"So with all that being true, even though everybody in your universe , even though they are all truly conscious "real" people, just like all the other many versions of you existing in all of the other parallel realties right now, You can only be conscious of 1 of your human physical existences at one time." ~ @ikaruss21

This explanation sums up a strongly perpetuated idea around these parts. In some cases we are the only consciousness there is to be (God's eternal soliloquy, @flowsurfer), others where there are other consciousnesses but there's no guarantee we will every truly encounter any of them in our particular path through the infinite realities.

It's my desire to seek and find 'the truth'. Not the purpose of life, that one is easy and the answer is just to live and experience as it feels right for you. But the true nature of reality is what I want to figure out. My religion is the seeking of truth, truth which can be reconciled by science and supernatural alike. As my God created science my God does not fear science nor can my God be disproven by it, my God even encourages the use of any and all means given to us to seek truth. I'm looking to understand how others came to accept what seems to be an EXTREMELY widely accepted truth (We're all God / There is only God), because I feel insight into their reasoning will help me decide if it is true and correct for me.

In any case which doesn't involve at least some or many others consciousnesses experiencing this same reality: How do you feel about that idea? Does it make you happy? Comfortable? Is your identity in this existence or your immediate past lives [if there is such a thing, such as a chain of reincarnations still somewhat linked in identity] irrelevant to you or something you've just gotten over?

The rest of this is superfluous, gives talking points if you need / want them.

This is to me a large portion of why I strongly reject the idea I'm God or the only God, because it seems like a lonely idea to me. What's the point of existence if it's just me. And if it is just me, why hasn't the extremely well prepared me who spent my generation before last gathering a bunch of wealth hand me the keys to my new jet which I fly on to my empire HQ somewhere? While I have definitely observed myself 'influencing' the decisions of others, and even others directing my actions and decisions, I never concluded this was because I nor they were God, but because humans have a great deal of untapped potential.

If there were other consciousnesses out there would you rather live in a world where you're the only one and can get/do anything you want without restriction, or one with multiple / many consciousnesses where you compete for / share what you want?

asked 13 Jun '13, 21:17

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Hey! I recognize that name, I never knew I would ever be quoted lol. Anywho, I have spent probably the last hour or so writing and rewriting a reply to your question.

However, I think the reason why it is so hard to answer, is because you are asking a truly Quantum question and we are only able to describe our answers to you with linear thinking and explanations, in text form no less. This stuff needs hand gestures and spoken back and forth communication to explain, for me at least lol.(Part1)

(17 Jun '13, 21:39) ikaruss21

I wish there was some way we could have some type of audio recorded voice chat on here, because with this kind of question I feel I could never give you my true explanation with just a few sentences or paragraphs even.

There is a couple videos on here from a recent Bashar Channeling about a month ago that you can find on torrent sites if you search enough. It's called, "Bashar - A Game of Chess."

He explains parallel realities within the first video with using the way the game Chess (Part2)

(17 Jun '13, 21:44) ikaruss21

works as an analogy to try to explain deeply how parallel realities and the collective consciousness and your individual consciousness work together. I feel that if you watched that, it would definitely answer the majority of your question way better than anything I could ever write :) (Part3)

(17 Jun '13, 21:48) ikaruss21
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Believing you are alone is just part of the illusion of separation. You are one integral part of many parts that make up the whole so you cannot ever be alone even if you believe you are.

I like to think of this life as a co-creation and I am creating my experience of that co-creation.

You are the creator of your life experience. So you don't have to believe or wrestle with every quote/belief on IQ. Choose beliefs that feel good to you, or define them into something that does feel good and throw out the rest.


answered 14 Jun '13, 06:57

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edited 15 Jun '13, 07:12


I know very well I don't need to believe anything. It's just my interest to understand why people I respect believe the way they do. As I said, with more understanding it helps me decide if it is a believe system I believe is going to be suitable to me or not.

Good answer. =] Thanks.

(14 Jun '13, 15:10) Snow

@Snow- Thanks! Your welcome.

(15 Jun '13, 07:07) Satori

I have this moment, when Wade goes to sleep, when I realize that I am all alone; It truly terrifies me.

I get over it in a few minutes, but I experience it whenever I am left alone...I hate that I feel this, but I also know that I will compensate and adjust to it in a bit of time. During that little bit of time, I see the whole universe spread out before me, and many people who are totally unaware that I exist at all. I feel like I am hanging in space, and am utterly apart from everything.

alt text

It is then that I reach out for God, and sometimes, I truly feel Him and am comforted. I am definitely NOT God. I believe that it is illogical to think I am God.

a. I am God.

B. If I am God, I can make Universes.

C. I cannot make Universes, so I am not God.

To be God, I must be able to do ALL things that God does. I cannot do 1% of what God does.

But this does not mean that I cannot act like God, feel like God, be God within my own existence. I am capable of healing like God. I am capable of creating anything I need with my mind, if only I believe hard enough.

But I am still alone, as is God.

If I can accept this, I can move mountains. I begin to understand freedom. There is true freedom in solitude.

alt text

God bless all Questers,



answered 14 Jun '13, 08:27

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"There is true freedom in solitude." @Jaianniah

Yes! Yes! Yes! This resonates as truth for me especially since I like to spend time alone. Most people get "lonely" instead of taking that time to do what they wanted to do without the influences of others.

(16 Jun '13, 07:28) arpgme

"B. If I am God, I can make Universes." hmm. @Jai - you remember the 70's. Big Bang Theory, Supernovas, Carl Sagan - Cosmos, Stardust? Wade reminded me of Joni Mitchell - thanks Wade.. Remember the 1st time you ever heard of Stardust? Joni Mitchell & then Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young singing Woodstock - "We are stardust, we are golden. We are billion year old carbon".


(18 Jun '13, 22:04) ele
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knowing truth and the purpose
of life are on the same coin
allows seeing unity
within diversity

one sees what they can see


answered 15 Jun '13, 14:21

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Thanks for your question Snow

In my expansion path, I'm currently going around in circles about this idea.

I was introduced to this idea no long ago. Upon hearing it I was sort of shocked. Basically I was told by an entity that others are not living in our reality, that they help co-create their persona and all, but they are actually focused in another reality, their world if it can be said like that.

I was very happy to hear this, for it released me from thinking about how much others had to suffer in this life. In fact, it was until this point that I realized how much that mattered to me.

But then I started to think it could not be possible, that I was fooling myself. So I had to ask the channel for confirmation, and he did confirm it. Then time passed again and I had to ask the channel again! for I thought it was so good to be true and he might have misunderstood me when I asked him before. He confirmed it, again.

To be honest, I still don't integrate this in my life completely. What I wonder is why if this is so important a detail, why no other channeled entities have talked about it? Or did I miss it? I've read a couple of Seth books, listened to hours and hours of Bashar, and had never encountered this idea before.

Is and idea that is hidden from those who are not ready? Was it there all the time but I chose not to hear it when I someone was telling it?

I would love to read from others who understand this idea better.

And I don't think one has to feel disconnected given this idea of the nature of reality. We are always connected to those we love, and to everything, if we chose to.


answered 17 Jun '13, 05:21

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@Notgonnatellyou - "listened to hours and hours of Bashar, and had never encountered this idea before" - Well there's a first time for everything :) Here's Bashar talking about it...


Abraham have said it clearly as well though I don't know of any currently-available YouTube snippets.

"Was it there all the time..." - Yep, but you can only hear it when you are a vibrational match to hearing it :)

(17 Jun '13, 06:26) Stingray

wow, thanks Stingray. I guess "you can only perceive what you are the vibration of"

(18 Jun '13, 23:43) Notgonnatellyou

@Stingray, Funny, yesterday I found another Bashar recording where it explains it: "Wholeness of being". However, it left me intrigued for something he said, I will try to upload it to youtube because I couldn't find it on youtube already. Basically at the end he sort of says that thought we create our reality with the energy we perceive of other entities.. most realities are very similar.. unless you are crazy, then you can have whatever reality you wish..

(23 Jun '13, 02:35) Notgonnatellyou

Ok, here's the audio that I was talking about http://db.tt/i5JFwmAa I hope I don't get in trouble for posting it. The part I'm intersted most starts at around 3min, and the question is asked at around 4:30min, and at 5:10 Bashar says that people that experience realities very different from others we call them "insane". So, does that mean that all realities are very similar (in our 3rd dimension)? That though we can create our own reality, we are creating very similar realities? Anyone??

(27 Jun '13, 02:40) Notgonnatellyou
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Yeh we can alone if we are having that experience, and we can have the experience of being together with others, or a feeling of being many people at once while being connected within ourselves as many. Many other experiences are available as well. I love meeting new people there is something to gain from every interaction isn't there?


answered 16 Jun '13, 09:47

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Welcome to IQ, glad to have you. ^_^

I agree with this, but this question is about the idea that each consciousness out there (yourself included) is just me, God, one consciousness which is playing out different experiences for the sake of aforementioned experience.

I don't mind the idea we're all connected. I do mind the idea that everyone else can or has experienced my life, knows my actions / thoughts / intentions, etc. Not sure why but I'm somewhat attached to my identity.. I like me. ;)

(16 Jun '13, 15:41) Snow

I understand I guess bashar would say there is the one, and there is all that is. The one knows itself as all there is but all that is does not know itself as all there is.. or something like that. Perspannly I get the idea, and I have experienced mmany levels of knowing all the way up to something akin to the one, where I recognize myself as all there is.. or at least allthat I know to exist and maybe all that I don't know to exist, maybe

(16 Jun '13, 15:52) eventhorizon
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