This is a question I have been thinking about for some time.

For many years, I have been pursuing mastery, or at least a very high level of proficiency in, a couple of arts and disciplines.

I have asked the Universe to flow this learning and proficiency to me both consciously, and I believe unconsciously as well, for many years. Simply because the desire has been strong for a long period of time. I enjoy these arts and disciplines very much, otherwise I would not spend so much time learning and practicing them.

I have come a long way from where I was years ago, but now I desire to really kick things into high gear.

Like music composition, or the martial arts, these are vast disciplines which one could (if so inclined) spend one's whole life learning.

Or, one could do as Mozart and Bruce Lee did, and attain an expert level of proficiency in less than a decade.

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My question is this...

Sometimes, it seems as though I really have to focus and concentrate in order to really absorb and assimilate the information. Sometimes (not often, but occasionally) it even becomes a struggle. I really enjoy practicing these arts, but when it comes time to absorb the actual instruction, it seems to require effort and concentration. Sometimes I have to repeat an action many times before I am able to do it correctly, and grasp the principles in operation.

About a year ago, I read a book called "Talent Is Overrated: What Really Separates World-Class Performers from Everybody Else." Based on a study of highly successful people, the book concluded that in order to become an expert at anything, one has to engage in "deliberate practice", a highly focused type of learning that requires great effort and is not often fun.

To me, this "feels" counter to LOA, the art of allowing/receiving, and the principles we discuss here.

However, I have heard of people (and known at least one or two personally) who are simply able to receive instruction ONLY ONCE, or see a complex action performed just one time, and then repeat it immediately! In this case, the person just seems to have a "knack" at assimilating and internalizing information almost immediately. Although I went as far as to ask these individuals how they do it, they seem to have absolutely no's a mystery even to them.

I am wondering if anyone has any suggestions for getting into this sort of zone, or for utilizing LOA and allowing during the actual receiving of instruction.

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i think you should just allow the loa to guide you. i can hear you say "how can i achieve something without doing too much ? just let the loa unfold. if it is neccessary to work 12 hours a day, loa will give you motivation and joy so you will like to do it by choice. if it isnt neccesary you will get it in another way. but if you set too many conditions you aren't allowing the loa to give you what you want.

(06 Oct '12, 07:58) releaser99

@releaser99 - Thanks so much for your response. I honestly feel that I haven't been setting conditions for myself. I'm looking for insight that will allow this information to flow to me at a greater rate. Perhaps all that is needed is the manifestation request. If so, than this thread no longer has any purpose...

(06 Oct '12, 23:18) lozenge123

@releaser99 - But I thought maybe some people out there might have some advice for how to approach things mentally/emotionally/spiritually during the actual receiving of instruction, or any other advice that might help...

(06 Oct '12, 23:18) lozenge123

@releaser99 - So to follow up on your answer "just let the loa unfold"...could you please elaborate on the specifics? I.e., how it would apply for this scenario? Thanks so much.

(06 Oct '12, 23:20) lozenge123
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Based on a study of highly successful people, the book concluded that in order to become an expert at anything, one has to engage in "deliberate practice",

Yes, I think that this is quite accurate. However I would call it deliberate attention or focus instead of deliberate practice. Because the latter is more about doing and the former is just about directing thought/focus.

When we put attention (i.e. thought energy) on a subject again and again, Law of attraction must give us more information about it. And indeed inspired action follows once we keep focusing and (occasionally or consistently) allowing, meaning feeling good about the subject.

And as we continue and attract more specifics into our lives, there comes a time when we inevitably "crash into" our limiting beliefs aka Step 1 moments aka failures aka challenges. Now it is time to re-align. And this is a cycle that keeps repeating itself again and again in the process of mastery. Most people call it "learning process".

The more often we go through this "learning process", the better we become at it. Also the quicker we re-align, the quicker we become better at it.

alt text

So the learning cycle goes like this.

  1. Put attention on subject
  2. Attract vibrational matches/act on inspired action
  3. Experience limiting belief/Step 1 Moment/"failure"/"challenge"
  4. Re-align/allow
  5. Repeat.

"Wanting to walk as a kid" example:

  1. Put attention on "wanting to walk" as a kid
  2. Attract information (i.e. help from parents)
  3. Experience limiting belief/Step 1 ("OMG, this is hashtaggingly difficult! It doesn't work as expected.")
  4. Re-align/neutralize limiting belief by adjusting your thinking ("It doesn't matter, maybe I have a few more tries.")

Ever wondered why some say that it required great effort to master a subject while others say that it was a joyful journey?

I think it's because those who say it requires great effort stay much longer in Step 1 rather than working on Step 3 (i.e. "re-aligning/allowing") as soon as possible. And in Step 3 every learning process feels like pure joy and delight. It's better than the end result of mastery.

So as we start learning something new, for example on IQ, it's very likely to encounter limiting beliefs such as "I don't believe that this and that could be true/possible.". So then indeed, it's not possible to believe that and be able to learn those things at the same time.

This is where we start to feel uncomfortable. And if we don't re-align and let go of our limiting beliefs, we cannot learn anything. Re-alignment/letting go is a must.

As I first read a few ideas on here, I felt like an alien...kinda like being an Englishman in New york I guess (even though I have no idea how it feels like :).

But as I let go of limiting beliefs and started embracing this "strangeness", it no longer felt strange. It became a part of me and everything felt good and more familiar than before... more like being an Irishman in Cork I guess :) (though I don't know how this feels like either:).

So wanting to let go of old limiting beliefs is key to learn quicker...and to have fun in the process.

That's often why people have difficulties learning something new. They've heard and believed that it requires great effort to master something. So they believe it is only right that they feel enormous emotional pain constantly.

alt text

And they think they're on the right path and try to push through this emotional pain by using brute-force action ("no pain, no gain."). Occasionally they re-align by doing that so often that they cannot stand the pain anymore...and then life forces them to let go of limiting beliefs eventually(i.e. "re-align"). But it's really the hard way to learn or to master something.

To recap, learning or mastering something requires us to focus on a subject for a longer period of linear time (at the time I'm writing this in January 2014). We focus, re-align, focus, re-align, focus, re-align...until we master something. But we'll never be perfect because there is always more to learn. So being a master just means to be much better at something than you were before.

Genius. It is just attention to something specific. That's all it is. Law of Attraction makes it happen, and so anyone who gives attention to any subject for a period of time will evolve in the direction of that understanding. --- Abraham Excerpted from the workshop in San Diego, CA on Saturday, February 7th, 1998


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No pain no gain, would might be better said "see through the pain to reach your gain"

(21 Jan '14, 13:53) ursixx

@releaser99 - Thanks so much for this...I've found a lot of valuable stuff in your answer!

(21 Jan '14, 16:54) lozenge123

@lozenge123 You are welcome. Since you've added a Bruce Lee picture in your question, it reminded me of his philosophy, which I'm sure is his way of letting go of limiting beliefs quickly (and thus master anything fast).

(21 Jan '14, 17:45) releaser99
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I always love your questions Lozenge!

I read recently that the difference between a genius and a person who has to work diligently at something to master it is whether they have gained mastery in previous lives. If when you come into this life you pick up on a talent that you have already mastered - you'll appear to be effortlessly talented. Your soul may decide to try something new in this life - diligent effort will be required to master whatever it is. That may explain the people that you know who have instant mastery of the actions you describe because they already know it.

The premise of the book you mention can also be correct though because it increases your BELIEF in your ability. As you know - beliefs are a key part of the LOA.


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@Catherine - Thanks so much for the insight...I had never thought about the "past lives" perspective before. But it seems to make a lot of sense and would certainly explain those special types of people, if true.

I'll try to increase my belief in my abilities...who knows, maybe this will kick things into high gear.

Glad you enjoy these questions of mine!

(06 Oct '12, 23:14) lozenge123

Well, first of all, you should discover what you are talented at. That is the domain in which you will be able to learn things quickly and effortlessly.

When people talk about the law of attraction, they often seem to see it as something that eliminates physical labor. I don't know why that is. Didn't God give you a brain and a heart and hands so that you could create things with them?

In fact, I actually asked a question once here on InwardQuest, in which I asked "What's the difference between materializing a loaf of bread with your mind, and going to the store to buy it?" The answer I got was "there is no difference from a Law of Attraction perspective; in both cases you are aligning with Source; you're just using different tools."

Let me give you an example from my own personal experience. I recently got back into composing and playing music on the piano. What I have found out about my abilities, to my great delight, is that I still retain all of my skills that I practiced many years ago, in perfect fidelity.

But I don't retain what I don't practice.

I can learn a song, and repeat a song on the piano, haltingly, the first time I hear it. But to play it faithfully with skill and grace, without mistakes, and in a repeatable fashion so that I am comfortable playing it in front of other people, I have to practice. And what is practice? Isn't it no more or less than putting my singular focus on what I want? Isn't that the very essence of the Law of Attraction?

Is that physical labor? Sure it is. But every athlete knows that physical practice is not the only kind of practice that you can do. You can also practice mentally. By visualizing in perfect detail your performance, you perfect that performance, even though you are not performing physically. The best athletes always have mental practice as part of their tool box.

But you still need physical practice, so that your muscles get precisely aligned with your mind, in an exquisite dance of physical, mental and spiritual prowess.


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