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My question is this where do you perceive your greatest mistake, or hindrance or even more mildly your slight shortcoming when it comes to specifically manifesting the things you desire in your life?

I guess this question is motivated by the fact that many quite regular posters, and this includes me , seem by the content of whats posted to be lacking slightly on the manifestational front in respect to things they actually desire.

This isn't about any great life decision like a marriage or business etc, but rather where you feel you may, or are hindering your own good coming to you.

I read a lot of posts where people say "do this" or "believe that" and a million other things, but it seems there are many who arnt manifesting what they want. Ive begun to realise in my own life that there has been a problem that im now beginning to solve.

I view this "problem" very positively because now I know whats wrong ive a good opportunity to put it right.

Mine is this, ive spent thousands of hours in study, books and reading. Ive trawled the internet for more and more and more different ideas and teachings. Nothing wrong with that I guess. BUT ive spent very little time actually "practising" the things ive learned.Heres just one example.... Ive known about focus blocks/incremental affirmations for years but ive only just started to really play around and experiment with them. Ive not been willing to " get my hands dirty" and actually spend time doing what ive known about for years.

Im sorting this out now and feel that in my case an hour of habit forming vibrational work is worth 100 hours of further study. That's only my experience and maybe isn't valid for all.

So whats your take? Whats has or is holding you up?

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Monty Riviera

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You're not alone Monty and I too realised I needed to actually "do the work" rather than just read a ton of books about it. I'm still not totally consistent in my efforts but I'm off to do a focus wheel on that thought.

(16 Sep '13, 02:00) Catherine

My name is CalonLan, not wrong. And where have I been going? That...I have no idea about. =)

(16 Sep '13, 09:36) CalonLan
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There is no going 'wrong'. Maybe what you mean is why haven't I got my stuff yet?  I've done a ton of reading, too, before any good 'vibrational hygiene' and that's because I had a ton of questions and I wanted, more than anything else, including my so-called 'stuff', to build the belief that I could be, do, have absolutely anything. I've been inspired to do this work, I've come a long way and now I'm going to realise my stuff and it won't take long because I've done all the foundational work. How do I know that? Because I follow my instincts and it simply feels right, it feels right now and it didn't feel right before, I had more stuff to 'learn' (remember).

One thing I'll add and I think is related to this question is to try more attention dissolving what you are pushing against. You can visualise,dream, affirm all you want but if you're resisting heavily and hating where you are then you'll keep that in place. If you've been wanting something for more than a month or two then I would say you have considerable 'contra-thought' going on. I've been evaluating how I view my money and the more I soften up and form a positive image about the money I do have and the money that is coming and the less fear I have in spending it and the joy I feel in giving others my money, the more it pops up for me. It simply shows up according to my attitude towards it not because I keep visualising the same image over and over.


answered 15 Sep '13, 16:29

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Focus Dude

I agree with your bit about hating where you are hindering where you want to go. That was in my way too until quite recently. Its one of a couple of things ive cleared up recently.

(16 Sep '13, 01:29) Monty Riviera

"There is no going 'wrong'" ... really important point FD.

(16 Sep '13, 02:03) Catherine

@focus dude I like the majority of what you say, however "try more attention dissolving what you are pushing against." Suggest that you distract your attention from what you are "pushing against" and use this to dissolve it.

You can dissolve by removing it from your thinking. You can best remove it from your thinking by simply doing something else unrelated.

Remember that "against" is as close as you can get. This is more than just semantics.

(18 Sep '13, 08:58) No Brainer

Hi @No Brainer, some behaviours may stem from deep-rooted beliefs and patterns of thinking that don't serve you and drive thoughts that you're simply not aware of. Until they're brought into the conscious those thoughts will continue to wreak havoc.

Bashar advocates questioning what you needed to believe in order to get 'here'. Only when you bring those subconscious thoughts into the conscious can they appear as non-sensical and be what I'm referring to as 'dissolved'.

(24 Sep '13, 05:56) Focus Dude
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Where have you been going wrong?

Oh, come on now! "WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN GOING WRONG?" How about what is going right in your life. I am not necessarily picking on you. Monty -- though you are one of the Major Guys on Inward Quest.

Let me make a general statement, "Haven't you guys (and girls) learned ANYTHING? Too many posts I see here sound negative to me, this is one of the reasons I don't post here very often, but Bill has rubbed my nose in it this morning.

There is also some whining and "smiling through the tears". If you enjoy this, go for it. I don't personally like it. I don't go to horror movies though I sometimes see them advertised -- get it? Some people buy a ticket, they spend time there. But you don't HAVE to see these movies.

If you bend over and ask Life to kick you hard, OK with me, but I don't want to hear a lot of whining about it when you do. You know better!

I don't do "Focus Blocks". The name bothers me, "blocks"? Blocks? Sorry @stingray, you are a master with words and I am sure I am misunderstanding something here, but I really don't care. I am wallowing in irritation right now!

Yeah, I know, its MY perception and I know some of you will say I need to work on myself to find a better parallel universe or some such stuff.

What works for me? Let me shout it out! WHERE HAVE I BEEN GOING RIGHT!

There is enough wisdom and understanding in a few words. "Seek your joy. Appreciate what you have"

My life is exceptional. I usually feel gratitude for what we have and have eager expectations of what is unfolding.

I like to lay on the ground and look at the clouds, or the stars. I am often wordlessly overwhelmed by the beauty of what is around me. My life with Bill is a masterpiece. Every moment of every day joyful beauty surrounds us, peace when we want peace, excitement when we want excitement.

Now PUH-LEEEEEZE don't post quotes, or youtube links or channeling mediums saying "seek your joy" just freaking do it!

I have some gardening to do. I love to watch my plants opening up.


answered 15 Sep '13, 07:55

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No Brainer


Excellent answer! Focus on what you want, then DO IT!

(15 Sep '13, 08:14) Beach Baby

Now don't hold back, Anne, @No Brainer! I love you, especially when you speak your mind. Coming to help you dig some holes to plant your new Black Diamond crepe myrtles..

(15 Sep '13, 09:46) Dollar Bill

Well, I never thought of myself as one of the major guys on IQ!! I will try to cut back on any U tube links and channelled info thou....although im not really as big a fan of that than most. By the way... I don't think you should find a parallel universe...sounds like your cool with the one your in....and I am too. Hope you enjoyed your gardening.

(15 Sep '13, 13:06) Monty Riviera

Geez, you mean you don't like the music videos I post? I mean who doesn't like Lennon or the Beatles or Louie Armstrong or Israel Kamakawiwo'ole or Zepplin or Nat King Cole or Dylan to name just a few. I happen to love quotes. What else are you against & why aren't you out enjoying a lovely French breakfast on a Sunday morning instead of 'venting' on IQ?

(16 Sep '13, 01:34) ele

@ele @everyone Don't stop posting the links ... I love them, channelled or otherwise.

(16 Sep '13, 02:22) Catherine

"What works for me? Let me shout it out! WHERE HAVE I BEEN GOING RIGHT!"
... "I am wallowing in irritation right now!"

Whining about whining sends mixed messages, don't you think? :)

(16 Sep '13, 06:51) Stingray

Hi All, post the videos, links and all the rest. I was feeling a bit cranky. And @stingray, you are as usual, correct. My point in all the above rant is that the connection with Source is simple.

"Ask and it is Given" Step 1: Ask, this is automatic. You want something. You asked Step 2: The Universe automatically sends you what you want. Step 3: Allow or Accept.

Use your emotional guidance system to determine if you are in an "allowing mode". Feel good = you are

(18 Sep '13, 08:40) No Brainer

Personally I don't need more than this. It seems that many people need to keep rehashing this simple idea. I understand different perspectives, but I am a Type A, Driver, Aries.

I like science fiction. I read a story about a race who wrote beautiful poetry, art, music about making love. They had some of the most beautiful literature ever written. They ultimately died out because they wrote about it all the time and didn't DO it.

Just do it.

(18 Sep '13, 08:46) No Brainer

@No Brainer - "Just do it" - If it was as easy as Just do it then I can assure you that people would be just doing it :)

The reason that they don't is because they get trapped in this world of sensory overload and then a phrase like Just do it sounds glib.

While in your prosperous situation, you are in vibrational reach of Just do it, there are many in strong emotional pain who are not, and sites like IQ give them breathing space (and hope) from their existing limiting beliefs

(19 Sep '13, 09:49) Stingray

Thankyou for the above Stingray, well put. I must admit thou that when things are going well for me, decisions are easy and money flows in, relationships fall into place etc.....I forget that some arnt in that place yet. And ive been a little hard on some of my answers to peoples questions. "Just do it " is just the sort of thing ive said on my occasions.

(19 Sep '13, 11:56) Monty Riviera
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Getting rid of the longing and neediness will make life much more enjoyable and it lessens greed. That is the one mistake I was making. Visualizing to take and to always feel a neediness inside, like it is never enough. Now I feel more fulfilled than every before.


answered 16 Sep '13, 03:58

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I was in a men's Bible study group where we were all asked to be "transparent" about our "faults" so that we might support each other with counsel and prayer.

Some of my friends got a bit carried away, revealing some deep inner problems. I was last in the circle discussion. I said that my greatest fault was that I was a terrible gossip and couldn't wait to get out of there to spread what I had just learned!!!

But, really, it is similar to @Monty Riviera. Practicing what we study, maybe it is more like remembering that there is a better, easier way. I tend to put my head down and charge. Smash through the problems on my own without first connecting to Source.

Or I connect with Source mostly when I have a problem, BUT just connecting with Source is a fun and joyful thing on its own.

Each morning my wife asks that we stop and meditate, listening to one of Abraham-Hicks marvelous Vortex 15 minute meditations. This really set the tone for the day and helps us focus.

But, like right now, I tell her to wait until I have dealt with "a few things" and then we'll do the meditation. I feel like I need to deal with problems and then meditate!

But I really, down deep, I know better. I am stopping now and going to meditate for the fun of it!


answered 15 Sep '13, 06:54

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Dollar Bill

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Mmm, im similar, I put my focusing and vibrational work second place to the more "practical stuff" Im beginning to think if I spent more time really connecting to my higher self I would get the practical stuff done in less time. Im not really into the confessing my faults thing as much as kind of being honest where I need to "fine tune" myself. And this only in respect to manifestation. I agree with No Brainers comments about the negativity. But the reason I posted the question

(15 Sep '13, 13:12) Monty Riviera

was actually for that very reason. Ive noticed a #### of a lot of very negative posts and am wondering what peoples main stumbling points are. I guess it was inspired partially by a comment I think I put on one of your posts the other day.

(15 Sep '13, 13:17) Monty Riviera

"Some of my friends got a bit carried away, revealing some deep inner problems. I was last in the circle discussion. I said that my greatest fault was that I was a terrible gossip and couldn't wait to get out of there to spread what I had just learned!!!" soo funny

(16 Sep '13, 01:35) ele

"I connect to source mostly when I have a problem" ... you're not alone in that DB!

(16 Sep '13, 02:04) Catherine
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perhaps we take relative
truths and develop our own
projection from sub-conscious
reactions that are off base


answered 16 Sep '13, 05:39

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@Fred, unquestionably. Sort out those that feel good. As Pontuis Pilate so well put it, "But what is Truth? We both have Truths. Are mine the same as yours?"

As @white tiger so beautifully and simply puts it. "Experience and enjoy."

(18 Sep '13, 08:50) No Brainer

no brainer, we each have that part of THE TRUTH we see, so the more we know ourselves the closer THE TRUTH be. no doubt though, we each see differently even if brothers

(18 Sep '13, 15:35) fred

@Fred - If I don't know I don't know, I think I know. If I don't know I know, I think I don't know. Truth is like that.

(19 Sep '13, 07:58) Dollar Bill

dollar bill, it is the human intellect with its linear logic that is like that, the term may be ratiocination. everything outside eternal Truth is illusion

(19 Sep '13, 13:26) fred
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I'm pretty sure that "where I've been going wrong" has been in pushing away my own valuable emotional information. I'm a pretty sensitive person, so it's weird to realize this, but I think that until recently, I frequently couldn't bear to feel my own emotions, and would push them away - which I think tended to create a cycle of resistance and crummy feelings. Doing all the visualizing and affirming and Focus Blocking or whatever on top of that was somewhat helpful, but I've found that actually being willing to acknowledge "Oh, I don't ACTUALLY believe that I can change my reality... huh. That's kind of a big one." has been huge for me, and then sitting with those feelings compassionately (I think Abraham would say that I am "dropping the oars and letting the stream carry me") generally allows some kind of mysterious vibrational momentum to move me along into a better-feeling place. The key, for me, is to STOP faking it and urgently trying to tweak my thoughts, and to just acknowledge, okay, I feel bad, just sit and feel that feeling for a moment, relax, stop efforting, just let it flow.

It feels to me that this is causing a real shift in my life. I have had some smallish things show up (I'd been wanting to find a particular coin for a long time, and shortly after applying this new idea to that wanting ("Do I actually believe I can manifest this coin? Well, no. Okay, let's sit with that feeling and stop pushing against it.")... I got the coin in my change after I unexpectedly had to go on a grocery run late at night. A gift card and a bunch of free stuff showed up in the mail unexpectedly. People have gotten in touch out of the blue to give me mildly good news. I am starting to feel very differently about my body. I've felt emotionally better. I've felt more like I'm starting to actually understand that all of my answers are in the vortex, in the place where I feel good and clear, struggle outside of that place is really not very helpful. And I'm feeling, the more I am willing to sit with my real beliefs of "This thing I want is not really going to happen", the more I am slowly moving toward actually believing that the thing will happen.

I don't know to what extent that makes sense! It's awkward to explain your own weird inner processes, no? But I thought I'd mention where I think I've been going wrong, in case it's of any value to you! :)


answered 19 Sep '13, 13:16

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