"You're only as good as the fuel you put in your body."

"Garbage in garbage out."

"You are the sum of the 5 people you spend the most time around."

Our body is obviously influenced by what foods we eat, but is this an absolute or is there variance? Can the same person be weakened by eating fast foods at one point in their life, but then still be healthy eating them at another point perhaps assuming superior fitness or some other variable? Or will "bad" food always be "bad", period, whether conditioned or prepared for it or not?

Our mind is also obviously influenced by what we put into it, what shows we watch, etc. But again, to what extent? Could an enlightened man watch nothing but gruesome murder flicks all day every day but still have a calm, quiet, peaceful mind not plagued by thoughts related to what he saw? If you take twins and have one grow up playing nothing but adults only violent video games while the other plays happy kids or family games would / could they grow up to be similarly passive / aggressive? Would a Yogi still grow up to be a Yogi if they were born into a different life / environment?

Our behaviors are again obviously influenced by those we surround ourselves with. We naturally as humans pick up behaviors of those close to us. Is this a necessary or mandatory function or is it optional? Can a saint spend all of his time around murderers and be unphased by the encounter?

In short, to what extent are we defined by our life's circumstance and encounters and how much (if at all) can we change or choose our definition, our identity, according to what we desire to be? Will our desired identity always be dependent upon our circumstances up until that point or can we simply elect to choose 'at random' a new type of person to be, is there a random to be had?

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Well as interesting and wonderfully expressed as this question is, i feel it offers a very short and simple answer. NO, we are not defined by this things. You said garbage in , garbage out. I think it is more about Garbage in, garbage around. It is our own vibration that allows us to experience them in the first place. When we eat bad food, and then feel bad about that, or think more about the bad food we ate, it negatively effects us more. When we do not care, and are happy and don't have firm beliefs, it is not going to effect us as much. Same with ur mind and what u put in it. My wife watches the same ol boring stuff that she used to, and it doesn't effect me at all. Because I change, i usually do not have the opportunity, nor does my vibration entertain the concept of watching it anymore. Sane with friends. The ones that are not the same vibration as I am tend to disperse day by day. Each one dropping off more n more as either i raise my vibration, or drop it. It is not about the environment affecting us. It TRULY Is about US AFFECTING the environment we are in. It literally changes every second as we do. THIS is how I am able to see these changes. It is such a GREAT wonder to see these change, day by day, min by min, second by second. The more I become a part of this concept, the more i perceive it. Hope this helped.

we talk about that here. The part of seeing the new changes.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dEpjGU0IYLE love n light



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