I believe in random acts of kindness. I especially believe in doing these acts for those nearest and dearest to us.

Yes, I am the one who browses the cheerful cards at the Hallmark store, and slips Wade a card just to say, "Thank you!" Not necessarily random, but he always seems surprised. You know Wade...he could save a busload of children from death, and when the reporters gather around him, the Hero, he says, "It wasn't a big deal. Really." And he means it. But it's even better to see a sad face at that card aisle, picking out a sympathy card, and to strike up a conversation, because you just might feel a little of that person's pain. And they just might get through the day because of you.

I like the idea of passing it forward, and I believe in it not because it is a nice idea, but rather, because it is good for me. Seems a little selfish, but "stretching my soul" is always good for me, even if my body doesn't wanna (insert whiny child voice here).

But how do random acts of kindness make us better people? How does this actually "work"?

Blessings, and Happy Summer 2013,


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I feel it is something more. Not that we do these things because they are good for our soul but we feel impelled to help others.

Like we just went to pick up my cousin up a few states. I didn't feel, this would be good for me. I felt more like, he needed us, needed our help, so we helped him. It helps that he is a cousin, and could be a question itself about why we feel more impelled to help relatives over strangers.

It was just what was needed so we complied.

I believe why it makes us better people is that we are fulfilling a need. We are all God, we are all one. So when there is a part that seems lost, alone or hurt we come in and help that part. It is like algebra, we fill in the missing part to complete the equation.


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Wade Casaldi

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Yes - "We are all God, we are all one"

(24 Jun '13, 01:12) ele

Great answer. =) I agree. "We tend to judge others by their behaviors and ourselves by our intentions."

(24 Jun '13, 01:38) Snow

loved this-."it is like algebra, we fill in the missing part to complete the equation.

(27 Jun '13, 01:25) supergirl
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This is a perfect day to answer this question. Yesterday and Today i had a yard sale. I gave some of the items to one of my customers. Then the heat hit 106 here in Roswell so i decided to pack up the rest of the items. In big trash bags. Then I wanted to give them to a family that would need them. As I drove toward the homes where more of the poorer people live. I asked God to help me find a family that needed what I had to give. So the first people i saw outdoors in the heat of 106 were some young girls and their Mother. So I stoped there. The woman was happy to take the cloths and household things i gave her. Then she said that she has 7 children. So then God led me to them. So that makes me feel good to know they could use what I gave them. I was very poor when ever I was a child. So it makes me feel like giving them what I could made a big difference. I'm always giving everything away. Then I'm repaid in triples. KARMA is real..Peace Everone..God bless' Tere From Roswell.


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@Tere-What a wonderful Story! You made my day...Yes, indeed, God led you there! Keep up the giving....Blessings from Jai

(27 Jun '13, 18:30) Jaianniah


these are few things i do..,as random acts of kindness..

  • when ever i go out n find any begger i give him money. once i came across a very old begger, and he was in very bad condition, torn clothes and he was hungry too. i gave him just 30 rs. as i was left with only that much. as soon as i gave him money, there were tears in his eyes. and he blessed me and my family a lot and i saw in his eyes, it was with all his heart. i remember same day.., as i came home, my mother told me that she has got promotion. and her salary has been raised. see.., what goes comes around.., who says good deeds don't pay u back..,they do.. !!! in a beautiful way..

-to add more, i give free medicines to who so ever that comes our door..

-daily we give food to our workers..for the whole day.

-we give plants and seeds to people for free..and believe me this is the best feeling.., it feels like we are doing atleast something to save our mother earth.

..and there are many that i couldn't recall right now..

hope u liked it..

love,light and blessings ur way..

supergirl :))


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@supergirl-You are indeed one SUPER GIRL!!! Keep on giving, dear! Wade and I bless you a lot! <3 Jai

(28 Jun '13, 13:11) Jaianniah

@jai-thank u so much to both of u..,u both are my dear darlings..:)) lots of love to u..:))

(29 Jun '13, 01:48) supergirl
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