I am a stay at home, home-school mom needing to manifest money

This is what I would like...

part-time work away from home that works with our schooling hours or work from home

$1000-$2000 additional monthly income

What does anyone recommend?

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Barry Allen ♦♦

I often repeat this affirmation from memory with FEELING:

"I am so HAPpY & grateful that money comes to me increasing quantities & through multiple channels on a continuous basis!"

Within a VERY short amount of time new channels of money began forming in my life! Even found a $100 bill a week later! I believe it's a very powerful affirmation---however the power comes from within...trusting, knowing, allowing & being HAPpY & open--and affirming with FEELING :)

All the best!


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Well, it seems like you might be new to the site, as am I. In the short time that I have been here I have learned that the answer to that question is, that you are doing it right now.

You have actually manifested this site and we along with it (even though we were already here but no to "you").

Congratulations! By sticking around here and to allow yourself to be ready for insight, This information you need will appear to you. Either from here or a book that will be in front of you.

So get ready, be excited. Because you are on that journey. You are in the process of getting that money right now so stay on track :)!

Much love Be well


BTW, you can do this the hard way or the very very hard way. Manifesting takes effort and the ability to maybe change prior beliefs that might run quite deep.

I would wish you luck but there is no such thing.


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jim 10

Well, in short read these!


then try these:


Sell crafts on eBay. Most money-making ideas involve performing a task stay-at-home moms already do. For instance, if you make your own crafts or flower arrangements, you can start your own craft business. Particularly, if family and friends often compliment you on your projects, you know that others will like them too and will pay money for them.


Start a food business. In this busy world, families are sometimes too busy to cook or eat healthy. Approach some of your friends and neighbors. Let them know that you're thinking of starting a home business and ask whether they would be interested in you cooking dinner for them for a fee.


Open an interior decorating business, one of the many money-making ideas that can help you remain a stay-at-home mom. If you like decorating your home and visitors often comment on your decorating skills, you may be able to turn that into a business. Some persons have a hard time choosing and coordinating colors.


Deliver groceries. Busy families welcome not having to shop for groceries after work or on weekends. You may be able to arrange your stay-at-home mom schedule so that you can shop for your friends for a fee.


Write an eBook, another one of the many money-making-ideas. If you have a happy marriage or you've been married for a number of years, share with others what has worked for you and make money at the same time. You don't need to be expert. Simply write about your own personal experience. It's up to the reader to decide whether he wants to personalize the information or not.


Look for sites about parenting, women issues or family matters, and find out whether they're accepting new writers. This is another money-making idea that gives stay-at-home moms an opportunity to make money and care for their families at the same time. Write articles on topics you're familiar with.


Consider writing for eHow or other similar sites such as Associated Content or Bukisa (new site). All you need is a computer, decent grammar skills and a spell checker. Once you try any of these money-making ideas or come up with your own, you'll find that you have a lot more experience than you realized you had.


Write a report and help other stay-at-home moms make money with money-making ideas such as the ones mentioned above.

Read more: How to Make Money From Your Stay-at-Home Mom Experience | eHow.com http://www.ehow.com/how_4670888_make-money-stayathome-mom-experience.html#ixzz144iMjYH5


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You sure full of ideas.

(01 Nov '10, 23:53) Drham

I think you should build on the ideas that back to basic mentioned. Write a list of the things that you can do well and then start looking for opportunities. In the mean time keep thinking positive and trust that the Universe will guide you.


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These are some affrimations that work for me try them!

1. I now have success conciousness with money.
2. I now have a surplus conciousness.
3. I enjoy being economically self- sufficient
4. People enjoy paying me money for what I enjoy doing most.
5. Life always holds out as much goodness I am willing to accept.
6. I am enjoying creating prosperity for the person who gives me money.
7. My connection to infinite intelligence is adequate enough to yeild a personal fortune.
8. The more willing I am to prosper others, the more I am to prosper myself.
9. I have the right to give myself permission to become wealthy and do anything I want.
10. I no longer have to go along with the erroneous ideals of my parents about making money.
11. The wealthier I become, the more I spread it around.
12. Each year my money increases faster than i can spend it.
13. It takes less effort to be wealthy than it does to keep out the universal supply.
14. Life rewards me with abundance.
15. I deserve to be wealthy, rich, prosperous, affluent...
16. I enjoy expressing my abundance.
17. I now have a prosperity consciousness all of the time.
18. If I dont watch out, money will fall into my lap.
19. I dont have to work to get money.
20. Money is trying to come to me and, if I just get out of the way it will happen.
21. People are now rewarding me with money just for being alive.

Say and/or read them when you become frustrated so you can focus energy on what you really want, through out the day, in the morning and evening. Whatever works for you.



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Barry Allen ♦♦

The money is already there, what you need to know is how to access your share of the money. So go through your list of elimination, and focus on your long term goal to start the money flow into your life.

What talents do you have to sell for paid service, or what merchandise do you have to sell to make fast cash? There is a lot of money to be made, if you are a very resourceful person, you know what you want, and know how to get what you want! I know of someone who is partnering up with a friend to start their own business right now. Perhaps this is something you might like to do!

You can have all the money you want, but you have to have a clear plan in place that works, and you will get the money you want. Good luck!


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Inactive User ♦♦

I am just a man, so I know little about women hehe. It seems though that most woman are concerned about health and beauty. There families well fair and how to appeal to their husbands. This is not a slam. I respect the role of the mom. Just the health and beauty idea could launch 1000 businesses. The guys usually don't have any trouble getting together for beer and football. Why couldn't women get together for more feminine pursuits. If you get some ideas from this send me a commission check (joke).

Blessings in your pursuits


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Give people what they want and they will be seeking you.

(03 Nov '10, 05:46) Tom

In exactly the same way that you manifest the lack of it.



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Monty Riviera

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