rarely and after hard efforts.

The good news is that as universe evolves, the vibrations and the energy go higher. And human beings can help this procedure to move faster if they raise their minds (thoughts) and hearts (emotions)!

This is how I see it.

(21 Dec '12, 19:15) jupiterios

@white tiger, I admire, in a way, your restless attempt to make yourself feel better through putting me down. After all it is almost in human nature to try to feel good. Almost, for no human nature exist. Only illusion of it.

(22 Dec '12, 06:52) CalonLan

@jupiterios, Spirituality is but a needless division and categorizing only further confusing us. And with the thought of no thought, I abandon maze of the mind.

I cannot agree nor disagree with you. I can't present any opinion of my own, since I don't even know who I am there is no "My". I can only reflect back what the world shows me.

(22 Dec '12, 06:57) CalonLan

@Calonlan i have never put you down, you are the one putting your self down.and why you do that because you cannot accept the truth. you even contradict your self in the process. one shoot you say white and the next you say black just to contradict.hoping to get a opening to prove your point or find error. but the fact is that you are doing that to your self. because i do not play that game.it would be better to feel good by not putting people down and just telling them the truth.

(22 Dec '12, 09:45) white tiger

yet many cannot accept truth.they prefer to play games.you can play as long as you want but does it help you?why for the ego putting people down to gratify your ego to feel good? is it really that fun in the first place? for every one that can see it for what it is do you think they appreciate that?you see you admire something that i do not admire. i told you before going in to extremes and judging does not serve you.yet you keep doing it to contradict me. well it is your free will.

(22 Dec '12, 09:55) white tiger

@white tiger, u control wind and water? free will doesn't exist.

(22 Dec '12, 10:51) CalonLan

ok, this is where the trolling starts! Let's leave him playing games by himself. This site does not need trolls...

(22 Dec '12, 11:11) jupiterios
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