few days back I saw an eye while meditating ,this was a big eye which looked like an elephant eye. it was a very beautiful eye, having large eye lashes. i just saw a single eye. do any one of you have any idea that what does this exactly means? that was an opened eye.

i was doing this meditation in afternoon. and after this meditation, i felt really good., well as mostly we feel after doing daily meditation. i did this meditation for hardly 15 minutes and these days ..i am experiencing such kind of things a lot..where i start meditating, i meditate for few minutes and then , i start seeing things, people, i even see people talking to each other. sometimes , i am also there in their conversations and sometimes i am not.

as soon i start meditating, just in few counts..(i use silva method of meditation) ,i don't where i go. i start listening things,people that are unknown, and then, i miss my counting. and suddenly i become aware and again i start from there. is this normal ? do i go in delta level very fast? i would love to know your views on it.

does anyone of you eveer, had any such kind of experience, i would love to know it?

was it actually an eye of an elephant or some kind of God or any entity?

your answers will be highly appreciated. love,light and blessings your way. supergirl.. ;))

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It is either Ganesha or The N.S.A.'s mass surveillance, or Shiva. (Shiwwa if you are in Indonesia)

I'd rather it to be Ganesha, the coolest of gods.

(28 Jun '13, 06:29) Dollar Bill

Ganesha - way cool. A link via Deepak Chopra


(02 Jul '13, 02:20) ele

"Once ego-consciousness has been dissolved in superconsciousness, the center of consciousness shifts naturally from the ego to the heart. At this point, intuitive feeling takes one’s consciousness upward through the spiritual eye and out into Infinity." nice link @jaz

(02 Jul '13, 02:21) ele

@jaz-link is amazing ..thank u gp..:)

(04 Jul '13, 02:58) supergirl
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This "all seeing eye" connection occurred to me as well about 3 days ago where a realization of its importance suddenly made complete sense to me.

The eye as the symbol is the most ancient version of the expression of the "source"

From a symbol point of view, it transcends any other "idea" because of its simplicity.

It can be expressed without using language, religion, or an understanding of a particular philosophy.

Yet its meaning is hidden from the analyst until the analysis subsides.

It cannot be understood by looking at it or analyzing it.

You can only get it when you "realize it".

The "eye" represents the "source" of everything.

The "eye" represents the observer.

The observer is the point of creation.

It is the creator's point of reference.


answered 29 Jun '13, 23:50

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The Traveller


Eye Concur :)

(30 Jun '13, 00:14) Eddie

Thanks Eddie
(Nice play on words re:your comment)
Your answer inspired me to share my perspective.
I figured that if it occurred to Eddie, then I am in good company in sharing this perspective.

(30 Jun '13, 01:09) The Traveller

@the traveller- thank u.. :)) so, its abt the souce, got it..

(30 Jun '13, 05:46) supergirl
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Of coarse, as you know, all meaning is self-imposed. That being said, I choose to impose the meaning that the eye you saw is the all seeing eye of All That Is <3


answered 29 Jun '13, 23:12

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thank u fr the answer ;))

(29 Jun '13, 23:29) supergirl

Short but so cool!

(30 Jun '13, 03:37) Nikulas

such phenomenon are normal in meditation and have no any speciality.specially in early measrly stage.however,listening voices and seeing people is good sign but it depend what si your purpose of meditation.always medtitate when in empty stomic or 2 and a half hour late after eating something.


answered 01 Jul '13, 01:26

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@zee- thank u so much :))

(01 Jul '13, 02:37) supergirl

I agree - seeing an eye is very common; but like the Traveller & Eddie - eye concur..

(02 Jul '13, 02:22) ele

Hi, I also see an eye in my third eye a lot lately. Not even when meditating but when I am lying down relaxing. It probably means the Self. Not the ego self but the Supreme Self for all that I know. Check out Projection and Re-Collection in Jungian Psychology--Reflections of the Soul, by Marie-louise Von Franz.

I agree with the answers above--that it symbolizes the all-seeing eye. The Source, or God.


answered 15 Sep '13, 12:01

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@genuinelapis- thank u so much :) God bless you :)

(21 Oct '13, 03:08) supergirl

Meditate and let the spirit that you are guide you in to all truth. Become aware. Be born of water and the spirit. Until the 2 become one and that true peace is achieve.(blessed are the peacemakers they will be called sons of God.) Overcome and go above. In the kingdom of God.(Blessed are the pure of heart they will see God.) We speak of what we know and report what we have seen. Yet no one can accept our testimony. I have give you some of my water so that it can become a spring in you so that you will never thirst again. I am the way the truth and the life. A little child of seven days just told you this. at the age of seven this little child as overcome.



Let there be light. Be the light that you can be. Experience and enjoy.


answered 28 Jun '13, 08:28

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white tiger

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wonderful answer..,thank u :))

(29 Jun '13, 01:27) supergirl

Hello, I am here with a friend that also saw an elephant's eye while meditating. I saw it three times. I read these posts. With respect, seeing an elephant's eye in detail is very specific. I really do not know what it means. The posts in this site seem far from what you are talking and the experience you are charring. Is there a way where we can safely exchange emails or chat? Thank you. pA


answered 18 Oct '14, 19:47

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