This question strikes a huge cord in me. It's something I wish I could ask the angels, but Inward Quest comes pretty close to that.

Do people attract bullies? Why is it that even young children attract bullies? What's the best way to mold harmony into your life where everyone gets along?

(Personal note: I know I've asked more than a fair share of questions recently, so I hug you for your patience and willingness. Thankyou everyone)

asked 28 Sep '11, 14:28

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nikulas i will tell you this the strong have nothing to prove. only the weak(bully) have something to prove. when the strong have enuff of the stupidity of the bully or when the bully cross a line he should not have. the strongh will put the weak in is place.

(30 Sep '11, 02:59) white tiger

also i will add that the bully believe he is strong because the strong let him play that game because they know he is not worth it. bully attack good people thinking that they have no negative energy in them and that is a big error. because the good are in better control of their energy and they have as much positive and negative energy in them. so when the good go to the other pole what do you thing will happen with the bully?

(30 Sep '11, 03:07) white tiger

I like your comments White Tiger, you are right.

(30 Sep '11, 08:02) Paulina 1

white tiger this is your best answer ever. Thankyou

(30 Sep '11, 10:48) Nikulas

you are welcome. i only tell the truth. the truth will set you free.

(01 Oct '11, 00:18) white tiger

I feel these links are important, these are Alden Tan articles so there is profanity, but his messages are important.

(21 Aug '14, 16:48) Wade Casaldi
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Why do bullys do what they do? For the simple reason that subconsciously they feel inferior and unadaquate and try to compensate for this by bullying those that appear to be weaker. Notice that a bully is a coward for they wont bully people that will strike back in like but will allways latch onto those that are for whatever reason unable to respond in kind. What bullies dont know is that by the very act of bullying they are showing their weakness. Yes they are weak and inferior in their mental makeup but of course they don't know this for they think that by bullying they are showing their strength, power and superiority when in fact they are showing the lack of strength, power and superiority by over compesating for this lack by bullying.

So how does one deal with a bully? It depends on what type of bullying is received for there are many different forms. Some like to use physical abuse where as others like to use verbal abuse and than you get the real sickos that use mental abuse and some use all for the sake of disempowering others. When they disempower others it makes them feel powerful and superior and in control. It is like an addiction for without this they feel lost and weak and insignificant.

Remember that a bully is nothing more than a insecure and weak human being that is afraid of losing their power so they have to rob you of yours to feel good. They are nothing more than "Power Parasites". Of course they don't know this and would rather die than admit it. The real reason for their bulling is hiden deep within their psyche and they need profesional psycological help to figure out what causes them to be the way they are. Knowing this alone should make any victim have some compasion for their bully but compasion aside you have to think of yourself first and how to help yourself avoid being a victim and even more why do you allow yourself to be a victim in the first place.

Are you afraid? Fear is one of the bigest reasons people allow themselves to be bullied so if you are afraid of being beaten up or insulted or made to feel small in front of others or are afraid for your safety, that's OK. It is perfectly normal to feel afraid and it is a naturl reaction for self preservation. Do you feel you are too meek and kind and people take that to be a sign of weakness? In most cases of bulling that's the cause for your bully needs to pick on someone he/she thinks wont retaliate and in not doing so will make the bully feel strong. So should you learn to be more asertive to prevent yoursef from being bullided in the future? By all means go ahead and learn to empower yourself.

Report bullying and if it is just petty bulling put a stop to it by asserting yourself but please be carefull for sometimes bullying is not just petty but serious and this should be reported to the authorities. No serious bully should be aproached without seeking help so report and ask for help. There are a number of ways to deal with bullies and below are just a few.

  1. Distance yoursef from the bully if at all possible. Cut all communication and contact with the person for that is the best way. If it is a family member or someone in your school or work and you can't avoid them than handle the situation by trying to stay out of their way and when you are in contact and have to talk make it short and sweet and move on quickly. Dont give a bully any information about youself or your life but just general stuff like the weather and sports.

  2. Learn what kind of people like to control and bully others and dont invite them into your life by reckognising their traits and not befriending them. (The Churdh of Scientology has en excelent booklet called "The cause of Supression" and I sugest you contact them and read it for it just might solve your problem).

  3. Before sleep change the pictures in your mind by imagining the way you would have wanted to have a bullying situation end. Your imagination is accepted as true so change the bad stuff and make it good and in your victory.(no negatives or fighting).

  4. Learn to empower yourself by learning selfconfidance. There are many different ways of doing this and many different calsses but it starts with you. Never run yourself down or talk about yourself in a negative way. Shine your light for all to see don't hide it under a bushel. Yes it takes time but you will eventually get there and be happier for it. Dont forget the physical exercise or maby a marshial art class for that also builds confidance.

  5. Do whatever you can to empower yourself but most of all dont ever think of yourself as weak or inedaquate for that isnt true. All young people take time to grow into their full power and it is the lessons in life that will make you stronger and wiser in the end.(Yes we all know those that seem confident and strong already but they are the minority). One day many years from now you will look back at this time in your life and smile to yourself. By then you will have a lot more power and confidance than you have now and it will be all the problems of today that will be insignificant and small.)

Grow with love and compassion.


answered 30 Sep '11, 10:07

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Paulina 1

now here's a golden answer. I still would love to know the actual LOA side of bullying in much, much more detail, but your advice has helped a lot. Thanks so much for giving the time to read and answer my question

(30 Sep '11, 10:47) Nikulas

try something like this. it should solve the problem.

(01 Oct '11, 00:31) white tiger

well if you distance your self from the bully he will think that you are weak and will come after you. so just wait for him to attack you and neutralise him.

(01 Oct '11, 00:34) white tiger

a great answer. thank you.

(22 Aug '21, 21:35) Inner Beauty

neutralize him Perhaps that is what happened to @white tiger ;p

(03 Sep '21, 16:32) ele
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People attract bullies by being weak or different, usually through no fault of their own, although some like perpetually being a victim on some level.(certainly not all) People become bullies through their need for displays of power and control. People enable and empower bullies by laughing along, giving encouragement, or doing nothing to stop it. What are the reasons for those behaviors? They can be so many! Perhaps it is mental illness. Or personality problems they developed as a child in watching others act that way. Or perhaps in this incarnation they agreed to take part in this for some reason. Perhaps they are helping someone else learn karmic lessons. I can think of so many reasons that come into play with bullying, and believe that no simple answer is possible and that there can be many reasons behind it, some metaphysical and some not.


answered 28 Sep '11, 17:34

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LeeAnn 1

cheers. I agree that the metaphysics behind bullying can be puzzling. Yet, seriously, i can see it in front of my eyes when i was at school- there would be the people who NEVER EVER got bullied nor were present when it was going on, and vise versa.

(30 Sep '11, 10:50) Nikulas

i agree LeeAnn that bully are very stupid and attack people for no reason. because bully are weak and they need to prove them self that they are strongh. but people around them know that they are weak. so you see the futility and stupidity of their action.

(01 Oct '11, 23:23) white tiger

How do you feel when you are bullied? Disempowered? Weak? Useless? That is what needs shifting by practising the opposite and when you do, you won't experience bullies that make you feel this way.

Eyes off the bully and working out its reasons, etc. It's your creation that you don't want any more.


answered 22 Aug '14, 19:00

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Focus Dude

by being in harmony be the circle not going in to extremes. if a bully comes at you then give him the exact same energy. after that everything will become in harmony again. experience and enjoy.


answered 28 Sep '11, 18:10

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white tiger

Tit for tat, an eye for an eye?

Yup, and the entire world goes blind.

(02 Sep '21, 20:37) ele

So was your answer inspired by the bible or the song Coward of the Country? Turning the other cheek does not make you a coward my dear @white tiger :)))

(02 Sep '21, 21:51) ele

There's some great insight here, and clearly a lot of charge about the concept of bullying. Bullying and victim-hood are two sides of the same coin metaphysically. Both are aspects of the archetype of the victim. Victims create bullies, and bullies create victims. The key to transcending this dance is to work on any trace of victim-hood inside. Victim energy takes many forms aligned with thoughts like: I don't have any choice or say, I don't get any breaks in life, I have to work hard and struggle for everything, I don't have enough (fill in the blanks, money, friends, self-control...), and even - and I know that this may inspire much resistance - I guess Spirit had a different plan for my highest good....

When we work on transmuting our own victim archetype energy we become bully proof in the sense that we won't resonate or gravitate towards either bullies or victims.

Following the advice given here for dealing with bullies in 3-D reality is a great start in working towards liberation from the victim archetype.


answered 21 Aug '14, 15:12

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empath, by their nature, may
be targeted by soulless
beings to squash compassion

(07 Sep '21, 18:22) fred

All is One. As Within So Without. Both bully and bullied wanted it otherwise it could not occur. There really is only One of us here. The Conqueror is the conquered and the conquered is the Conqueror all is one. What we imagine will determine our vibrational state and we will experience a reflection that corresponds to the state in our circumstances. A person with a clean, serene state of mind can only experience serenity, but someone who has a victim mentality or has a feeling of dis-empowerment is more likely to experience bullying and the like.


answered 22 Aug '14, 06:30

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"the bullied wanted it" ?

Could we substitute the words pray and predator for bully and victim?

Yup, those lambs just love being eaten by lions or sub cats and mice.

(02 Sep '21, 22:58) ele

You want a metaphysical "reason" behind bullying.

Most dictionaries define Metaphysics as a philosophy. It has to do with connecting to the 'invisible' or 'nonphysical'. It's normally associated with 'God' or The Divine, 'Consciousness', 'Source Energy' and 'angels'. An example would be inspiration.

You specifically mentioned angels, as in the ones who watch over you. You said, you wished as if it's not possible. Have you tried? Why don't you try asking your angels this question.

But to answer your question I would say inspiration.

It inspires thoughts and emotions, both love, hate and everything inbetween. These thoughts and emotions inspire you to ask more questions. Where does inspiration come from?

It certainly has inspired the art world, literature, poetry, motion pictures, cartoons, nursery rhymes, comedies, fables, quotes, the music industry, etc. etc.. Abundance ... fame and fortune. Perhaps it also inspired morality, code of ethics, conduct, rules, laws, civilized society, thought, debate, communication, compassion, understanding, judgment, connecting to feelings or paying attention to thoughts and emotions.

Harmony? Mind, body, spirit?

Love over fear as always and it begins with you. Seeing the world through more loving eyes. Love for both yourself and others.

Added ~

When You Say Nothing and You Do Nothing, It's a Message. A Very Strong Message. You Are Saying It's OK !

What did you do when you witnessed small children being bullied?

I wonder if that is a factor when it comes to explaining why so many children who are bullied end up turning into bullies.


answered 02 Sep '21, 21:45

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