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It has been quite a few tumultuous weeks for Wade (Casaldi) and I.

I was just outside, pondering this, puffing on my "Mini Peace-Pipe", when I was blasted with something either very profound, or something everybody already knew but me.

It was this:

!. All will be well.

2.If All is not well, it will become well once again, rest assured.

This idea has been expressed hundreds of ways, here on IQ and elsewhere...The Ying and the Yang, the Darkness and the Light...We all go through cycles of life.

My Father died suddenly in 2006. I thought that the world had ended. Indeed, the years that followed were very dark for me...I lost many things, and much that I thought that I knew was tossed aside into the wreckage heap.

In 2009, while I was suffering the necrotizing infection that "ate" my leg, I found IQ through Wade, and things started slowly turning for the good. I wish I could say that I had had the courage to face the future as calmly as others. Once bitten, twice shy, I guess.

But it is true: with age comes a little wisdom, I guess.

I just passed the brightest and best summer I have had since 1993.

Life is good sometimes, and sometimes bad.

But in either case, please hold Faith strongly in your Hearts that all will be well. Be strongly, determinedly patient. Be patient to be patient!

It is true.

"This, too, shall pass."

As for sharing, I would love to hear from you all about this. I want to hear from you no matter what place you find yourself-and-Know this:

It all matters to me, at least.

If I have gotten anything from the past few months, it is a great measure of real peace, and real love.

God Bless you all this day.

Love ya,

your Jaianniah

Please help me in Congratulating Wade on making 7th-Degree Black Belt in Shotokan Karate.

alt text

Late Summer 2013 Wade and Jai in their yard

Another image for you all...Remember that God is protecting us always!

alt text

Yes, all will be well again someday.

alt text

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congrats Wade and welcome back Jai

(16 Oct '13, 03:01) ursixx

@ursixx- Thank You. You have always been there for me! Blessings, Jai

(16 Oct '13, 10:43) Jaianniah


(16 Oct '13, 13:13) abrahamloa

"All shall be well, and all shall be well and all manner of thing shall be well." ~ Julian of Norwich, 1342-1416 Christian Mystic

So good to see you feeling so good! :)

(16 Oct '13, 15:34) Grace

Well @jai - looks like you're back to your old self. Hope your physical injuries have healed. Good to see you back.

Congratulations Wade -- not only is that an awesome & amazing accomplishment - you's awesome in my book. Great video @ursixx .

(17 Oct '13, 00:06) ele

so..good to see you back jai.., n congrates to both of you.. :)) ...i just gt to write ths quote.."this shall too pass..God will never give you ...more than you can handle.." :))

(17 Oct '13, 04:40) supergirl

Thanks, @supergirl- I know you are especially fond of Wade...::grin:: But thanks for your excellent supper and great is appreciated!

(19 Oct '13, 02:23) Jaianniah


(19 Oct '13, 02:38) Jaianniah
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Congrads Jai, and Wade,

This is too real. I haven't signed on for months or years. To my pleasure you are sharing wellness and joy. Just think about this, not all will be well, but all is well!!!! Yes, all is well now.

When faced with a challenge get through with as little feeling as necessary and then get back to Joy as fast as you can. My folks have both passed. The good news is I believe they are in a better place. So I miss them but I am happy for them. I can't allow a natural process like death to ruin my life. Stay in joy as much as possible Tom


answered 31 Oct '13, 14:46

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@Tom- Thanks so much for the beautiful answer! I am sorry that your folks are not with you in life, but rest assured they are still with you!So many people who have NDE's write of seeing relatives who have passed- therefore, your folks are around somewhere! (Heaven is what I call that place.) Bless you, Jai ♥

(31 Oct '13, 18:23) Jaianniah

I just passed the brightest and best summer I have had since 1993. Blockquote

Congratulations Jai, I have been waiting to hear this from you! (Amplify, amplify,amplify)

and also to Wade! Seventh degree black belt! Wow, that is really something!!


answered 16 Oct '13, 07:56

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Dollar Bill

Thanks, @Dollar Bill- You and I share a blessing beyond IQ that is so huge it is immeasurable...I appreciate your support so, so much! Love, Jai

(16 Oct '13, 10:46) Jaianniah

what a beautiful post! i agree things can change so much... I experienced similar things as you - father passing 3 years back and then bad health.. but this summer was amazing...i never thought i'd get to spring and when i got to March 1st this year, i remember going for a walk and knew it would be ok for some time and that every minute is precious.. it sounds a cliche but when you've been to the edge and back you really feel it.. Law of attraction helped me get thru those times... i wasn't doing it perfectly but just knowing all the teachers were out there and reading them gave me great comfort and kept me going thru some of the darkest times..i'm still practicing! congrats to Wade on the karate !


answered 16 Oct '13, 09:23

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@jodie- You are a strong woman, Jodie, and we share much in common...Thanks for your story so much! Love, Jai!

(16 Oct '13, 10:47) Jaianniah
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