I never pray for myself, but i pray for my family friends those who i do not like and i even prayed for the one i have strong feelings for that him and his current girlfriend would get better.

I feel like The Lord would be mad at me for being so selfish as to pray for myself.

I feel that none of my prayers would come true either. I wanna pray that sometime before the end of the school year me and the one i have strong feelings for will end up together since him and his current girlfriend have problems, but i feel so selfish and bad and almost like i am sinning by liking someone who is taken.

I don't consider myself a strong Lutheran seeing as i dont attend church each sunday.

I do pray quite often though and when i prayed things would get better between the one i like and his girlfriend they did.

I feel horrible asking The Lord to help us end up together some how some way before the end of the year.

I feel bad about praying for myself in general.

someone please help.

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Barry Allen ♦♦

Ive been where you are Elizabeth.I REALLY have. Gods very very wisw,He knows everything about everybody.In fact He has all knowledge.There simply isnt anything He dowsnt know.

He is the perfect matchmaker,He knows how people can and do change and He knows who will be right for who.

The first thing that God said WASNT GOOD in the book of Genesis was man being alone.This analogy or truth ( whichever view you hold ) leads me to know that God wants a suitable helper and mate for you.

I would pray /beleive/affirm, whatever it is you believe and do, that The Father will bring you your perfect mate.I did this years ago.I ended up with just that.

Trust your deity to make the right choice,His choice may surprise you,it may not be what you would have thought.If your leaning on Gods power to do stuff like this ( and the fact you pray says you are ) then lean on His massive intelligence as well.

Your right to want a mate,trust God /the Universe to deliver what you want.Focus on a happy relationship and leave the details to someone whos been dealing with them since time began.

Graham and Melanie


answered 13 Sep '10, 08:36

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Monty Riviera

How refreshing to hear from the two of you! Blessings...

(13 Sep '10, 11:46) daniele

Many thanks Daniele.your right ..we should ASK its the Fathers good will to give us the kingdom!! and if He will do that everything else must surely be included.

(13 Sep '10, 15:30) Monty Riviera

God bless you both :).. Thank you..

(14 Sep '10, 13:54) AVBhat 1
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Are you feeling guilty, if so why? Are you in love with the same man your girlfriend is seeing, or is it jealousy? Is this man attracted to you, or are you attracted to him? What is it that you are afraid of? What is it that you want, and how can you get it? Look deep into your heart, and ask yourself these questions. More so, ask your self is this right? If you can answer these questions truthfully, then, you will be able to make the right decision to move on in your life. I am sure there is someone very special out there for you to connect with; so give it a try, and stop looking into the wrong direction!

It would be nice for you to pray for your own special Knight in shinning Armor to come to you, and sweep you off of your feet! That is what love is all about, and you can pray for a lasting relationship.

A word of caution, sometimes what you think you want, is not really good for you, so you can pray for directions to make the right decision. Good Luck!


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Beloved,I can feel what a beautiful soul you truly are and how much you're suffering. I used to feel the same way you do, that it is selfish to pray for myself and that one should always ask the Lord to help others for I am either strong enough to handle my own problems or somehow unworthy.

My dear, never forget that you are the Lord's child also and that you do matter, that your suffering makes the Lord sad and that your joy is the greatest thanks you can give in return for this beautiful life. The Lord would love to hear you ask him for what's in your heart, for without asking it would be hard to answer, sure He knows what's in your heart, but remember "ask and you shall recieve."

What I would suggest my sweet is phrasing your prayer regarding the boy you like in a way that would spare you the guilt of his potential break up with his girlfriend. For instance, I would phrase it "Dear Lord, please help me and (the name of the boy you like) end up together before the end of the year all according to (the name of the boy you like) 's will."

In this manner, your prayer will be taken to this boy and he would be made aware of it and would be free to decide what to do with it.

It might also be you're focusing so much on this one boy that you can't see the longing in another.....So keep your heart and eyes open dear, and remember, your prayers, when done correctly (taking into consideration others' sacred right of free will) shall prove most rewarding (you'll be amazed!) Good Luck sweet one


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Where did you get the idea that praying for yourself is a bad thing?

Now your prayer may be answered with a NO or in another strange way that you have no concept of right now. Sometimes it is better to pray asking for guidance on the thing you want first. There could be something even better for you.

Praying for yourself as long as it is in good will is not a bad thing. In addition when we can better ourselves through prayer we are also bettering the lives of those around us.


answered 13 Sep '10, 16:07

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