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I have often thought that it would be really great to meet or at least be able to chat online with some of the contributor. But the next minute I think its better this way perhaps for us all to remain annoymous. People like Stingray and Vesuvius would probably get absolutely swamped :-) I am interested to know what you guys think about this subject?

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I Think Therefore I Am

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Barry Allen ♦♦

I've switched your question to Community Wiki since it's not a spirituality-type question but more of a survey-type thing

(30 Sep '10, 11:11) Barry Allen ♦♦

Thanks Barry I was confused about this and I thought if its a community wiki type question you will change it:-)

(30 Sep '10, 11:18) I Think Therefore I Am

No problem :-)

(30 Sep '10, 12:20) Barry Allen ♦♦
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Here's one way to avoid being anonymous...

alt text

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answered 30 Sep '10, 19:30

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Simon Templeton ♦♦

This shirt is being sold? Or is it still in development

(01 Oct '10, 02:20) kakaboo

It's just a one-off. I didn't think anyone else would want one

(01 Oct '10, 06:27) Simon Templeton ♦♦

I do! :D Nice to see you here! xxx

(01 Oct '10, 14:26) BridgetJones09

I would want one too! :-)

(01 Oct '10, 15:25) AVBhat 1

I think you just might find that quite a few of us would like one :)

(01 Oct '10, 15:37) Michaela

haha I guess the best way would be for Simon to post the design of the shirt in soft copy for those that want it so that they can just go to their own T-shirt designer to make one if they wanted one... would be much more easier than having to sell it somewhere

(01 Oct '10, 17:01) kakaboo

Okay, let me think a bit about how to keep everybody happy. I'll get back to you all on this one :-)

(02 Oct '10, 05:48) Simon Templeton ♦♦

cafe press or zazzle something similar and you could even do mugs too

(05 Oct '10, 18:50) ursixx
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Meeting in person might not be practical since we are from all over the world.

And chat rooms seem to always get "off subject" almost immediately, and often degrade into trading of insults or else some "know it all" begins to demean the comments and ideas of others. Of course, we are all above that type of thing here at Inward Quest, but new people will sometimes agitate others in chat rooms just to amuse themselves. Most of the existing ones aren't very good.

And it is not impossible for us to communicate outside of Inward Quest. I have "met" a couple of people here who are now my friends on Facebook, and I do list my website if anyone wanted to visit and send me a message there. Many others here have their websites listed on their profiles as well, or blogs.

Just some food for thought...

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answered 30 Sep '10, 23:11

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LeeAnn 1

I agree! Chat room users get abusive so soon... and people here is sooo nice!

(01 Oct '10, 14:27) BridgetJones09

Well actually the persons I would be most interested in on this site would be Barry and Simon..haha because Barry doesn't really express himself that much but he seems to be always online 24/7 keeping the site running well :) and well you can't really find much information about Simon at all anywhere

If you are talking about interacting personally with contributors on Inwardquest in real life, I think that would be what a lot more people want than being able to chat online with them. This is because most of the time when you want to chat with someone online, it's probably because you are genuinely interested in them, and being able to chat online with them won't neccessarily mean that you will know more about them. Maybe you would just have a easier way of getting answers and comments to your questions or thoughts, which would still be the same as posting them here and trying to get their attention to your questions with a link somehwere.

Being able to chat and reach to certain contributors faster does not equate to them having to become more 'known', but rather you just found a way to reach to them faster.

Here's a funny question I thought of while writing this and seeing this question..why don't you try to manifest this then, if it's really what you want? haha

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answered 30 Sep '10, 11:30

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Yes it would be an interesting experiment to try and manifest meeting people from this site. I agree meeting people would be much more preferable than chat. By-the-way I'm convinced Barry either is super human or a group of people LOL. Sorry Barry but you seem to be here ALWAYS.

(30 Sep '10, 11:36) I Think Therefore I Am

Actually, Barry is really just one person. In the early days of this website, I instituted a rule that no-one in any perceived position of power (i.e. an appointed moderator, or myself) may use their moderator account to post non-official answers to the site. This was to avoid any possibility of influencing the popularity of any particular answer because of that perceived power. A good answer, in my view, should stand on its own merits regardless of who provides it. However, there is no rule that prevents moderators taking part in the discussions under normal accounts if they wish to...

(30 Sep '10, 15:44) Simon Templeton ♦♦

That's true, but it isn't really difficult for someone to be always online most of the time if he is making his living purely online or a boss/manager of the company or etc etc...(@I think therefore I am)

(30 Sep '10, 16:11) kakaboo

Nothing superhuman. Just a Blackberry and an RSS feed reader

(30 Sep '10, 16:26) Barry Allen ♦♦

This question should be reworded to "Barry Allen - fact or fiction" LOL.

(30 Sep '10, 19:06) I Think Therefore I Am
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I would vote for being able to chat with Stingray, Vesuvius, Michaela, Lee Ann, and so many other people here.. :) :) :).. Although I know it is better for them to be anonymous like it is now..

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answered 30 Sep '10, 12:00

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AVBhat 1

Nice of you to say AVBhat!

(01 Oct '10, 02:35) LeeAnn 1

Not anonymous


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answered 30 Sep '10, 16:57

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Monty Riviera

We could have the InwardQuest conference 2010! haha!

I can't help but think being anonymous helps people express what they truly feel and believe.

in person there may be a layer of a social wall or whatever that is called.

Not sure there is that much of a difference in chat vs. this site.

I mean if we are all on it is nearly really time.

Maybe a video conference sometime to start??

We would need some sort of schedule with topics to follow or I would imagine it could get crazy with questions and answers!

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answered 30 Sep '10, 17:08

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Here is my idea: Since we are from all over the world how about Simon Templeton creating an addition site for live communication via Internet Camera. Of course, Inward-Quest would have to decide how to successfully implement something of this nature, since we the people are asking for a more informal community relationship.

Also I would like to make a point that every person has his/her own special spiritual gifts, therefore everyone is special, and is making a special worthwhile contribution to Inward-Quest. Personally, I would like to meet everyone if the LOA manifest this desire for me! I would like to meet the great teachers of this site, and the great students of this site. There is a saying: the student learns from the teacher, and in the same token, the teacher also learns from the student; they are both equally important people!

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answered 01 Oct '10, 01:12

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Inactive User ♦♦

I agree Vee everyone on this site is unique and wonderful.

(01 Oct '10, 09:25) I Think Therefore I Am

I have a middle-term idea:

Not a chatroom, as pointed out by I think therefore I am and LeeAnn make it impractical. But I participate in a couple of forums that have no chat, but you're able to send a Private Message to the participants, and add them as friends or contacts there, for easy communication between you and them. So if they want to reply or add you is their choice, and they can do it when they have the time or feel like.

I like it that way. It's private and at the same time still friendly.


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answered 01 Oct '10, 14:37

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Good idea, BridgetJones!

(01 Oct '10, 15:25) LeeAnn 1

A google group is kind of like a forum? as an example . We could start a friends of inwardquest group there??

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answered 05 Oct '10, 19:04

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Agree to this! A google group to socialize while remaining anonymous would be great! And we could PM each other!

(06 Oct '10, 15:04) BridgetJones09

I just thought I should point out, in case you are not aware, that there is a discussions section attached to the Inward Quest Facebook page.

We originally intended it to be used for non-anonymous social discussions though I guess we didn't publicize it too well!

Any of you that wish to "chat" openly and more personally to each other are welcome to use it as a starting point.

Click here to go to the Inward Quest Facebook social discussions page

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answered 05 Oct '10, 20:00

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Simon Templeton ♦♦

I rather remain anonymous though... even so, I am subscribed to Inward Quest in Fb. :)

(06 Oct '10, 15:17) BridgetJones09

maybe we could volunteer to be part of a problem solving group,
that group needing specialized communications channels;
we would get to know group members more.

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answered 02 Oct '10, 00:45

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