A have a 'big event' tomorrow, and I have a strong desire to recieve (or rather, hear) an answer from my Higher Self well before the physical beginnings of the event. The nerve and adrenaline about this event, however, may be the communication destroyer of me recieving guidance.

By the way, this event, is really big. I've got quite alot on the line here, one of the things being will my Inspired Action lead to a fairytale ending.

This is a short stated question, yet I can think of no other way to expand without stringing out my ramblings.

I need an emergecy rendezevous with my Higher Self. I already know sufficient information about communicating with my Higher Self and channelling, but the deal comes about when you seriously could use the help very soon. I understand talking on higher vibrational levels requires lots of allowing in conjuction with patience. At the moment, this is not really of the essence here. So...What can I do?

Thankyou <3

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Barry Allen ♦♦


@Nikulas- Great advice here from Stingray and Rob. Get in the Vortex, anyway you can and be yourself. You will do great. :)

(05 Sep '12, 13:54) Satori

@Satori- Cheers dude. I'm sure I've aligned with my latest vortex/ expansion, I feel electric. Fireworks are in my heart, thankyou <3

(05 Sep '12, 22:21) Nikulas

@Nikulas a quote to remember "Fireworks are in my heart " thanks for the sharing ♥♥♥

(05 Sep '12, 22:26) Starlight

@Nikulas- Great to hear that, your welcome:)

(06 Sep '12, 15:11) Satori


Whilst the event wasn't a date, it did involve approaching a girl I really like.

The idea came weeks after I quit working at a restaurant, when I was stumbled upon the energy and charisma of a particular woman...I was having a talk with my friend about her (because, I have had many psychic predictions saying I'd meet someone in the very latest, September, and no other girls had popped up yet), and he suggested I go in and ask her out.

So, a week later, I went back into the restaurant on a night I knew she always worked......And, after asking the boss where abouts she was, discovered she had flown back to her home town country, hundreds of kilometres away to visit her sick grandmother.

I was utterly pissed off about this. Here I was, in my world famous Aqua Di Gio cologne, my hair perfect, I was all psyched up. I don't ever drink alcohol but that night I even had half a small beer, my friend suggested it to calm me down. I spent the whole day in anticipation of this, and then this happens. For weeks I even planned this 'event' into my calendar and was just left in a state of mind of, "what do I do now?"

A depressing night, it was, to say the very least.

Until I sort of snapped out and realised, "this isn't necessarily a bad thing. Perhaps the universe is even working in my favour and going to make something even more Disney-like out of this." So I decided, I would go in next week (the boss said she had only gone to her country for one week, and she' d be back next week) and try again.

Last night I did that. I was not anxious or excited about the event, and wasn't thinking about it until perhaps 30 minutes before I got in there. The result? She was still in her country, and after haggling when she'd be back, I got no accurate information apart from she could be back tomorrow.

I left there, without a clue what to do. In fact, I was sort of beyond all energy of even thinking about girls/ this particular one/ my approach at all. I wasn't praying that night. I wasn't crying that night. I wasn't pissed off, angry, or confused, I wasn't contemplating what I should search on Inward Quest for answers, I wasn't inspired to meditate. I had just had enough. I decided I'd go in there once more a few nights later, and if she isn't there, then I'm done with girls forever, and I can throw this rose in the bin.

I would be happy if she was there, and she did say yes...Because then my confidence in LOA would build up to such a gigantic level I'd feel invincible. As I posed in my question, I thought this was inspired action but I guess not. I suppose I'm back in my old Nikulas trap of trying too hard, but I don't know how to escape it, and I'm kind of over LOA and metaphysics about this subject for a while now.

If she is there, and it goes well, you'll all find out. Already I don't think so, and even if she is and it does go well, it's not a big deal anymore.

(12 Sep '12, 20:52) Nikulas

@Nikulas and as Abraham says when it's no big deal any more ............then it manifests :-)

(13 Sep '12, 03:23) Starlight

Ok, tonight's the night (again). I'll be back in a few hours and let you know if my single days are over!!!

(15 Sep '12, 04:31) Nikulas

@Nikulas Good luck!

(15 Sep '12, 06:45) Catherine

Nope, single days most certainly are not over yet. Very sick and tired of playing this law of attraction game and fail so bad at winning. Im gonna take a break from IQ for a while and get a ton happier.

Thankyou, everyone, @Catherine and @Grace, for all of your encouragement. If I ever, ever have a wedding you'll all see the photos :) xxx

(16 Sep '12, 07:08) Nikulas

@Nikulas- This sounds like a good vibrational match to me Nikulas. I would be celebrating this buddy:)

(16 Sep '12, 07:22) Satori

A mighty good day and thankyou @Satori!- "this sounds like a good vibrational match to me"- sorry, what is? Just a tad lost here...

(16 Sep '12, 07:32) Nikulas

@Nikulas- All of the above:)

(16 Sep '12, 07:38) Satori

@Nikulas - Something to consider: Would you be having this reaction if what you wanted was really "no big deal"? Would you be having this reaction if you were just enjoying the vision of what you wanted so much that you didn't care about whether it physically manifested or not? Would you be having this reaction if you were just being happy for the sake of being happy? A skill of looking objectively at oneself without blame or judgement is very useful to develop...just honest self-observation.

(16 Sep '12, 12:26) Stingray

@Nikulas - I can honestly say that I feel I was in your exact vibrational state regarding this matter about 4-5 years ago. Same scenario, same feelings, didn't get the results I wanted. Having come full circle from that, I can say that things completely changed for me the day I was able to go on a date and "not care" about the outcome in a positive way (from a place of empowerment). In this state one feels completely relaxed, feels no pressure, and puts none on themselves or the other person...

(16 Sep '12, 13:37) lozenge123

@Nikulas - ...Being in this state on a date feels almost exactly the same way as if you were just hanging out with a "buddy" or meeting a new friend that you had no desire towards. You might even try pretending that this beautiful girl you are spending time with is just a friendly "buddy". (This is a mental technique I actually used for myself, to help me relax). Now maybe that sounds unromantic and lacking the heart-fluttery "drama" that we expect in a romantic scenario...

(16 Sep '12, 13:46) lozenge123

@Nikulas - ...and in fact it does indeed lack much drama in the "beginning" stages. But I honestly think that as soon as you find yourself in this zone, you'll become a magnet of attraction for others. And you'll find that you really don't need to "do" much anymore, or worry about anything. They'll come to you, look at you in a different way, and things will just work out.

(16 Sep '12, 13:46) lozenge123

@Nikulas - Thought of one more thing, in case your current hurdle is the "asking out" part, or getting to the actual date (which I well know from my early days, can be a hurdle). Just apply the same mental approach I mentioned above. You are not asking her out on a date...just asking a buddy to hang out. No pressure: "you want to grab a slice of pizza with me?" or "Hey, we should catch a movie sometime." No pressure, no big deal...

(16 Sep '12, 13:54) lozenge123

@Nikulas - ...Many years ago I actually had someone turn me down after I used this approach...and my reaction was a genuinely happy one of "Cool, no worries." Then a few days later, I happened to see this person again, and they made it clear that they had changed their mind and DID want to go out. And so we did, and nothing came of it (wasn't the right person for me), but it's a funny illustration of how things can work out when you take that approach.

(16 Sep '12, 13:54) lozenge123

@Nikulas I feel inspired to give you this this morning so hopefully you are still lurking around reading this thread even if you have decided to take a break! Like most of us on IQ you need to acknowledge that you have come a hell of a long way - the heavy lifting is done and now you are now fine tuning and sorting out the subtleties. It probably doesn't feel like that right now but you are closer to your dream than you think.

(17 Sep '12, 04:42) Catherine

@Nikulas You're a little fed up with the LOA at the moment (many of us are familiar with that feeling) but basically you KNOW too much to ever go back - not that you can! You believe that you create your own reality and you know how to adjust your vibration. You are way ahead of the game my friend. Like a lot of us here, you're a little wobbly but mainly you have sounded in good spirits of late - very different from your posts a year ago.

(17 Sep '12, 04:44) Catherine

@Nikulas You can't see the progress you have made because you are too close to it. OKay this hasn't born the fruit that you had hoped but eventually it will do if you keep going. Trust your timing.

(17 Sep '12, 04:46) Catherine

@Stingray I understand how Nikulas feels and I've felt it at times too and I know too that treating something you would like to manifest as not a big deal anymore (similar to "releasing" it) is most of the time the crux.. but for certain issues like this it is just too difficult sometimes. Especially when it might have already become a habit in your own thinking

(18 Sep '12, 08:23) kakaboo

@kakaboo - "but for certain issues like this it is just too difficult sometimes. Especially when it might have already become a habit in your own thinking" - If something is a habit, it can always be changed. The easiest way to change a habit is to consider what the limiting ("bad") habit is providing to you in your life and find an alternative (more empowering) way to allow yourself to have the same thing. With specific regard to dating, as I've mentioned before, when I reframed the...

(19 Sep '12, 07:09) Stingray

@kakaboo - entire dating experience FROM me trying to get something for myself TO just me brightening someone's day because they interacted with me (on a date) and having no agenda other than that then things completely changed for me. All the pressure vanishes in an instant because I could just be me, do whatever I want, have fun, and I'm not bothered at all what the outcome is. Ironically, someone who doesn't try to impress women is impressive to women :)

(19 Sep '12, 07:13) Stingray

@Nikulas I think you need to direct this energy, love, desire, etc... inward. You do not need a mate to be happy, whole, complete. You need to find happiness, wholeness, completeness within yourself, a love for yourself that is so strong, that you don't need a mate. That doesn't mean you will never have one, it means you need to be ok with yourself, even if you never do. If you can't stand the thought of growing old with yourself, why should anyone else? I am speaking to myself here also. <3

(19 Sep '12, 13:17) Fairy Princess

@Stingray - yeah but what you are saying applies to dates :) Now Nikulas' problem here seems to be it is difficult for him to even get a date. Well, I won't say I'm exactly the same as Nikulas but ever since young I've always been put into classes/groups/cliches that are majority guys for some reason

(20 Sep '12, 10:57) kakaboo

@Catherine, @Stingray, @Fairy Princess, @kakaboo- Thankyou for all of your good intentions and suggestions, it means alot more than yout think. It frustrates and sadens me now that I still have to be seemingly forever single, but, eventually, I will work this code out and this challenge will be truely something of the past...

(24 Sep '12, 07:33) Nikulas

...Thanks to my fellow Essassani player Bashar, I'm really internalising that Circumstances don't matter. Only your state of being matters. The point being, I got to quit 'peaking' to my outside physical reality to see when 'she' arrives...If I truely have changed, there will be no need to see if 'she's there' and to check and see I'm in the correct mind set, huh?

(24 Sep '12, 07:33) Nikulas

@Nikulas Good to have you back - many of us struggle with the letting go part.

(24 Sep '12, 08:34) Catherine
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Hi Nikulas,

I love Stingray's suggestion to take on the qualities of other people for the event if it helps. That works for me when I feel like nothing else will. Step into the spirit of someone who knows, and you can fly! Maybe ask yourself what our Stingray would do.... :)

I was also thinking that you are already in pure and perfect communion with your higher self all of the time, its only resistance that can jamb up what you perceive of the communication.

I suggest you let go of all else but the knowledge that you are already perfect, you already hear from your wise and luminous higher self, you are completely supported, guided, and loved, and all is well - regardless of what happens.

I can't wait to hear how wonderful it all was. I don't want to intrude, but I really hope you will share your happiness with us just as much as you can, we all love and appreciate you so much.

Edit Sept 16, 2012

@Nikulas - You know best what's right for you, so it is good to see you following your feeling that you need to step back a bit.

Asking someone out with the full intention of living happily ever after is one heck of a lot of pressure to put on yourself. It's easy, being a woman, to forget how much you guys have to go through. It sure is nice though; it is an unmistakable compliment, and most of us love it, which is probably a good thing to remember. :)

A lot of happy relationships start as friendship, Nikulas. I wonder, maybe if you tried relaxing and cultivating friendships with girls you feel interested in, you can get to know them a bit first, have some no-pressure fun. Then if it clicks, you will feel that same warmth of heart and the excitement, and your fairy tale can come true based in knowlege of a lovely girl's heart and mind as well as your own? Just a thought, love.

You will get this sorted out, I have no doubt at all. I have a picture in my mind of you and your beautiful love, and the two of you glowing with happiness. I will hold it up for you, with all my heart, and keep it there till you tell me it came true. :)


answered 05 Sep '12, 14:07

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@Grace- I think I'll be stepping into the shoes of Julio Iglesias tonight. Thankyou for the support http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OJRyyi7RdMo

(05 Sep '12, 19:28) Nikulas

@Nikulas - Ooooh, that should do it. ;)

(05 Sep '12, 21:50) Grace

@Nikulas - Think Enrique rather than Julio - lol!

(10 Sep '12, 07:16) Catherine
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By the way, this event, is really big. I've got quite alot on the line here

It might be worth considering Abraham's principle of The Next Logical Step in conjunction with how you are feeling about this event.

If you feel you can't close the "vibrational gap" a bit and make the event seem less of a big deal to you (through the application of whatever vibrational clean-up methods you prefer) then I would just take my attention off it completely until the actual event itself.

It's not really clear what you need this "last minute" communication for, but focusing upon the event beforehand in a semi-concerned manner isn't really going to help you.

If you can get yourself into the Vortex for the event itself (or, at the very least, just meditate shortly beforehand), that will help quite a bit.

I find it's best to just completely forget about all techniques and methods for an actual event itself and just "be in the moment" as much as possible. If you do that from an aligned state of being and follow your in-the-moment inspirations, you're giving yourself the best chance to perform as well as you can.

You can also take on the qualities of other people for the event itself if it helps.


answered 05 Sep '12, 13:25

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@Stingray- Thanks for the post, I really wasn't expecting you to answer this one from a point of "Nikulas already has enough information that he needs" sort of thing, but these are goods points. The puzzling thing is, whilst it does seem like the next logical step, my physical mind may be bantering on just a bit too much. I do believe my 'event' will go smoothly and with fun.

We'll report back soon, I'm sure everyone will love to hear. Thanks again :)

(05 Sep '12, 19:23) Nikulas

The universe certainly has a sense of humour. Give me one week and I'll get back to all :)

(06 Sep '12, 09:20) Nikulas

@Nikulas, waiting patiently.... ok well not patiently, but quietly anyway. :)

(06 Sep '12, 09:43) Grace
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Treb said u close ur eyes in meditation, count to 21 every 10-30 seconds count higer. every number u have relaxes ur body and awakes the mind. once u are there u ask whatever advice u need to have with a verbal intent( in ur mind verbal) once u do that whatever the first answer is is usually correct, or will always be IF u trust ur intuition, trust yourself. and dont have preconceived notion of what it is u want to know.It will be instant answer and u can not second guess urself what so ever, the first answer with no hesitation as long as u follow ur parameters. Do not doubt, dont second guess, and no thinking,. just doing.

love n light



answered 05 Sep '12, 11:28

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TReb Bor yit-NE

Thanks Rob, cool stuff.

(05 Sep '12, 11:36) Nikulas

u r welcome Nickulas.

(06 Sep '12, 07:58) TReb Bor yit-NE

@TReb Bor yit-NE I have started to use this - it is really good. I used it when I was having a bit of a low day after many weeks of ranging between peaceful to really good. I asked my higher self what was the best thing I could do to get out of it ... old fashioned advice came back "WORK - don't try to do processes today just clean up the house". It was weird but I knew immediately that that was really great advice! Thanks for posting this.

(10 Sep '12, 06:54) Catherine

@Catherine . yes, it is great and it can work very easily if u have that trust. i am just happy that a few of u seen this and have actually tried it. It is amazing to know we have all the answers we need.... IF we can trust ourselves! Glad it worked. cheers :-) lnl

(19 Sep '12, 08:09) TReb Bor yit-NE
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When I first read your question, I instantly thought that the event was not the next logical step for you at this current point in time and I think that this is what Stingray was picking up from your answer as well specifically from the sentence he quoted.

I think the other confirmation of what I thought above is that it seems the event did not happen and got postponed.

What I would also try and do in your case in addition to the above suggestions is to try and visualize all the great things that would follow if you did end up with your fairy tale ending. This will no doubt put you in better state or vibration in the sense that you will feel like you already have your fairy tale ending and you are then just contemplating the next good things to follow from there. In my opinion, this will help in making this event more of the next logical step for you.

It sounds like this is a date or am I guessing wrong...I am not expecting a response on this one :-)


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Pink Diamond

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@Pink Diamon- "I think the other confirmation of what I thought above is that it seems the event did not happen and got postponed." Your intuition is just about spot on...Yes, this event, arguably, could have possibly happened earlier, and I was in great confusion about when this thing would happen (it was in my power to book when).

My 'event' is over, and it went.....not as I hoped.....

However, take 2 is happening this Wednesday night. I'll report back to all, you'll all love it :)

(10 Sep '12, 07:07) Nikulas

@Pink Diamond- Ever seen the famous cult French film, Betty Blue? My fairytale would be similar to living a life like that.


(10 Sep '12, 08:05) Nikulas

@Nikulas - I have heard of the movie but haven't seen it. Looks interesting from the trailer in your link. You will no doubt get the fairy tale ending you want as it is already in your "Vortex". But this will only happen the moment you stop feeling the lack of it and get out of the way of the manifestation. But from your postings it is clear you already know the theory and you are having trouble applying it, that's all, which is the same problem a lot of people have sometimes including myself.

(15 Sep '12, 14:05) Pink Diamond
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My coaching self would say, breath. That is far to simplistic but it is the start to recieving the inspiration, the love, the backbone to succeed. Without a concentrated breath you won't free the spirit to recieve the vibrations from the Universe. Then focus for more than 10 minutes on the journey not the outcome. I have participated in a sport since 1962 where your effort or skill or execution may be perfect but the outcome may not be the one you imagined. It is the journey to that instant that is the greatest prise. Enjoy.


answered 19 Sep '12, 08:11

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