Here on inward quest we communicate through virtual concepts, a real haven for our imagination , flexible exchanges and imaginary mirror image effects. Does this lead to real progress in personal development?

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blubird two

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It may not be for everybody blubird, but it certainly is helping me with my personal development :)

(14 Jan '11, 10:44) Flame

If it i8s considered such, this is a correct appreciation.

(29 Jan '11, 21:24) Gleam

I could have sworn I had answered this question and even took best answer. So I decided to look and found this question Is this a possible duplicate?

(22 Aug '11, 16:48) Wade Casaldi

@Wade-personal development groups concern the interaction of several is a solitary activity that can be assisted by an individual specialist.

(22 Aug '11, 18:14) blubird two

@Blubird thanks for the clarification on this. :-)

(23 Aug '11, 00:37) Wade Casaldi

i would say if you decide to experience it that way yes. but it is so much more. experience and enjoy.

(23 Aug '11, 02:23) white tiger
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You can certainly look at it as an on-line personal development group.

I would think though that a more accurate of way of looking at it is as a Hall of Mirrors reflecting different aspects of ourselves back to ourselves.

hall of mirrors

The questions and answers you agree with are aspects of your belief system that you have come to accept as true (perhaps blindly so), and the questions and answers you wish someone would wipe from the website reflect those aspects of yourself that make you feel uncomfortable for some reason.

An interesting exercise might be for participants to look at those questions/answers that they really dislike and give some thought as to what is triggered within themselves that causes that reaction.

And then look at the questions/answers that you wish were seen more often on the website and ask yourself why you would want it that way, and why it matters to you.

Used in that way, I think the site would be an excellent tool for self-examination and the uncovering of limiting beliefs.

If someone wanted to actually deal with something that was uncovered, they could take those reactions and run them through the Manifesting Experiment 4 process to find out what lies beneath them, and then "clean them up" (if they felt they wanted to).


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Yes. Though I don't answer as much as I used to, I still visit here quite often just to notice the reactions I get from certain questions comments and answers. Preferably the ones that bring about an ego or negative reaction. These are the feeling I wish to explore about myself. The ones I agree with I seem to just gloss over. Except of course this one ha ha .

(23 Aug '11, 02:19) you

what am i saying about belief? smile

(23 Aug '11, 02:21) white tiger

@Stingray-as usual, just brilliant

(23 Aug '11, 04:29) blubird two
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Feedback is an important part of learning. When we get these ideas and understanding that seems so different than what the world teaches, we don't always want to share these wild experiences, or know who to ask about them. On here, we can safely ask and answer questions in a safe environment and stay as anonymous as we need to, to have an exange of ideas, free from personal judgements. So, yes, it is a learning tool to help us in our personal development. As we grow and learn, we share that here and others learn and grow with us. I think it greatly increases the speed at which we can find individual growth as well as a collective growth, as we are all connected. I am so glad to have a place to exchange ideas and thoughts and to grow together.


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Fairy Princess

I was going to answer but dont need to for your words are my coments exactly. Great answer Fairy Princess in my book you win.

(23 Aug '11, 12:40) Paulina 1

Thank you Paulina. I am glad you agree. However, I often don't read other answers before I write mine, so if I duplicate another answer, oops sorry.

(23 Aug '11, 14:19) Fairy Princess

I do feel that I belong to a group here, an ever changing and growing group. And I am having fun.It's always an interesting exchange of ideas and thoughts. Many of the questions and answers have given me inspiration.
So yes for me it has and is an on-line personal development group


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I think Stingray has this answer sewn up, but I have to tell you just how Inward Quest has changed my life!I believe IQ was set up sometime late 2008-early 2009. I was corresponding via email and IM with Wade, and he kept at me about this great new site called "Inward Quest".

I finally checked it out, and I was hooked instantly!

I found out early on that I loved to finally be able to ask real, honest questions about God and Metaphysics and Spirituality and...the list is just huge! And boy! Have I asked a lot of questions...You might wonder why I do this...Let me tell you of a good memory I have...

I was very close to my Father. Dad was a very special man. He was a man of huge curiosity and intelligence, but in the 1940's and 1950's, they did not know a thing about learning disabilities or ADHD or dyslexia, all of which hit Dad hard. He managed to graduate from High School by the skin of his teeth (he preferred smoker's corner to being bored in what he felt was a useless waste of time i.e.sitting in class when he could not do the work.) Luckily, he was a talented artist and took drafting, which he worked at for years to support our family.

Anyway, I remember the hours and hours that Dad and I spent talking about the very same stuff we discuss here on Inward Quest! We covered everything from how huge a distance we are from the Sun to the possibility of the Catholic Church covering up secrets about Jesus. He was the one who told me that it takes eight minutes for the light of our sun to reach Earth; that is how huge a distance 93,000,000 miles really is...Dad and I also talked about God a lot- everything from Christ's message and purpose to where God may exist...everything under the sun that was even remotely spiritual!

We never stopped having our bull sessions, even if they took place in the middle of a family party in a corner...we would get to talking, and before you would breathe, we were off, coffee poured and cigarettes lit. My mother used to look at the two of us, and shake her head. She just has no curiosity about this unworldly stuff at all. She especially hated our classical music discussions...she had no use for Bach or Beethoven. I owe Dad for my ability to play violin and was something he did for me despite Mom...I started playing when I was nine.

Dad died suddenly and with no warning in 2006. His heart burst. He was only 71. His last words to my Mom were for her to be careful driving to the hospital...when she arrived after the ambulance, Dad was already gone. Just like that, a Light went out in my life.

No more questions or answers.

Silenced was my source of answers to my many, many questions about God and all that.

The silence in my life was deafening.

But along came IQ, and something stirred in my soul. Here were people who just might answer my questions, at least sort of like Dad. Slowly but surely, IQ began to fill my life. That is when Wade started to be a friend I could talk to about all these things...until, one day, we both realized that it had become our way of life, and that Inward Quest was more than just about questions and answers. I never dreamed that anyone could come close to replacing or filling that hole in my Heart that Dad had left.

Wade is even more curious and questing than my Father! We truly are kindred spirits.

So IQ is definitely a place for self-help, spiritual growth, or what have you. It definitely has grown my spirit and has managed to enrich my life.

I think Dad would have loved it here!

Many Blessings to you all, many, many blessings,



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That made me cry! Mostly because I am dealing with parental relationship problems myself that I want to work out, but I can't change anybody else.

(23 Aug '11, 14:17) Fairy Princess

It;s only the truth...I still miss my Father so much it hurts...but I think Dad spoke to God, or something, because now I have BOTH IQ AND Wade! Isn't God grand? I am sorry you cried...but I am glad I touched your heart. I will pray for your issues to clear...Love you, Junie>>>>>>>

(23 Aug '11, 17:00) Jaianniah

@Jai..,it ws really heart touching n m so glad tht u found someone like wade who is just like u..,m realy very happy for u..lots of blessing ,love n light to both of u..:)))

(11 Oct '12, 06:22) supergirl
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For me it is one of those rare places where i feel free to express myself, an advantage in making real personal progress.

Update 10 jan 2013 ... after much practical communication on inward quest i become more and more sure that it is a good personal development group on-line ... and we do have lots of fun :)


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blubird two

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@blubird two: WOOOHOO!

(10 Jan '13, 08:27) ursixx

@ursixx-ok buddy WhooHooHoo

(11 Jan '13, 03:58) blubird two
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