Is it possible a certain set of the lessons available here could come together to form very large resistance blocks in some types of students? In particular, isn't the type of person most likely to be drawn here also the type of person most likely to be harmed by this kind of information? Where a spiritual person may find this site for understanding for it's own sake, more often wouldn't it attract those seeking solutions to attempt fixing problems they've already resigned themselves to being unable to solve, or are impossible to solve in reality as we currently understand it?

When faced with the notion one is completely responsible for every part of their current situation, some people will respond by thinking "Well good, this means I can change anything to be however I want!" The concern group might respond more like "Wait, I have been doing this to myself?" Followed by thoughts of confusion and further dissatisfaction with their current predicament, because now not only are they somewhere they don't want to be, but it's their fault in the first place.

Is there a concern this idea presented to someone who has experienced a critical loss or traumatic event, especially those who already carry a great deal of self-blame for events around them, could throw a likely already negative person stuck in a cycle of regret and criticism even further into their depression?

Or in the instance of a person who isn't depressed or unhappy per-se, but is inherently negative in their approach and framing of situations. Isn't their conscious involvement in the LoA at risk of being hazardous to themselves and those around them since their conscious default is negativity?

Another less common type who may be drawn here are those who are looking for direction in morality or salvation. Many of the ethical questions here could easily serve as a pass saying anything goes. Even if it is true and anything really is acceptable, isn't this information potentially hazardous to society and individuals alike as long as mental health is a loose variable? Especially in the instance of edge cases, it seems finding this site could serve as a jumping point for creating very dangerous and harmful individuals.

Assuming they're concerns, I believe the issues presented here are a fault of society and would be most easily addressed on that field rather than in the teachings, but is there anything which could be done?

asked 21 Jul '13, 21:22

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the search is inward at no
faster than you can withstand
it happens a steps at a time
changing knowledge to truth


answered 22 Jul '13, 21:04

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In its own perfect unfolding. All seeking the light.

(22 Jul '13, 21:42) Roy

I have pointed this idea out many times, only to be struck down by those who believe that we "pick" our destinies..either in heaven, or as we develop into adults..whatever. I am sure that the kid who stepped on a land mine in Africa and lost his leg would argue that he certainly did not pick his destiny...But the LOA and Manifesting rules here, and there is no room for anything else, I guess. But you bring up a good point which should be discussed more and dismissed less.

I think some of the ideas here are very deep and sometimes hard for some to grasp. So perhaps there are some folks that could be harmed by what we discuss---if they do not fully understand what we are saying.

Another great question! Hope you get lots of good answers, especially from Stingray, who seems to be lurking and not talking....




answered 22 Jul '13, 10:35

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