I was an only child and the centre of my parent's Universe. I was pampered but not spolit, intelligent, pretty and a life of comfort and luxury. My mother's father was a prince and I was always reminded of my royal lineage, I was a princess and expected to lead a life fit for a princess.

In short there was nothing in my world map but luxury, happiness, a life full of promise. I grew up believing only in abundance; I would definitely be rich, happy and loved, and there could be nothing else because I knew of nothing else. My entire family extended family treated me as if I was special, and that's exactly how I felt.

If this was my life and my beliefs then at what point did I attract such misery? If LOA is all about creating our own reality based upon how we feel and what we believe in then how did I attract my present reality of fear, misery and hopelessness?

asked 23 Oct '10, 21:00

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I Think Therefore I Am

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You give a lot of detail about how your life was abundant, but very little detail about your present condition of misery. Why is that? Does the abundance now feel empty somehow?

(23 Oct '10, 23:53) Vesuvius

The moment you asked the question about your misery. That was the beginning of your misery.

(24 Oct '10, 00:02) RPuls

Debts rising every day, business not coming my way, mom ill, no boyfriend, no family need I give more detail?

(24 Oct '10, 00:03) I Think Therefore I Am

@I Think - While all of those problems may be true (added to the fact that you need a lump sum by Monday), you still have the choice to choose where to focus right now. No matter what bad physical events appear to be happening in your life, none of them can rob you of your choice of where to focus without your consent. And if you choose to consistently move your focus onto (any) better-feeling subjects, your physical reality has no choice but to conform. http://goo.gl/RjHJS

(24 Oct '10, 01:34) Stingray

Hi I Think Therefore I Am. Thanks for your question. It is attracting a lot of interest. I think you have touched an experience that we are all able to relate to. +1

(24 Oct '10, 14:31) The Traveller

I second what Traveller said - I think questions like this provide us with the opportunity to re-affirm things within our own consciousness, we all benefit from the asking, so thank you :)

(24 Oct '10, 19:11) Michaela

@Michaela and @The Traveller you are welcome. Actually I was not really sure if I should ask this as it seemed so self-centered.

(24 Oct '10, 20:36) I Think Therefore I Am
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answered 23 Oct '10, 23:11

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I grew up with a similar story that my mom used to tell me and I have always believed that whatever happens does so because it is for our good but when life starts to systematically strip you of everything you felt good about or proud of then one starts to wonder.

(24 Oct '10, 00:27) I Think Therefore I Am

Abraham once said that the best thing that could happen to many people would be that they lose everything and be forced to start again. In a sense, I've done this myself a few times in my life. When I spoke to Abraham a few years ago, they said (of my disasters) that I was teaching myself to feel good under any and all conditions. And it's true, I seem to have developed quite an invincible character as a result of bouncing back from my many "failures". And those apparent failures have led to immeasurable gifts in my life. I dread to think who I would be today without them.

(24 Oct '10, 01:12) Stingray

@Stingray - Seems we were on the same page regarding those life lessons - You just refer to it as 'teaching myself'. The only difference being that you've been at it a lot longer and have probably 'got' many of those life lessons :)

(24 Oct '10, 13:32) Michaela

@Michaela - It was Abraham who told me I was teaching myself, not me :) And I was quite surprised they said that, even to this day.

(24 Oct '10, 13:36) Stingray

Hi Stingray! How in the world do you keep track of the answers to other questions? Thanks to you I am re-discovering answers that I had completely forgotten about.

(24 Oct '10, 14:37) The Traveller

@Traveller - Usually I just remember a snippet of a question or answer that I feel would help. I just type site:inwardquest.com "snippet of memory" into Google and the answer pops up. Nothing too supernatural about it :)

(24 Oct '10, 15:16) Stingray
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After looking at your situation, with the limited information on hand I believe this is one way to improve it.

Contemplate this:

'What we are today comes from our thoughts of yesterday, and our present thoughts build our life of tomorrow. Our life is the creation of our mind.' Buddha - 563 BCE - 483 BCE

Whatever way you look at it, your own thoughts/beliefs brought you to where you are today through the story you've told yourself about how your life is or will be. If you see this then you see that the only way to change your story is to change your thoughts.

Nothing is permanent, so whenever unwanted things or circumstances occur in your life, accept full responsibility for them, without judgment or blame of yourself or others. Know that this too will pass.

Start focusing on the thoughts that serve you and ignore the rest. Realize that those unwanted thoughts will still occur for a while as you move from your old into your new belief system. Those old thoughts stem from an old belief system, such as: I need 3k by Monday, but I don't have it!, which has its own momentum, so will continue to run for a while.

If you can convince yourself and believe that somehow the money you need will show up, it must show up. After all it's your Universe and you're its Creator. Feel the feeling of relief you'll have by imagining handing over the 3k in your mind. Imagine it now.

So the game is: breath, convince, believe, imagine, feel, forget, relax and enjoy - while refusing to pay attention to any and all old thoughts of lack, fear and what if. In other words, do not allow for any other outcome than the one you choose. Do this from this moment until the 3k arrives.

You can do this, but only if your belief is strong enough.

Good Luck!


answered 24 Oct '10, 04:07

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I am not writing to suggest what to do. Although I do practice the LOA, and my life gets easier and better with each year, and I am more resilient when something does "go wrong", I don't know of any fast solutions for you. It's hard to get from a bad place mentally to a good one when things are going wrong and you are under pressure. I have been in some bad positions in the past, financially, personally and everything. I just wanted to tell you that I really empathize with you and I hope things get better. I will immediately start associating thoughts of you with improvement, love, success and happiness when I see your name here. Please know you are in my good thoughts and I really hope things get better for you very soon. This will all pass and everything will be OK. Best wishes!


answered 24 Oct '10, 01:23

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LeeAnn 1

Thanks Lee Ann I'm always touched by the immense amount of love you radiate in your posts, thank you for just being here.

(24 Oct '10, 20:27) I Think Therefore I Am

I second that - You are always in touch with your compassionate nature :)

(24 Oct '10, 23:52) Michaela

Your comments really uplifted me...thanks so much both of you!

(25 Oct '10, 14:49) LeeAnn 1
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I think every answer offered so far has merit - which shows the authenticity and genuine desire to be of help when someone really needs it.

I am going to come at it from a slightly different angle and I hope it doesn't come across too harsh as it will require some blunt honesty with yourself ( which I know from personal experience, isn't always easy but is in fact one of the greatest gifts we can give ourself ).

Reading your question over a few times I think there may be a part of you denying that you attracted this - "In short there was nothing in my world map but luxury,happiness a life full of promise.I grew up believing only in abundance,I would definitely be rich,happy and loved there could be nothing else because I knew of nothing else." If these were the beliefs you consistently held without any obtrusive thoughts of lack or doubt, then this would be the reality you're currently living - there are no exceptions with the LOA.

I genuinely don't mean to sound harsh as I can feel your predicament, but until you can get to a place of acceptance and realize your role in the creation of the current situation,it will take longer for this to pass. Just a note, when I say acceptance, I don't mean for you to sit back and accept your situation but rather accept your part in the creation of this. By going inward and discovering how you played a part in this, you will create the awareness to surpass this situation and as a result not recreate a similar situation in the future.As I said this will require blunt honesty with yourself because you will be uncovering a part of yourself that to this point you have denied.

I can hear the desperation in your post and wish I could offer you a quick viable solution to move beyond this - I don't have the power to do that but you have it within you, it just may not happen overnight. I know that's not the answer you want to hear, you'd rather have a quick fix for you financial situation but the quick fix will not offer a permanent solution whereas creating awareness will.

As Stingray pointed out sometimes we have to lose everything or hit rock bottom in order to teach ourselves or learn those life lessons.

"This too shall pass"


answered 24 Oct '10, 13:28

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Excellent Excellent Answer!

(24 Oct '10, 16:34) The Traveller

Thanks Traveller :)

(24 Oct '10, 19:08) Michaela

@Michaela, just voted up your answer

(12 Jan '13, 15:06) MoonWillow
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Your question is a perfect illustration of the duality balance within all manifestation.


answered 23 Oct '10, 21:25

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The Traveller

Can you elaborate please?

(23 Oct '10, 21:35) I Think Therefore I Am

Look at the life of Lord Buddha, whose experience became Buddhism. The power of creation flows through us, and creation is everything. Not just some things that are good, it is everything. If you don't acknowledge and accept that, you will be forced to discover it in your lifetime.(or the next)

(24 Oct '10, 01:16) The Traveller

Another way to explain it, once again using Lord Buddha's life, Every life has both Joy & suffering, Wealth & poverty, Health & illness ...etc. We experience Joy & accept it as normal, then we experience suffering & suddenly it is not normal, as if we, as a species, were not meant to experience that. Guess what? it is normal. The middle path in Buddhism appears to be an approach to reduce the extremes in one's life. (good or bad)

(24 Oct '10, 01:33) The Traveller

To share an insight. Buddha totally rocks, while Buddhism has become as corrupt as other belief systems and religions. I've lived in a Buddhist country for 23 years. When you sit at a funeral listening to monks chant, they hold 4 wooden Bodi tree leaves up in front of everyone. These words are written on them in big letters: BIRTH, OLD AGE, SUFFERING & DEATH. Now, if anyone wants to believe that that's what life is all about, feel free... However, that's NOT Buddha's message. Once one sees that all suffereing is the creation of one's mind - there's NEVER a need to go there any more. Peace :-)

(24 Oct '10, 04:20) Eddie

Eddie, Thanks for the counterpoint. I still believe that life includes all experiences. +1 for your comment!

(24 Oct '10, 14:26) The Traveller

@Eddie I fully agree that all suffering is self created. However, I think it's important to remember that we chose to come here and experience being human. Part of this choice usually means becoming attached to our loved ones and when someone we love transitions from physical form to spirit again we ultimately suffer because of this attachment. The only other option is to be an island which has it's own connotations of suffering - I'd rather 'feel' even if it does ultimately mean suffering.The only way to fully live a life of non suffering is to live a life of non attachment because

(24 Oct '10, 21:54) Michaela

everything physical is impermanent and will eventually pass away - once again it's all about choice.

(24 Oct '10, 21:56) Michaela

@Michaela, maybe some of us came here to experience being human for the first time and that includes suffering, as you say. When considering eternity or eternal life, others may have already got what they need from any form of suffering and came this time to practice the act of consciously flowing life and creating reality.

(25 Oct '10, 04:44) Eddie

You're right about attachment and I prefer not to be attached, but that is completely different from non-attachment. I know that you know that residing in the now moment enables us to appreciate and enjoy everything, while recognizing its impermanence. And I believe that we’ll meet all those close to us again anyway, so while there may be sadness upon their exit, there’s no heavy grief.

(25 Oct '10, 04:44) Eddie
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I guess it helps to understand where it started but it is not really necessary. Everything happens in the present. You are unhappy in the present so change must start in the now. Start focusing on what you want. This concept is so hard to get. I keep doing it myself over and over. But now I am getting it. Whenever I start thinking about how bad life is, I sometimes stop and smile to myself because I am conscious of what I am doing. For change to occur you must start living mentally in the new place that you want to create. This does not mean denying our realities but letting go of what we no longer desire and creating new visions of what we want.


answered 23 Oct '10, 23:21

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Believe me I've tried and things sometime do get better but then something happens which puts me down again. For example when I know I need $3000 on monday and today is saturday, its hard to be in a 'good place'.

(24 Oct '10, 00:06) I Think Therefore I Am

There is a Pot of Gold at the end of the Rainbow for you, and for everyone, but do you know how to get to your Pot of Gold? I believe that life is full of challenges, but I also believe that the challenge is not the problem; it is what you do with the challenge?

Now the great thing about your situation is the fact you do have a challenge, and the other great thing is that you want to change the course of the challenge, from negative to positive, the way it use to be for you!

So my question to you right here and now is: what is happiness for you? Is it financial wealth, finding a job, good health, friendship, family relationship, finding a husband, volunteering to help others, sharing a smile with others, living a modest life, living in a Palace, and having everyone cater to you etc. Which of these things on the list here appeals to your happiness and wealth in life now?

My point is take action towards your goals, and work towards a positive outcome, and do not settle for anything lest than what you want in your life. The magic is you going after your heart’s desire, and fulfilling your heart’s desire! You have to keep on, keeping on, until you succeed, and that is what real magic is getting your Pot of Gold!

Choose the man you want for a husband, and allow the LOA to work for you. Bring to life your wish, make it real in your minds’ eye, in your life, create, and manifest your desire, and live your reality! The Universe is full of wealth, and happiness for you!


answered 24 Oct '10, 23:29

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Inactive User ♦♦

"Change is the only constant & everything changes except the first 3 laws." ~ Bashar

You have your own reasons for creating this experience. You can imagine a conversation with your future self who overcome these challenges & ask what she learned through these experiences.


answered 12 Jan '13, 14:11

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As a child, did other children make you feel somehow bad for being an affluent princess?

Did you look out a window at other children playing in the street and wish you could join them?

Have you ever felt that you were bored and wanted to experience a freer more public life. Example going to theme parks without worry of thousands of people saying, "It's the princesses!" while everyone crowds around you asking for autographs?

Have you ever thought about just being able to go places alone without a bunch of body guards around you?

Lastly have you ever thought being rich and a princess was somehow not normal and you just wanted to fit in with people and stop being special?


answered 12 Jan '13, 14:46

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Wade Casaldi

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