Are we giving newcomers to the site the wrong impression when we simply say, "Manifest this!" or "Attract that!" I have found that learning to manifest is a process of trust and discipline- it does not come easily for me, at least. I have had small successes here and there, so it is coming. But perhaps someone should talk about how it worked for him or her.

Blessings, Jai

asked 19 Mar '10, 00:32

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I realize that I am manifesting all the time. Everything that I experience in my day is a manifestation which I have created consciously or subconsciously. The key for me has been to listen to my emotions and follow my joy and excitment. And smile! State of being is all that matters and the rest will follow. The thing is that when we want to deliberately create something often times we are noticing the absence of it. What I have found is the better I feel on the inside the more leverage I gain on my desires and the quicker they seem to become a physical reality.


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To say it simply and clearly for people, who think that this information that is coming out about manifestation and spirituality, about how we are coming to realize who we really are, where we belong, and why we are here on this Earth right now, because it is one of the most exciting places you can be right now, and thinking that they are confused and they can't grasp the concepts that many people are sharing with them, that those people have some kind a deal with the devil, that they are better or more equipped with tools to do all those things, like manifesting for example, so my response for those people who are asking "Isn’t it true that it takes time to learn how to manifest?" my answer is:


You are manifesting INSTANTLY anything and everything in your life. You don't have to learn to do something you are already doing. What you want to do is to be conscious of that fact that you are MANIFESTING ALL THE TIME. How to do that? Be still and listen to your heart and your emotions, and like Brian said FOLLOW YOUR EXCITEMENT and your life will unfold the way it is suppose to unfold. Emotions of LOVE, PRAISE and GRATITUDE will help you on your way. Stay beautiful, but always changing.


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It depends on what a person's spiritual/religious belief is. There are many who find it difficult to accept that we create our own reality. In that case it will be difficult to apply the law of attraction. For over twenty years I have been reading and learning about sprirituality and the Law of Attraction but it was not until recently when I read "The Master key System" and was able to understand the realtionship between the individual mind and the universal mind that I was able to fully accept this law. And even now I still have difficulty in applying it. Sometimes I get stuck in a bad place and wish I had someone to guide me back.

My answer is "Yes" some people will need assistance to help strengthen their belief and understanding of the law of attraction.


answered 20 Mar '10, 22:13

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What we manifest is directly related to our ability to place sufficient attention. On the object of our attention, both is terms of volume and intensity. The vibration that we radiate, in other words our attention is dependant both on what we have thought previously (our unconscious/subconscious) and that which we are thinking (conscious mind) which reprograms our subconscious. Therefore the most important element in being able to manifest is the ability to concentrate your attention on the object of your attention. Therefore discipline of thought and your ability to focus it is of utmost importance. Many peoples mental muscles are weak and that is why we have to work hard to think whY we want to think and as a result maifest why we want


answered 21 Mar '10, 00:27

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Chris Nash

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