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It has not been the greatest month for Wade and I.

We have a decorative cinder block wall around our patio. Unfortunately, we did not notice that whoever made it just stacked the blocks instead of staggering them like bricks. I was working on some plants on the top of the wall, lost my balance a little, and reached for the wall for support. Instead of supporting me, it collapsed under me. I ended up with three broken ribs and a broken thumb. On top of that, I developed some sort of stomach virus, and had to upchuck with broken ribs. I do not recommend this at all.

We are desperately broke, and are soon going to lose the internet, as our phone is going to be shut off. In fact, we have been short on all our bills, and we have been living on a dime and a prayer.

We do not know why this is happening to us. Perhaps it is a test. i do not know. But we will prevail, especially with the support and prayers of our friends here on IQ. We will be taking advantage of Hot Spots when we can.

We love you all. Thanks in advance for your support.



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Morning Glories from our Yard- Enjoy!

asked 10 Sep '13, 04:43

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Popping in to say hi. I'm at a restaurant hotspot.

(14 Sep '13, 11:20) Wade Casaldi

Thank you so much everyone for the prayer, from Jai and I both! Her ribs are healing, but her thumb in not yet. She is worried for playing piano.

(14 Sep '13, 11:30) Wade Casaldi

May Birthday Blessings Abound, @Jai. Wishing you the Best...

(25 Sep '13, 01:49) ele
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Hey guys, we haven't met yet, but I'll definitely remember you in prayer - hang in there, and blessings to you!


answered 10 Sep '13, 05:41

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ahhh the kindness of strangers ! welcome to IQ @NewMan

(10 Sep '13, 05:53) ursixx

Thank you @ursixx - glad to be here :-)

(10 Sep '13, 06:11) NewMan

I most definitely will pray for you guys and send all my positive energy your way.

I actually just got out of living in an office suite with no internet for the past two months, it's pretty challenging not to feel like your world is going to hell when your life gets on that note. As far as hot spots go, I had learned Mcdonalds is always 24/7 wifi and is good for emergency situations and they tend to have some of the best internet speed when compared to coffee shops.

All in all I had to say, it was the best thing ever though for me. I had the chance to learn so much about things I always wanted to learn about and got to spend more time with myself and friends that I hadn't seen in years because of always being so busy with work and school.

I know thing are rough, but everything will work out perfectly. I know for sure because towards the end of last month after I felt I had reached a good amount of fill on reading all that I could find on metaphysical and web development stuff, I had my sister come out of no where and ask me if I could move into her friend's 1 bedroom apartment in Northern California. She apparently had just gotten this place for about a year for the University near by, but had to leave for a good 6 months for cancer treatment. The timing of this was too perfect to be a coincidence, I was also already thinking of moving up to that exact same town too which was funny.

This is hands down the best apartment I have ever lived in too. She has no idea what my living conditions were before this. But I know you guys will have a similar outcome where everything will work out better and your life will be so much better as well and when you look back on these times you will know how these events helped grow you and lead you into this better situation.

Hang in there and be strong! My most positive wishes towards you both.


answered 10 Sep '13, 15:20

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@ikaruss21 thanks for sharing your inspiring story

(12 Sep '13, 15:44) ursixx

really inspiring story..thank you :))

(25 Sep '13, 02:12) supergirl

Most certainly I will hold you in my prayers. I'm an avid reader of IQ, rarely commenting, but I know from what I've learned everything happens for a reason. I've found that the struggles I bear are actually me pushing thru to something bigger and better. I've learned to be grateful for both the downs and the ups in my life, which gives me a positive perspective where I then find myself blessed with unforeseen riches (not necessarily monetary). May you heal quickly and be blessed daily!


answered 10 Sep '13, 10:14

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I will definitely pray for you all. I know that the Universe is conspiring to shower you with blessings, just let them in!


answered 10 Sep '13, 20:13

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Beach Baby

Hi, I'm a newbie here but send compassion and love your way. Having chosen a life of amazing challenges, I feel you. I'll just say that miracles have happened for me in the recent past and present and I believe that the All That Is supports us, which is us, anyway if that makes sense. I hope you feel better soon, Jai! Keep us posted. Love, Charlotte


answered 11 Sep '13, 16:30

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hi..jai n wade.., i love both of you guys. u both are always in my prayers. all will be well soon. just keep up ur faith in God. God will never give you more than u can bear. this is just a phase n it shall pass to. just have that strong faith in God. i wish great health, great wealth and happiness to both of you. i salute the divine soul in both of you n sendings you lots of positive energy and lots of love,light and blessings. may God blessess you both every sec of everyday.


answered 25 Sep '13, 02:17

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