How can I stay focused on the things I know will make my life better?

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I will propose a method known as the 'Book of Positive Aspects' taken from the book 'Ask and It is Given' by Esther and Jerry Hicks (The Teachings of Abraham).

The primary intent of this method is for you to focus on the good things in your life which will then attract more good things in your life as you will have changed your dominant vibration.

Here goes...

To begin the process of the 'Book of Positive Aspects', purchase a notebook, that feels good when you hold it in your hands. Choose a pleasing colour, with a line widththat matches your writing style, with paper that allows your favourite pen too glide along comfortably, and which opens comfortably and lies flat.

Because of the action that will be involved in this process, not only is an improved degree of focus certain, but with the focus will come an increase un both your clarity and in your feeling of being alive.

You should normally set aside about 20 minutes on the first day to do this exercise but you can then continue in small increments of time after that.

At the top of the first page of your notebook, write the name and description of someone or something that you always feel good about. It could be your friend, your favourite TV programme or restaurant. As you focus upon the name or title you have written, ask yourself these questions:

"What do I like about you? Why do I love you so much? What are your positive aspects?"

Then start writing down the thoughts that come to you in response to these questions. You should not try and force the thoughts to come to you but let them flow easily through you onto your paper.Write as long as your thoughts flow, and then read what you have written and enjoy your own words.

Now, turn to the next page and write the name another person or thing you feel good about. You should repeat this process until 20 minutes has elapsed.

Repeat the same process the next day. The more positive aspects you search for, the more you are going to find and the more positive aspects you find, the more you will search for more. In this process, you will activate within yourself a high vibration of well-being (which matches who you areally are). And you will feel wonderful. The vibration will become so practiced that it will become your dominant vibration, and all aspects of your experince will now begin to reflect this higher vibration.

The process above will raise your dominant vibration as you will feel wonderful everything you do it. You will continue to improve your point of attraction. Your relationship with each subject that you write about will become richer and more satisfying and the Law of Attraction will deliver even more wonderful people, places, experiences, and things for you to enjoy.


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The positive aspects method is a great method and there is much value in it. However, you need to be aware of your starting vibrational setpoint when using it. If you are in a state of depression, then using positive aspects will just prove annoying to yourself. In Ask & It Is Given Abraham specify the points on the vibrational ladder that each process is most effective. Positive Aspects tends to be one of those processes that works effectively when you are feeling generally good about your life. It's not clear from the original question where they are starting from on the emotional scale.

(28 Oct '09, 07:34) Stingray

You are right Stingray. The book does make reference to specific vibrational starting points which I probably should have pointed out in my answer. Actually, now that I am reading the question again, it does not look like the starting point is not very high up on the vibrational scale, hence rendering my answer somewhat irrelevant. Thanks for pointing it out. I will leave the answer here in case somebody finds it useful.

(28 Oct '09, 16:51) Pink Diamond

Fantastic Rani. I love the BOPA process, it's a really good way to raise your vibration, and yes, acknowledging your starting vibrational setpoint is KEY. Excellent point Stingray.

(17 Nov '09, 04:07) figure8shape
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In the book, 'The Art of Living,' by Epictetus (one of the greatest philosophers that ever lived) he tells us that in order to have inner peace (better life) we need to know what things are in our control and what things are outside of our control.

Bottom line is that the only things we control are what we think, say, and do. Everything else is out of our control. Knowing that fact allows us to cease holding onto people and things so tenaciously as we cannot possibly control things outside of us.

So, embracing that wisdom, the very first thing we need to focus on to make our lives better are our thoughts. The Universal Law states that thoughts are things and that your thoughts create your world. Whether you focus on positive or negative thoughts is up to you, but whichever you concentrate predominantly on each day is what will determine the outcome of your day.

Some people suggest 'controlling' your thoughts, which I think is an impossible task. Better to say 'choose' your thoughts' which we ARE capable of doing with the right discipline.

Just think that when you think certain uplifting, empowering, motivating thoughts, you automatically raise your vibration which people pick up on immediately and respond to you more favorably. As a result, your life conditions improve and your happiness grows even more and so on and so forth....

For many more profound quotes from Spiritual Masters and from some of the greatest philosophers that ever lived, you can go to: and click onto 'your right to be rich'


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Right we can only change us. As Michael Jackson song state if you want to change the world look in the mirror and start with yourself.I am putting the link you have so they can click on it an go to the site. Some people are so busy they may not have time to look it up at the moment but they will click on it and see does it interest them. Here it is:

(28 Oct '09, 03:07) flowingwater

Hope you don't mind I put the link you had in your answer up so they can just click on it jane? You had some good thoughts.

(28 Oct '09, 03:11) flowingwater

"How can I stay focused on the things I know will make my life better?"

Just put ALL of your attention their.

Well you might say "but I have to support myself". Well if it's a job you can't stand why do it? You might say "I HAVE to" well the truth is, you don't HAVE to do anything in your life.

The only thing you HAVE to do is be the best nad grandest version of yourself.

Abything else is a CHOICE! Everything in fact is a choice. We don't see it because we weren't thought of how our actions have consequences. We think we can do whatever we won't and won't get caught in the cokie jar.

The thing is that when you smoke cigarettes 30 years it's gona shorten your life. If you drink it shortens your life. If you watch to much TV you miss all the fun of living.

The thing you should ask yourself is this:

"Is the thing I'm doing benefiting me or not?"

If the answer is NO! cut it out. It has no room in your life. It's somebody elses belief system that got "stuck" to you like glue. You don;t need it! Find out what works for YOU! Be unique, be bold, be passionate. Don't care what other people think.

YOu wanna feel motivated. Do this. Close your eyes and think of one thing that is holding you back in your life. Then visualize, feel standing in front of a mirror 6 months from today, how do you look, how do you FEEL. Remember, nothings changed, your still the YOU you are today. After you FELT yourself go forward into a year from now. How do you FEEL looking in a mirror? Are you full of vigor? Are you smiling? Examine yourself thruoutly. Now do the same thing but 5 years into the future. How do you FEEL now? Examine every detail, every frown, every thought and feeling. Do the same 10 years from now, then 30, and 40. Now come to a place that you would consider your death. Look at your life. Look at that person in the mirror? Is he happy from the life he lived? Does he keep any regrets? What does he FEEL? Examine it immensly.

I urge to do this exercise.

Now if you did that you should feel preety crappy about yurself. But that's OK because now it's going to change. Now do exactly the same thing but the thing that held you back before is now the opposite. Change that belief in yoursef 180 degrees. Now SEE and FEEL yourself in the sequence above. Starting from 6 onths, a year, 5, 10, 20 years until death. The most important thing is to REALLY examine every step of the way in and out. Don;t rush, it's not about that. Be focused and relaxed and see how you feel in the end of your life.

Now, does that help motivate you? :-)


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Wow, wildlife that was an powerful motivator. But oh so true what you said. Especially when you are a young adult you don't see the things that you are doing against your health, yourself, and others, than later on you just get bogged down in nothingness and don't seem to care how to get out since no one else care about you but have to stop and care about your self. What you said will differently help MOTIVATE someone if they still have full control of their mind and senses.

(28 Oct '09, 03:01) flowingwater

Great motivator! thank you, namaste

(07 Oct '10, 16:04) daniele

I firmly believe that focusing on the things that you know will make your life better is easy as pie. The problem is that we've accepted lots of unessential things as more important then our passion in life. Just letting go of all uninspiring things and starting from scratch can be really scary. Some have the capacity to do it, bun most of us don't. But we can always do it one step at a time. For example we can gradually reduce the time-investment in an unfulfilled job and focus on something inspiring until we find a way to make a living from our passion.

I wrote an article precisely on the subject of concentration a while ago. I think it's too long to post it here so take a look at it if you want.
Part one is about how to get through you daily tasks more efficiently and part two is about achieving effortless concentration by getting rid of the unessential.


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These seem to be things you feel you "have to do" instead of things you "want to do", is that correct? By your question it seems so, when you are driven to achieve something it is because you want to and that then takes no effort to stay on because it is all you think on, as a matter of fact it takes effort to tear you away from it!

So the problem comes when you feel drawn to something else, that is why it is difficult to stay focused on what you want because you don't really want it or you would have no problem staying on it.

Think of it like this, you buy two books one is The Adventures of Space Captain on planet Zogog the other is How to Make Millions Through Investing. Which are you drawn to? Do you feel like, wow I really want to read that making millions book but I don't have the time, while you are spending your time actually tearing through the adventure book from cover to cover? Believe it or not some would be exactly the opposite and be tearing through the millions book cover to cover and say if i have time I'll read the adventure book.

So the question is what do you really want, that is where you will be placing your attention, no matter how much you may wish and say "I need to" or "I have to" you will not find the time. But if you feel like "I can't wait to" there is no need to try to focus because you can't be tore away by a pack of rabid dogs from doing or reading what you want.

Note both of those book titles I made up although they may exist who knows?


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Wade Casaldi

Choose and choose and choose again until you are that which makes your life better AND YOU ARE AWESOME!!!!!


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I truly believe that we cannot move forward until we have total appreciation for what is.

Soak, bask in all of the glory of what you have now. Be so joyous of what you have (Love), then start giving it away!

Look at the things you want as "In addition to", that eliminates lack.

Things you want are not there to fill holes but to add compliment to your already flourishing garden.


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