What are some of your experiences with visiting foreign countries, and how has that travel changed your perspective?

asked 13 Mar '10, 07:50

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I think if you consider the word travel in this question to include vibrational travel (i.e. physically incarnating in different lifetimes), the answers about it broadening your mind by changing your perspective will still be the same :)

(14 Mar '10, 19:12) Stingray

Where do I begin? Yes, when you travel to a foreign country you will shift in some way because you will realize that everybody is the same but different. You will invariably realize that there are many ways to be. You will start questioning yourself when you realize that your culture is just that, your culture. Our culture is just a box that we percieve from, and when we decide to step out of the box, a whole new world opens up. Life doesn't seem as ridgid and fixed within the confines of your culture. When you travel you start to figure out what is universal among people and what is a product of our culture. Then, when you come back home, your trip feels like a dream, because everybody back home is still living their same life. To your friends and family it's almost like you never left, but inside you are bursting with new insights and experiences.


answered 13 Mar '10, 11:22

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Well-said and I feel the same way!

(15 Mar '10, 23:33) LeeAnn 1
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