This question is inspired from the laser question also but as well inspired by something I found while searching for mind of Christ.

While searching for the mind of Christ on the internet I came to Catholic link that asked, "Why we pray to saints?" I thought this might be interesting. So I decided to read it even though I'm not Catholic. Well I was baptized Catholic as a baby but that is another thing.

As I had read this question and answer, I had come to a new understanding and appreciation of this subject. I always felt similar to the Christians that thought praying to saints was putting them before God.

This priest explained that they don't pray to saints. But saints pray for them. This is similar to when you feel sick or depressed and ask friends to pray for you. Their prayers heal, help and guide you. It is true Jesus made it so that we can pray directly to God. But if we don't feel up to directly praying, feeling to sick or depressed, to the point that we don't even care, then we ask to be prayed for.

The saints are not put before God but ourselves. God is above all and before all. So these saints seem like messengers or friends. They are always worthy and always up for the task ever ready and willing to help.

So it would seem that saints are similar to in our ancient mythology of the God Mercury that was the messenger between human kind and the Gods of Olympus. So these saints are in a similar way messengers we can give our prayer to so they take to God. In other words another way of releasing intention and knowing it will be done. If we haven't faith that we are worthy of God's time and so feel abandoned we can at the least have enough that a Saint would listen to us and get things moving for us. After all these are beings that were men or women and understand us, we may feel more comfortable with talking. With God all powerful all mighty we might feel intimidated or out of touch. Jesus is there but we could feel even he is too much to approach but a Saint is more like a friend that understands and you feel will lend a hand.

The interesting thing is Jai pointed out saints are very similar to angels as messengers. That seems like it would make another good question.

Do you feel saints are like messengers or friends that pray for us when we don't feel like we can pray for ourselves?

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Wade Casaldi

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IQ Moderator ♦♦

"This is similar to when you feel sick or depressed and ask friends to pray for you" ~ glad you finally found this out for yourself. Maybe now you might wish to update those remarks you made on another thread(s) stating otherwise. If the 2 of you wish to make comments about another person's faith, you should base it on facts & not false beliefs & prejudices.

(23 Dec '13, 14:53) ele

saints show us example of what we can achieve too. they lead us to the Truth that they have already achieved and we are trying to find. There are lot of saints but Jesus Buddha or paramahansa yogananda are ascended Masters. Basically it means they are the Michael Jordon level and other saints are like other pro players :-)

(23 Dec '13, 15:00) abrahamloa

Divinity can be personal and/or impersonal too. Thats why there are people who worship actual figures likes Jesus, Krishna, Buddha etc. And there are other who see as Universe or Cosmos or a Field or Vortex etc Both are true.

(23 Dec '13, 15:01) abrahamloa

when you pray to specific figures or persons deeply it CAN become meditative too and you touch the Superconscious... also when you pray you CAN form very deep faith and belief. You can also pray and still in your head and not form belief. so those are same 2 elements that people go for even w/o believing in personal God or even people who don't believe in God.

(23 Dec '13, 15:07) abrahamloa

bottom line whether you believe in a personal God, or whether you believe in Universal Source energy or you don't believe in God at all, you can make it work or NOT work based on how you are doing it.

(23 Dec '13, 15:08) abrahamloa
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Hi Wade,

Your question reminded me of a story about the Buddha I once heard years ago that stuck with me. As he lay dying, his friends surrounded him in sorrow, asking what would they do without him? He answered them by asking something like, "Where is it that you think I'm going to go?". It reminded me of Jesus saying "I will never leave you nor forsake you.", and of countless stories of loved ones watching over us from the other side of the veil.

It's that question that gets to me. Where is there to go, if you don't believe in the existence of time and space? My answer is nowhere, because there is no where.

It's how I once explained to a good friend how I could be not a Christian, but still had no problem talking to Jesus - I think he was/is a great guy, and where's he gonna go to get away from me? LOL! :)

That means to me that we can talk to anyone we like, and ask anything we want to of them. I think they are just as likely in spirit as in human incarnation to do as we would like them to do, but perhaps much more so and more freely as spirit, having broken the bonds of this mortal life and it's perceived limitations.

So I like your idea that asking help from saints is much like asking a friend to pray for us. I think, why not?

Please focus the energy of your consciousness on this situation with me (or for me, because I'm just not up to it today), and flood it with your beautiful love and intention, and thanks so very much!

Works for me! :)

As for this incarnation of Grace, I'm focusing my love and intention on a very Merry Christmas to all on Inward Quest, and a very happy, healthy and love-filled New Year!

Love, Grace :)


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Thanks Grace and Merry Christmas to you too. ✦ :-)

(24 Dec '13, 00:31) Wade Casaldi

Every one is a child of God (Mathew 23:9); hence has the potential to become a saint. If one has become a saint means everyone can become--that is the message every saint sends!


answered 24 Dec '13, 08:08

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T D Joseph

This is a very good point. I was more looking at it from a way to send prayers or intention but this is a good point. There is more to this, I like that.

(26 Dec '13, 20:32) Wade Casaldi

perhaps, not unlike the belt
color achieved by the one
studying the marshall arts
a level of knowledge known

the hierarchy of gods
is there and as we learn through
our efforts they are there
to show us more wisdom


answered 24 Dec '13, 07:30

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Are saints just messengers? are angel just messengers? when you interact with someone are you just a messengers? If one share some light of truth with you is he just a messengers? why does this question comes to mind? is it to seek a difference? What are you seeking? and for what perpace? is it to move from the darkness of ignorance to the light of truth?

If someone is just a messengers to you what are you to him? is it because someone is in the flesh that you would make him just a little lower then the angels? Do you truly need to make someone else lower then you to feel good? if that is the case what are you to him? every one is at different level of understanding on different things each one as values, do not ignore that to praise your self work on your weakness to better your self. if you can help someone along the way help them. if you can show them something show them if they can show you something learn from it. I am not a divider am I?

Let there be light, be the light that you can be , experience and enjoy.


answered 27 Dec '13, 02:45

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white tiger

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