Alternative phrasing to explain the question a bit more thoroughly, which is handy because otherwise I wouldn't have anything to type here because the question pretty much explains it. =P :

Do all rampant thoughts / feelings / impulses carry weight with the LoA? Or only fully 'intentional', conscious thoughts?

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Cool question :)

(12 Apr '13, 05:32) clearheart

your ego limits what you attract

(12 Apr '13, 19:28) fred

If limitations on what we're trying to attract are caused by negative beliefs, and negative beliefs are simply beliefs that don't support the beliefs we're trying to attract, and your ego limits what you attract, doesn't this also mean that your ego is doing the attracting to begin with or at least capable of it?

(12 Apr '13, 20:07) Snow
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Ego = Self that wants to experience/align with desires

First Ego launches a desire.

If ego aligns with desires through feeling good before having the physical manifestation, it creates positive vibrations. Law of attraction reacts positive to positive vibrations. Desires manifest physically.

If ego doesn't align with desires because of resistance to them, it creates negative emotions. Law of attraction reacts negative to negative vibrations. Desires don't manifest. Instead unwanted things manifest.

When desires don't manifest, ego feels bad and creates more negative vibrations. Law of attraction reacts to ego's vibrations and gives negative physical manifestations in return.

So sometimes then ego starts ego-bashing and seeing ego as the root of all evil because ego thinks that it is ego that is the cause of negative emotions :). Though in fact it is just lack of alignment that was the cause in the first place. :)


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Your answer sure helped me to clarify what I was thinking in my answer.thanku

(12 Apr '13, 05:34) clearheart

My first impluse was that yes, it sure seems like it. Because the ego would have to come into alignment to get our desires.


answered 12 Apr '13, 05:31

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