Consider: two types of people money magnet, and money repellent, and how can one avoid the money repellent negative energy to enjoy financial freedom?

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(27 Oct '10, 12:02) Pink Diamond

It really all comes down to what beliefs we hold regarding money. Those who attract it easily hold a belief centered around the fact that abundance is part of their natural state, therefore it flows into their experience. They see money as a natural exchange of energy and don't view it as "the root of all evil". On the other hand those who repel it, hold the belief that money is hard to come by and is only for the select few - they give their attention to the lack of it and therefore prevent it, or repel it, from flowing into their experience.

I don't think it's about avoiding the money repellent negative energy, because if you focus on this, I think you are in fact placing your attention on the lack of it. The first step would be to uncover what limited belief one holds around the subject of money. Then work on placing your attention on all the areas of your life that are abundant. Appreciate and be grateful for that abundance and this will start to raise your vibration, which will give you more things to notice that you are grateful for and your abundance will begin to increase accordingly in all areas of your life.

Affirmations are also useful for this but remember it has to be a believable affirmation - that's why I think it's best to work at uncovering any limited beliefs first - My increasing finances reflect my changing beliefs about money.


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Yes I agree we need to appreciate, and to be grateful for the abundance etc. Great answer! Thank you.

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We are also in a cultural that makes us believe we must have certain resources to get money. For example, I have always been told the I have to have a job to get money. So, I experienced a time without a job, no money, and suffering. I began to tell myself that was someones else idea of attracting money.Daily I would tell myself I dont need a job to attract money. Through many different ways I would accumalate money everyday; from doing hair, to finding change on the ground, doing alterations, then a job came. What I got out of this that there is no fixed way to attract money, so dont limit yourself that way. If you try to tell money how it will come to you, you will began a cycle of being money repellent. Hope this will help Hj


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I totally agree with you! And your first hand experience with the subject matter proves that you've gotten this lesson! Thank you for sharing! namaste

(23 Nov '10, 15:13) daniele

Yes, I believe we repel if we don't actually believe in ourselves. If you have an inate lack of worth and you genrally don't believe you are worthy of any good coming into your life that will be your story time over. I am at the minute looking at this within myself. I am a well qualified teacher, doing a Masters in Counselling and Psychotherapy working as a pastoral tutor for a pitence. I realise it is my own negative beliefs about myself that have caused this feeling of lack of appreciation from my employees. I have to respect myself and be grateful for the wage that I do have inorder to attract what I believe I am worth. I know I will attract funding for my course but I am working on my beliefs about permanant prosperity not about chance encounters and winning the lottery. I want to attract a job where I am valued and resepcted as an employee and I am paid what I am worth so proserity is naturally part of my every day being. I aso realise I have to announce that it is here in the moment now and my process and thoughts will start to believe it and behave according to it.


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