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I just came to a realization that trusting yourself is the main ingredient to LOA. You can desire, visualize, affirm all you want until your blue in the face. If you have no trust in yourself to accept and act on opportunites, circumstances, people. You will manifest NOTHING.

I appologize for the harshness. You will manifest something. LOL

I trust my conclusion is sound.

asked 09 Oct '10, 10:18

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When you remove trust and distrust from your perspective. You'll find what it's all about and that there's no need to neither trust nor distrust anything.

You trust because you fear, you believe because you have no clue.

(10 May '13, 05:51) CalonLan
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I think trust and belief are two of the main ingredients to manifesting what we desire. However, remember that the LOA is working whether we trust and believe or don't - we will always manifest something, maybe just not what we want.

Trusting in ourselves means listening to our intuition or higher self and being willing to act from there.


answered 09 Oct '10, 11:52

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My twopennies worth , met an elderly gentleman the other day at a psychic fair , and we had a short discussion on intuition , told him I had read that prayer is us speaking to Universe/God/Etc , and that intuition was Universe/God's answer , he said " like an SMS from HIM , it resonated rather well I think ♥

(06 Aug '12, 05:58) Starlight

Trusting is equal to expansion. If you trust, you attract the power of love and the power of creation, and your world expands with that creation and love.

Distrust is equal to contraction. If you distrust, you cannot create, and therefore your world shrinks.

Einstein said it this way: The most fundamental question we can ask ourselves is whether we live in a friendly or unfriendly universe.

Faith is essentially the same thing.


answered 10 Oct '10, 17:58

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trust is expansion, distrust is contraction ... love it ♥

(10 May '13, 04:49) ru bis

@ru bis "trust is expansion, distrust is contraction ... love it ♥" me too. I love Vesuvius's answer - very true. I read it & voted it up a long time ago...

(10 May '13, 05:50) ele

expansion and contraction are both in itself limiting. Even though you expand you still limit yourself because you assume limits to transcend. If you do without them, you'll get in touch with limitless.

(10 May '13, 06:00) CalonLan

@CalonLan you make a good point.. However - what if I do not assume limits? Why can't my expansion be limitless like the Universe?

(10 May '13, 06:10) ele

@ele, then you wouldn't be thinking "expansion" at all. By definition of the word, expansion assume limit between the space that contains you and the space which doesn't and into which you want to expand. This is the very same thing with self-improvement for example. People who work on themselves, ultimately limit themselves with the improvement itself. They assume there is something they are not that they want to become.

Limits get lost when you realize there's nothing to become, ...

(10 May '13, 06:21) CalonLan

...because you already are all of it.

There's nothing to learn in the universe. You already know everything. But perhaps you think you don't, thus you learn, ergo you create your limits as for knowing goes. =)

(10 May '13, 06:24) CalonLan

@CalonLan - you are right in regards to the definition of expansion..

"Limits get lost when you realize there's nothing to become, ..." did I say I want to become _____? In theory, I get what you are saying & your point in regards to beliefs.. Easier said than done..... Saying that is easy. Implementing, not so easy & wouldn't that be a belief if I thought or knew I could?

(10 May '13, 06:25) ele

@ele, why would you believe what you do? Can't you do what you do without believing? ;p We are better off with no beliefs.

Take a person who beliefs she can sing, and so she sings. Then take a person who beliefs she cannot sing, and so she doesn't. Then a person who beliefs nothing about singing and simply sings when she feels like.

When we belief what's possible, we create impossible. I'd say, belief nothing and just do it. Don't assume your own limitations on whatever you feel like doing.

(10 May '13, 06:51) CalonLan

..and there goes being in the moment. Fully, without second guessing all that happens.

(10 May '13, 06:53) CalonLan
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In the early 90's I came upon a wonderful article titled TRUST YOURSELF

This article was essentially a transcript of a channeling session by Andrew Bayuk channeling a source called Elan.

What I have presented below in quotes is essentially how I remember hearing the information. (This is a small, highly condensed, section from a long transcript)

Beginning of transcript

"When we speak of Trust, we like to say to you that you always, always have Trust in something. It is this trust that allows your very reality to exist around you.

Some people say that it is hard to have trust in something, that they find themselves lacking in trust.

Realize that it is impossible to not have trust. you don't have to, somehow, muster up some trust because you are lacking in trust.


And therefore you will get that "effect", but that's all it is; it's an effect.

So you must find where you have PLACED YOUR TRUST and then once identifying that this is so, you can adjust your placement of that trust."

End of transcript


answered 17 Oct '10, 23:30

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The Traveller

edited 27 Feb '12, 16:23

Great insight there. Thanks

(18 Oct '10, 06:29) Stingray

Hey, do you have the full transcript?

(08 Nov '13, 16:41) Luz Canon

Elan is a member of Bashar's race and his community. So they speak about same things here is Bashar speaking about trust, in the same way Elan does in the transcript above, enjoy :)

(08 Nov '13, 17:11) Marin
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Trust yourself, Love yourself, Be yourself.


answered 10 Oct '10, 11:06

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Trust is the same as "what you believe". You are always totally trusting in something. There is never a lack of trust. So the only relevant issue is:  WHERE are you placing your trust? Accordingly, "doubt" is not a lack of trust, but a TOTAL trust in something you do not prefer.



answered 05 Aug '12, 11:48

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Trusting is a good feeling thought thereby allowing room for more good feeling thoughts & manifestations. Trusting yourself is a facet of happiness & inner peace. So yes!!! Trust yourself!


answered 12 Oct '10, 14:18

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The technical term is "intent". For LOA to work, you need to make your intent strong. This means you need to truly believe in X, trust yourself on X, have faith in X, you don't just have an idea of X separate from how things are in the world, you actually think that you live in the world that has X the way you want it. This is what intent is. Also check "Reality Transurfing" for more technical info on LOA and intent.


answered 12 Oct '10, 14:31

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It's a kind of "bootstrapping".

I totally agree that "trust in yourself" is one key.

The fact is that you can not "trust yourself" when you decide to.

That's why (IMHO) you have to start with little things : If you're open and if you are listening to the "World", you will have positive feed-back. This positive feed-back will feed your "trust in you". And then, you will be able, with this a-little-bit-more-powerful" trust, to ask for a little more. And so on. That's the rule of the game.


answered 12 Oct '10, 14:00

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know yourself may at times need to supplement trust yoursef


answered 13 Oct '10, 00:12

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know yourself. (knowledge is the truth that you know. so know the truth about your self.) is truth about yourself. can you trust the truth about yourself? the simple fact that you exist is the truth can you trust that truth? experience and enjoy.

(27 Feb '12, 19:43) white tiger

white tiger, it is also about no fear

(27 Feb '12, 20:49) fred

would you fear your self? what could would that do?

(28 Feb '12, 01:58) white tiger

yes, what does that do, it seems to be what most are doing and slowly learning though to know no fear and be thyself, know thyself

(28 Feb '12, 06:04) fred
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The level of trust you live by equals the level of mistrust you live by. But on the contrary, trust is everything in life: you cannot succeed in life if you do not trust yourself! You cannot succeed in a relationship, if you do not trust your partner. You cannot build lasting relationship with your co-workers, friends, and family without trusting them. You cannot establish yourself in the Business World, if you do not trust yourself to do the job properly, and to receive the level of respect you deserves. So, trust is basically the level of what you put into something, you will get back out!

Therefore, trust is an essential element in believing in yourself, and in achieving your goals both spiritually, educationally, and financially. So naturally, you have to trust that the LOA is working for you, and that it will work for you all the time!


answered 13 Oct '10, 06:57

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