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I have SO MANY thoughts/questions i cannot keep up w them.they are FAR FROM MUNDANE.Iv been told to write them down...imagine i could express myself-as im verbosely trying to NOW-via telepathy to each&every one of u. As that is, insofar as i know, not yet possible in this earthly realm, im left with synthetic words as my only instrument of communication. Are not therefore words&languages, fraught with backtracking of asinine,reverse cascading interminable "origins"; is not this whole damned exhausting display of verbal impotence NOT an intrinsic rabbit hole? I am the most explanatory person among anyone i have communicated with; i am told to keep things concise because others cant keep up with my questions, thoughts, and proposed solutions to many seemmingly simple problems. I say this last measure not to boast but to further convey my incredulity that i am required more "characters" upon asking a question pertaining the rabbit hole of these very "characters" after i did my damndest to make my question succinct in nature. Why is this, may i ask??? This is SO JUST THE tip of the cliched iceberg(in regards to how many questions and revelations i hope to partake)that the iceberg is inverted which couldve only been better for the Titanic but potetional disaster for an anachronistic submarine. IS THIS NOT A RABBIT HOLE?

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@a6intruder, I'm closing this question because you appear to have spent half of it complaining (in an indirect way) about the minimum character count. If you want to ask a question here, I suggest you ask it properly and clearly with examples of what your question means. At it stands, it is not clear

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you want to know if you are caged by not be surprise at my saying. semantics is the way you view stuff then yes if you are in the wrong it can trap you. particularly in this world of duality cause by division some see only the left and some only the right very fee see the middle and even more fee see the all left middle right and know how it works all together. Jesus and Buddha where one of those very fee. remember those words. I came to the world to give sight to those that cannot see and to take away sight from those that claim that they can see. and from: Buddha says there is only one truth there is no second. the fact is that there is many truth in the absolute truth. Verily, verily I tell you: once you see the absolute truth it is the big picture that contain all the smaller part from the beginning to the end eternal. When you see this you will know the difference between you and him(the holy father, the alpha and omega). I am telling you the truth every one is unique even if make in the same image in the kingdom above there is no division and no discord it is the kingdom of the living one, the righteous, the merciful, the peace makers, the pure of hearts, it is the place where the light come in to being by itself. and made us in is image. as for your iceberg and your rabbit hole probably that the iceberg plugs the hole right now because it is inverted(smile). for the titanic that was suppose to be unsinkable, because of its size, it did sink. your submarine will also sink if it does not see the iceberg, what ever time it travels(anachronistic). if you want to see clearly, properly split that pieces of wood and lift up that stone, lift up that veil remove that ignore paint solve your inner division. until you are born from water and see the light(spirit). learn from the light you need to become one.

Let there be light, be the light that you can be, experience and enjoy.


answered 13 Sep '13, 09:25

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white tiger

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