Straightforward question. By no action I mean no action, not just "no special action", I mean sitting in a room all alone without even a computer and internet connection.

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Barry Allen ♦♦

That's not what the Law of Attraction means.

The Law of Attraction simply means, "That which you think about and desire, and put yourself into alignment with, will manifest into your existence." There isn't anything in that statement that says you won't have to "work" for it.

Of course, what "don't have to work for it" means is that you don't want to do things that are unpleasant to get what you want. There's nothing wrong with that. Ask the Universe for what you want in a way that is compatible with who you are.

But asking for a million dollars to manifest out of thin air sets up a contradiction. You already know that the Law of Attraction is not a magic genie, but you're asking us to prove that it is. As Abraham would put it, that's not a strong statement of affirmation, so it's not likely to produce any result.

What's the fun in that anyway? The real magic is in watching people come together, establishing relationships, working towards a common goal, and building something that is more than the sum of its parts. That's where real power and wealth come from.

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I want the money so I can put myself in alignment with what I really want. If I have to work for the money, and/or if it takes too long, I will go out of alignment with what I really want. The money then is worth less than what it costs, it becomes pointless. I have nothing inherently against action in the external world, but I don't see any way to align through action.

(10 Apr '13, 14:32) flowsurfer

@Vesuvius If the Law is not a magic genie, then what is it? Seriously. What is the value of the law if it neither expands my potential nor lowers what I have to do to get what I want beyond conventional non-spiritual approaches?

(10 Apr '13, 14:36) flowsurfer

@Vesuvius I have zero interest in building or managing any sort of business. I don't want a million dollars, a hundred thousand would be plenty (though to be honest, a million would be awesome). Fifty thousand would be pretty good too. Really even ten thousand would be quite useful.

(10 Apr '13, 15:06) flowsurfer

ye but if you ever align yourself with "money", then you don't see working as pointless. For whatever you align yourself with becomes your purpose, even if temporary. After all as all in life and life itself is.Everything's just for now.

(10 Apr '13, 15:07) CalonLan

and this whole of a joke the universe is, is based on cause-consequence relationship. Sitting in your room is not a cause which generate a consequence of money. Doing nothing, generates nothing. And in that you may understand illusory nature of anything.

(10 Apr '13, 15:10) CalonLan

@CalonLan I don't want to align myself with money. I have tried to focus on money on numerous occasions and the feeling I get is deeply depressing... once I have the money it's like "wait, I struggled FOR THIS!?" Money is not worth the effort it usually takes to earn it. If there is no easy way to reliably attract money, life is basically not worth living because the effort it takes to earn enough just to eat and have a place to sleep is not worth eating and having a place to sleep.

(10 Apr '13, 15:18) flowsurfer

@flowsurfer, regarding the "eat and sleep" thing. In a more advanced part of the world it may seem like a great struggle indeed. Since it's tightly related to money. but there are places where you can quite cheaply eat and sleep like a king. Especially the eating part is true, since for food to taste delicious you don't need money as much as the skill of cooking.

(10 Apr '13, 15:55) CalonLan

@Vesuvius- That last paragraph of yours I feel needs to be highlighted a lot more to people that have initial thoughts of impatience. A million dollars is nothing but a gateway to enjoy the process that inevitably comes along with it. I am starting to get the impression that everything we want to manifest is an excuse to begin the energy of going aboard. Who knows, I'm still figuring out many concepts despite at times I think I've cracked it.

(13 Apr '13, 00:28) Nikulas
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You cannot manifest what you are saying without any action. You need to generate a thought about what you want and then the manifestation process can begin.

So, you would have to have the initial thought.

Unless you are now going to say that you don't classify a thought as an action?


Well then, there is no reason why you couldn't. There is no exception to the Law of Attraction, none that I have come across anyway. If you have a thought which launches the desire for something you want, as long as you have no resistance to that desire (in other words, you truly believe without the shadow of a doubt that a large sum of money can come to you in this way), then it will have to manifest. There are lots of questions on the site that talk about the manifesting process, so if you want more details, you can refer to them.

For example, people get inheritance money all the time, which involves no effort on their part. How is that not their manifestation?


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Pink Diamond

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That is true, a thought is an action. What I meant is no intermediary action. That is, I don't want to have to figure out how to program the next top selling iPhone app. I don't want to "do" anything in order to "earn" the money. I don't want to sell my soul for it. I want the money with no strings attached. No job offer, no business opportunity, nothing of that sort.

(10 Apr '13, 15:12) flowsurfer

And how do I go from doubt to believing something without a shadow of a doubt?

(10 Apr '13, 15:31) flowsurfer

You can use Stingray's Manifesting Experiment 4 for example.

(10 Apr '13, 15:56) Pink Diamond

I cannot understand it, I can't figure out how to apply it and get stuck; I also cannot even understand what "cleaning up" really means (because in many ways I have grown numb to negative emotions).

(10 Apr '13, 16:10) flowsurfer
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it probably not going to happen. YOu are setting some of your own conditions and that can very well come in the way.

No one is saying that you can't get load of money doing nothing. U would get it IF you are aligned to it. U Shud not sell your soul or do things like writing new app for iPhone etc .. If u don't feel the energy. Don't do anything if u don't feel like it.

The only reason we are told to be more generic & allow different possibilities & not to insist on deadlines is to release any resistance & any constriction of energies we may have in that area. It just eases things that's all. There is a difference when I say "I want this $10000 tomorrow by 10 am" vs I say "I know Universe is bringing something similar soon in whatever form Universe knows best & I don't need to worry & know its coming if i follow my joy". Again like I said bringing it tomorrow might be very easy thought for some & it surely will happen for them. But for lot of people the 2nd way is easier.

I am big fan of Neville Goddard too & lot of times I use that too. Yday a cop stopped me for making illegal turn. My registration had elapsed on top of it. But when he stopped me I did a small quick prayer " universe please don't get me in trouble with registration I'm ok for illegal turn". & lo & behold my prayer was answered. The cop made no mention of registration even though I have him expired copy. Frankly in the past once cop noticed elapsed registration & gave ticket for that too. So in this case for me it was not a very big deal even if cop gave me ticket for registration too .. So maybe that's why it worked.

So I would advise you to try both methods in 2 different areas. Continue the question u asked "get large lumpsum of money w/o action" but also choose another area where u may have less resistance & that u sort of like. Maybe making great friends or want to develop a nice hobby that u like & follow your joy or something u love - trying to be real generic in this area & see how that develops... In this area make a wish & be open to different possibilities that Universe will take u to. Don't put time limit etc & just focus on enjoying & not judge no matter what. Just say everything is brought to you by the benevolent Universe. And this way you get to experience 2 different techniques working.

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If it is "as easy to create a castle as a button", why is it harder to get wealth with conditions than without them? Anything you ask is by definition a condition. Why does setting conditions get in the way when all they do is clarify exactly what I am asking for?

(09 Apr '13, 20:25) flowsurfer

@abrahamloa Also, I didn't ask "will it happen?", I asked "how do I make it happen?".

(09 Apr '13, 20:29) flowsurfer

it is not. Yes you can create a castle as a button. People have done nothing and suddenly inherited a fortune. But the question felt like there was some insistence on doing nothing, like a challenge to law of attraction. But if you are easy in your energy then abundance can come to you in magical ways, many times 100 times more than what you expect. Its happened in my life too. My dreams beyond beyond what i wanted also manifested in monetary terms.

(09 Apr '13, 20:34) abrahamloa

if you listen to Bashar he says dont be very specific about it in the way of insisting thats the only abundance. Of course the specfic thing can happen too. but Universe knows to deliver to us, if we just go with the flow and then you will be amazed

(09 Apr '13, 20:35) abrahamloa

Here ya go , can't get less effort than this

The How and the When are not your provenance , they are the Creators your part is alignment :-)

(09 Apr '13, 20:35) Starlight

@abrahamloa Well unless there is a series of freak accidents in my family that kill off about a dozen people, or I have been secretly kidnapped as a baby and my real parents were rich, died, and left the money to someone with instructions to find me, I'm not going to inherit even a small "fortune".

(09 Apr '13, 20:40) flowsurfer

"how do I make it happen?". Be easy with your life. Enjoy the things that you have. Be grateful to everything you have. Align yourself to Source. Love yourself. Love others. Follow your inspirations, follow your joy. Just listen and follow great spiritual masters and spiritual laws and their advise. When you do that life will change. You will be given endless bliss and joy. It wont matter in which manner everything came to you.

(09 Apr '13, 20:43) abrahamloa
(09 Apr '13, 20:48) flowsurfer

@abrahamloa If the universe knew how to deliver on its own, I wouldn't be asking this question. The fact that I am is proof that I can't simply let the universe decide what I should have and when.

(09 Apr '13, 20:51) flowsurfer

i can only tell what worked for me. i consider Abraham, Bashar, paramahansa, etc etc and so many many others advise as TIMELESS, PRICELESS TRUTHS. if we can somehow just stick to their advice and give it a fair chance then our lives will be hugely transformed for the better.

(09 Apr '13, 20:58) abrahamloa

I agree its takes a little time as you learn. I used to ask lot of questions of "why not this way " why that" etc which is excellent but i also kept giving it a chance in some areas and through that i observed that these principles work. So i can only urge you to keep giving them a chance while you also ask all kinds of questions and figure out what works and use them.

(09 Apr '13, 20:59) abrahamloa

@abrahamloa, sorry for my ignorance but who is Bashar? I Google it but there are too many results and I cannot identify which is which. I know Abraham though from the Bible. And who are these etceteras?

(09 Apr '13, 21:35) Romel

@Romel The Abraham mentioned is not that one, it is the one channeled by Esther Hicks. Bashar is supposedly an alien channeled by Daryl Anka.

(09 Apr '13, 21:40) flowsurfer

@Starlight So now the question becomes, how do I project in my sleep as this guy does?

(09 Apr '13, 21:43) flowsurfer

@flowsurfer , seems you and I have both been reading/listening alot of Nev Goddard and in it he speaks of going to sleep with the feeling of the wish fullfilled . Someone else in IQ also mentioned lottery winnings , so I looked up Peter Keddie and how he ALWAYS wins lotto , seems this sleepy state is Theta and thats where one is in direct contact with the Creator . Nev G , says do it at night , Peter Keddie suggests in morning when one's in the groggy half awake ,ergo theta brainwave state

(09 Apr '13, 22:00) Starlight

@Starlight Actually, Neville said it was easier doing it in the morning or after a heavy meal; he also spoke of having a set time during the day so the body remembers to feel sleepy at that time. But he also said we should learn to induce that state at will. When he manifested a way out of Barbados, the "fall asleep" part of his process involved just a nap.

(09 Apr '13, 22:04) flowsurfer

I know there are various meditation mp3's around for free , so perhaps look to source them . I have various Alpha one's but cant say that they have helped me personally . I recently re-found a mind machine I had tucked away years back , it works through sound and light and have asked the company to advise which programmes are theta and how long they last for .Had an experience 2 yrs back using a mediation disk that totally freaked me out ....

(09 Apr '13, 22:04) Starlight

when I spoke with some local Alchemy people they said congrats you made "contact " Part of it was like floating in space and the whole dark blueness was filled with symbols :-)

(09 Apr '13, 22:07) Starlight

@Starlight I never heard of this Peter Keddie and have no idea if he really exists (I doubt it and the internet says it's a joke) but the interview I just read is textbook Neville. He even mentions the "shock" aspect upon return to "reality".

(09 Apr '13, 22:20) flowsurfer

@flowsurfer Can you tell me specifically which Nev pdf /etc you read where he said that please , I haven't come across it yet :-)

Here's Peter Keddie Interveiw

(09 Apr '13, 22:30) Starlight

@Starlight Yes I've read that, it doesn't seem legit and I've found others saying it's just a joke. I've seen the "shock" aspect mentioned many times; he even talks of an exercise Abdullah taught him to "loosen Jacob", which involved sitting in one room imagining he was in another, or facing one direction imagining he was facing another. I can't tell you where I heard Neville say any one thing because I've read or heard most of what he produced, but you can try google.

(09 Apr '13, 23:06) flowsurfer

@flowsurfer , thank you anyway , maybe I'll put it out to Universe to find it for me ;-)

(10 Apr '13, 00:03) Starlight

@Starlight Alright, alright... The 1948 lessons, specifically lesson 1, has this "You will receive a shock when you open your eyes and discover we are here. It should be a shock when you open your eyes and discover that you are not actually that which, a moment before, you felt you were, or felt you possessed."

(10 Apr '13, 14:23) flowsurfer

@Starlight "My old friend, Abdullah, gave me this exercise. Every day I would sit in my living room where I could not see the telephone in the hall. With my eyes closed, I would assume I was in the chair by the phone. Then I would feel myself back in the living room. This I did over and over again, as I discovered the feeling of changing motion."

(10 Apr '13, 14:24) flowsurfer

@flowsurfer , thanks for that :-) In the meantime LOA came up trumps and put me in contact with the most Amazing Neville resource

(11 Apr '13, 11:21) Starlight
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What you are talking about seems to be like if you could just wobble your empty fist in the air and have gold appear in your hand. Only magicians can do this and then it is a trick done by mirrors.

Now if some guru did it that would be impressive. You'd never see that since yogi's don't want money.

Edit update

I just found a story of some Yogi Swami guy that actually does materialize gold chain! He waves his hand around in the air and next a gold chain is coming from his hand!

I would like to learn how to do that! That would make an excellent question for IQ.


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Wade Casaldi

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@Wade Casaldi- Do you have a link or reference for the story of "some Yogi Swami guy"?

(13 Apr '13, 00:30) Nikulas

Listen , this is the plan go online plug in paid surveys. Don't thank me , thank yourself for following the plan.

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Popi Bearcat Gibson

I am being serious. Is the LOA for real or not?

(10 Apr '13, 11:12) flowsurfer

"how to choose the right website for paid online surveys"

(10 Apr '13, 14:31) ru bis

Abbreviation only can be relevant when everyone knows what the abbreviations means. What is LOA ? You have to read what the surveys are asking you, you have to do your own research . I got you started . Let me know how is goes,.

(10 Apr '13, 14:46) Popi Bearcat Gibson

Did you know people pay to play videos games where they get to murder trolls for fun?

(10 Apr '13, 15:01) flowsurfer
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