Hi everyone, I'm new to Inward quest as you can see this is my 1st post.

Here's what happened to me, I've been studying the Master Key for 2 months now and it seems to be bringing everything together of the knowledge I've learned over the past 5 years. Everyday I have been concentrating on "wealth"....I go to bed and just before sleep repeat to myself the one word "wealth" over and over until I fall asleep (10 minutes). In the morning I repeat "wealth" again to myself (10 minutes) and 1 or 2 times through the day I will repeat the process when I have time. At my job I am a sales person, and I get paid a salary and no commission....and could use any "wealth" I can get.

So here's what happened.....After a couple of weeks of this exercise I definitely saw results!!! Only the results were in the sales at my job!!?? and personally I did not receive a penny in my pocket!??

Any theories?? Or know what I'm missing??

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Barry Allen ♦♦

It's worth bearing in mind that affirmations are never about the actual words being used but always about the feelings behind those words.

You equally could repeat to yourself "I have a large juicy banana in my briefcase" a few times before bed and if that phrase made you feel wealthy when you said it, it would still work.

So, in order to understand what is happening, this means you should examine what feelings you have about the word "wealth" in relation to your work and what feelings you have about the word "wealth" in relation to your personal life.

As an exercise, you could take a blank piece of paper (or new word processor document) and just let your thoughts flow onto it for a few minutes (without thinking) regarding what comes to mind when you think of the word "wealth" in relation to your job and, separately, "wealth" in relation to your personal life.

Don't try to censor or judge what you are writing in any way - just let it flow and be honest. After a few minutes of doing this for each topic, you can stop and read back what you have written and it should be fairly clear what your real feelings are.

That will give you an insight as to what is being triggered within yourself when you use that word "wealth".

You'll probably find that there are more feelings of genuine prosperity being triggered in relation to your job relative to your personal life hence your focus upon "wealth" is bringing results through that "path of least resistance".


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Excelent answer Stingray this is helpfull to all that read it.

(04 Nov '11, 11:47) Paulina 1

Thank you, Paulina

(04 Nov '11, 12:19) Stingray

Very good exercise Stingray! I will try. I didn't say "I am wealthy" because I could have started an argument in my head and my subconscious not believing it therefore neutralizing the whole exercise. Also, I'm realizing my job takes up most of my life and it's what I think about most of the time, and probably gave it to the part of my life I'm always thinking about?

(04 Nov '11, 22:37) Eldavo

@Eldavo - Not saying "I am wealthy" to avoid the internal objections is a good idea in my view. Another even more subtle by-passing approach would be to say "What if I was wealthy?" instead. You are still focused on "wealth" but, with most people, there is no triggering of objections at all: http://www.inwardquest.com/questions/7061 Regarding your other comment about you thinking about your job most of the time, it could be that...difficult to say. Your internal mechanics are personal to you and I think it's very difficult for another to analyze them

(06 Nov '11, 23:10) Stingray

Ooooh! that's pretty good Stingray! It's like the opposite approach. You're link explains it very well. thanks so much!!!

(08 Nov '11, 03:26) Eldavo

@Stingray - Nice! I like the idea of thinking of a desire with a question. Thanks for the tip!

(13 Sep '12, 22:05) figure8shape
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Hi Eldavo and welcome to I.Q. Use visualisation with your words to improve the flow of wealth to you. See yourself as wealthy and having and happy and excited while repeating I am wealthy. Feel the excitement that wealth brings with it.

To do this ask yourself how would I feel if I was suddenly wealthy. Would you feel happy and excited and if so bring this feeling with you when you visualise and repeat your affirmation. Try this for a few weeks or months and see what happens. There should be changes in your personal wealth. Good luck.


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Paulina 1

Welcome to IQ.

Well, my first thought was to keep doing what you are doing, and to find a job that does pay commission! It sounds like you are on the right track.

If that doesn't sound right at this time, then perhaps a small adjustment in your affirmation such as "personal wealth!"

Best wishes.


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LeeAnn 1

No it doesn't sound so to me either. I think maybe when you say wealth you need to specify your wealth, not just anyone's wealth. Just the word wealth is very general, Florance Schovel Shinn was very good at using the power of the word to bring what she needed. "Wealth flows to me abundantly.", would be more attracting to you personally.


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Wade Casaldi

Thanks Wade, "wealth flows to me abundantly" "feels' better than just saying "wealth"

(04 Nov '11, 22:40) Eldavo

You are very welcome Eldavo, I am glad to help. :-)

(06 Nov '11, 17:59) Wade Casaldi

My blog abundanceinthenow.blogspot.com gives more information on this question and techniques to use but in a nutshell everytime you focus on wealth you are focusing on what you don't have. So try focusing on the wealth that you do have. You have a bed, you have a roof over you head, you have heating. This is wealth and you have it and it will grow. I started to use this technique three weeks ago when I had only 29p in the whole world. So I focused on that. I used a few other techniques I have developed and things turned round. My friend gave me work and money is starting to flow in. You are wealthy you just dont't know it.


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Alan Crabbe

Hi Alan, this is a very interesting approach I will try it. Thanks

(06 Nov '11, 23:43) Eldavo

Hi@Alan , checked out your blog , wondering have you bought the life freedom pack thats linked ? I see there's some very interesting info available and I found a download free link for" a happy pocketfull of money " off to start reading now before sleep , I'm excited :-)

(14 Nov '12, 09:42) Starlight

Another cool trick would be to say somethingto yourself in the am everyday like "I allow wildly unexpected sources of income into my life"- meaning you can allow money not necessairly from your work but maybe you walk and you find cash on the ground or gain an inheritance out of nowhere. Those things are not uncommon. Just unblock any beliefs about it and it should flow with enough ease.


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