Hi, in short, have you heard of spirit speaking through cell phone as a spirit box?

The longer story is that I watch the less-canned version of ghost hunting shows and I've seen the use of the spirit box.

I also have been "contacted" for a few months now in the form of an unmistakable tap-tap on a candle/glass next to my bed. (Sometimes it is a single tap, most times a double. One time it was a double with a beat inbetween.) I've been told to ask questions, say that I can't hear them if they are speaking, ask who it is. I have done and did that again yesterday, working at home.

Then I had a phone meeting with my boss and put her on speaker with my cell phone. There was swooshy-static and it sounded like someone speaking maybe one word, very breath-y (I was so weirded-out I don't remember), maybe "hello", and I said to my boss twice, "is that you?" She didn't hear anything. I really felt that someone was speaking through the phone. I was freaked so I put it off speaker. When I went back to using the speaker later in the discussion, it was crystal clear so I could see the difference. My thought is that whomever that is (and to be honest, it didn't sound like a "person" like I hear on these tv shows, much more static-y and "ghostly".

I do have a sense that the taps and the "voice" would be related. I don't have any sense of being afraid of the taps or who it might be. I feel it may be, if I had to guess, maybe my dad (1 syllable, 1 tap) and my granny (2 syllables, 2 taps- the syllables thing came to me after, long after I thought they were around.)

By the way, on halloween, my friend took a photo of me, my mom, my dtr and said, and I could see him do a double-take, there is a shadow in the photo, between my mom and I and I thought, yes this is likely my dad).

Any thoughts or experience shared regarding this would be really appreciated. Thanks!

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Everything is in Spirit (You) and Spirit (You) is in everything. Spirit (You) can talk to you in any number of ways and will match your inner state.


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