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I have noticed a large slow down in the traffic on Inward Quest. There used to be at least a dozen or two people on the site all the time. I have also noticed that some people are "missing". Are you on vacation? Are you experiencing the heat wave that has hit the USA this Summer 2013? Please write in if you can, and tell us what you are up to...

Please feel free to post vacation pictures, or even a pic of your pool or backyard. And for you folks South of the Equator, what are you doing, and how are you coping with the Winter months?

Inward Quest has done so much for me. I am sure that it has done much for you. Perhaps you could also mention a little about this...What you have learned, the friends you have met, and the ideas that have enriched your lives.

Don't be shy! Take just a little minute to at least tell us where you went, and when you will be back. I feel a little like the Pied Piper here, trying to lead you all back to writing on Inward Quest. Help me out!

Be sure to post those pictures, especially of your vacations. I think it would be great.

Here's a pic I took yesterday of the sunset across from our backyard. I hope you enjoy it.

alt text

All my love,


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Barry Allen ♦♦


waves hi from the log cabin he has called home for the past week:-D

(19 Jul '13, 19:04) ursixx

@jai- Great post. I'm sick of coming onto IQ and seeing zero activity. But what can I say, I'm not doing much so Im gonna start posting like the plague.

(21 Jul '13, 04:32) Nikulas

@Nikulas- Yes! Thanks for helping to reactivate the site. Thanks to you for being willing to help get the site moving. Since I started posting a lot, the traffic, the "hits". are really rising! Love to you, of course, Jai

(21 Jul '13, 12:58) Jaianniah

I'm still here...and usually check the site every day or two. Summertime happenings have just been keeping me from asking lengthy IQ questions. I'll still comment/answer when feeling inspired. :)

(21 Jul '13, 17:10) lozenge123

Thankn you, @lozenge123- I am glad you checked in. I miss you, and I am sure everyone else does, too. Thanks! Enjoy summer! Love, Jai

(21 Jul '13, 18:19) Jaianniah

=) I'm just back into one of my 'watching' phases. Though like the rest still popping in to check on everyone and the goings on. I think I may have a few for you though. =]

(21 Jul '13, 20:50) Snow
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again a beautiful beautiful post n beautiful pic...thank u.. Even, i am noticing that these days,the traffic on iq has lessed up. Everyytim i visit here,there are same old questions. Well, i didn't come on iq fr few back days cos i had some health issues and my doctor had told me to rest for few days..thts why., but i tell you i cannot live without iq. I missed iq n all of my dear iq frnds so mch. I missed so much that i mentally talked to each one of you specially, u,wade, ursixxx, jaz ,grace ,n almost everyone.

Iq is such a crucial part of my life that i can't explain in words. I am very much addicted to it.even..,in hospital i opened it once n my mom scolded me..hehe..

Well, i am back now again with full enthusiasm ...with my crazy questions that i will post soon.

Love,light n blessings to all of u..

Supergirl :))


answered 20 Jul '13, 01:08

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Sorry to hear you were so sick, dear! I am glad that you are back...Wade and I have missed you. Stay well, and thanks for posting! Love you, Jai

(20 Jul '13, 04:11) Jaianniah

I've noticed this too. Could it have something to do with the email alert? Those who use mobile phones might have found this useful to keep IQ conversations going.


answered 22 Jul '13, 05:07

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Ive been working almost day and night on this awesome website for the past month-2 months that I was hoping to share with u guys until i hit a pretty bad flaw in the sites code and synchronistically have lost my internet as well just recently. I guess its not time for it yet is what the universe is trying to tell me lol.

Anywho, I've missed u guys a bunch so ill be on here more often with my phone, now that my website project has to go on hold for a while :)


answered 21 Jul '13, 19:47

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I visit every few days... just felt like being a wallflower for awhile, you can really learn a lot from just being an observer sometimes. I may get to a point where I no longer actively participate here, but I will still visit here. I've learned too much and it truly shows in how I live every day of my life. this place is so much more than just a website, and I hope there's tons of people out there really benefiting from it. and there's always something new and interesting... I love it :) hope everyone is doing well!


answered 22 Jul '13, 00:27

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Summer oh summer, sun and more sun . It has been a great couple of weeks for me! 10 days vacation. Building a new deck (4x7 meters plus),and a week at scout camp too! Finally got a new (to me) cell phone. So I have been sneaking in now and then but not answering ( fat fingers) . This is actually the 1st time I have sat on the pc in about a month. So it will probably be a rainy day or when the kids are back in school until I can really get back into IQ ...


answered 23 Jul '13, 17:26

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great to hear that...:))))) hw wre d vacations?

(24 Jul '13, 10:42) supergirl

I'll blog about my reduction in activity on the site.

For a solid while now, I feel as if I know enough metaphysical information to sustain me for a long, long time. I got into metaphysics because I was unhappy with my existence, the search for knowledge was a search for happiness.

I reached that goal a while ago, perhaps 6 months ago. I found I was able to sustain my happiness levels despite whatever life threw at me. Things went rocky, put you off balance and there are times when I did feel a solid sadness and life honestly sucked.

As time goes by, I learned to trust myself more than anthing. When I felt bad, the biggest thing that got me through was realising bad emotions are illusury in their stems of existence. Pain is generated via filtered perception. Eventually, to this day, I'm in such a bold and wild state of freedom that I now welcome bad emotions, welcome anything I may possibly find depressing, welcome "the worst that could happen" and overall welcome life. Bashar has been my greatest teacher in restoring my self-confidence and self-love through the idea of being appreciative of bad emotions as they point in a direction to out-dated belief systems. The famous life moto of so, what? rides in my soul.

I am a brand new character. Some may find tragic or puzzling to hear this, but I actually don't even use any of these metaphysical activities, games, or exercises any longer and odds are I probably won't be in the nextcoming future. It's such a grand paradox that for (only a few in comparison to others) years I was wrapped around doing things to make me feel better, and now I can just do so with the decision in my mind. For Nikulas, a huge factor that has seemingly solved nearly every problem in my life was through the liberation of taking full grab of my masculinity. I was a girl inside a mans body, no-wonder I had no girlfriend, no life, no balls, no confidence, no drive...Activating your masculine traits allows you to make firm decisions, take lead in my life, say "Shivai!" with unwavering dominace in your choice. Really tapping into this dropped having the need for others approval, others 'love', others acknolwedgement.

IQ, for this point of time, is an introvertal activity and my life experience is far too extrovertal to be bothered of posting thing. Many people will agree, that when something feels like it's becoming a chore, it's time to move on. I face life with a cocky smile thesedays. I teach others by being of example, and what I am doing is offering to the world what I can offer- my happiness, the skills I have passion about, and being true to myself and going for what I want in life instead of settling for less. My needs appear to get automatically taken care of, everyday I just have fun, and if someone else doesn't like it, or if someone else wants to take me on a petty empathetic trip about "how haaard my life is", then they can get the hell out of my reality. Shivae mate.

When I say my life is great, I actually mean it. I'm sure I will re-visit these ideas at some stage in my life, and they will shine on me with greater clarity, but for now, I get busy with my life and live it up. I get what I want, I enjoy the journey, what is there not to love?!


answered 23 Jul '13, 22:24

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Ohhh Nik.. +1, but I'm actually at a loss for words. "I got into metaphysics because I was unhappy with my existence, the search for knowledge was a search for happiness."

Understandable, as the vulnerable, hurt, needy, desperate, lonely, anyone in a state of weakness is by far the most likely group to be drawn to any religion.. An important lesson that we all were the weak ones once, and will be again. How quickly we forget...

"[...] then they can get the hell out of my reality. Shivae mate."

(24 Jul '13, 00:22) Snow
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