This is the "part" of manifesting that has always bugged's as though we are playing God for ourselves.

Are we?

Or is manifesting really just another form of praying?

Are both true? We can pray for what we need- OR- we can manifest what we need from the Universe?

But manifesting sort of seems to leave God out of it...

This is a huge puzzle that has always bugged me about the whole manifesting thing. "For your Father knows the things you have need of before you ask Him..." (Mt 6:8) So if I have Faith, I need not manifest anything, for it will come to me of the Father anyway. Is that not so?


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We are playing God and God is playing through us.

There is no "leaving God out of it" because that would be leaving you out of it - and your universe does not exist without you.

Why are you bugged? Do you believe those manifesting are being egotistical? Building their own "tower of babel"? They aren't.

Instead, people are masquerading as ever so humble, and because they "are but" dust of the earth, or a powerless worm - anyone who thinks they are otherwise is "raising themselves" - but no. The dust is debasing itself instead.

There is a part of you that is suffocating - gasping for breath. It longs to create, for the thrill of creation alone. Experience for joy itself. Connect with others - the pain of apparent separation being worthy of the sudden love in dissolution with another. It wants to unfold itself - which is a shining aspect of God.

You are correct though - all you would need is faith. But most people misunderstand 'faith'. If someone is truly faithful, they are entirely relaxed. They are absolutely carefree. Faith expands you.

Now, what do you think this ever so humble attitude does? This having faith in all things but oneself? It contracts you - there is nothing to do with faith in it. This is true in all manifesting. If most people lived in a relaxed, carefree, joyous state - if they truly had faith - they would live quite happily and many things desired would automatically manifest.

But if God already knows what we need before we ask, then why, I ask you - are we told to pray for what we want? Certainly not for God. We pray for - ourselves. To clarify our desires to ourselves - and to glorify and sing praises if the spirit moves us. (And that spirit is God, so God is quite the narcissist :P) [Some might argue we are given free will and have to tell God we want him to help... I think this is true to an extent as well]

Ultimately, it has been my impression that God wants us to "grow up" and eventually learn what manifestations/desires would truly fulfill us and which would bring pain. He does not really care too much what happens in between now and then. (Assuming he is actually within time and can recognize a 'now' and 'then')

Personally I do not pray for "things". When I pray, it is because I am actually in communication - and this often does not involve words. I am seeking inspiration, drinking deep from my cistern, for guidance, wisdom...or just dwelling in a state of bliss.

I always found it interesting that God was described as "The God of Jacob", "The God of Isaac", "The God of Abraham" - that Jesus was "Son of Man" and "Son of God". God is personal - not impersonal. People insist on praying to this ill defined blob somewhere out there, in some "please help me, your unworthy son" formal fashion - and meanwhile think to themselves how silly they feel asking for something from something they don't really believe exists.

How would you feel, if I just called on you whenever I needed or wanted something - and never answered your calls or called you any other time? Well, that is how people act towards God all the time. Realize that personal aspect of God, who works within you as well - and actually talk like you would to a good friend, forget all those silly formalities.

That is better than all that nonsense "prayer" people do.


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+1 So much good stuff here.

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Great answer:-)

(05 Jan '10, 23:59) Michaela

very nice! thank you, namaste

(25 Sep '10, 17:05) daniele
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Just us living is an expression of God, I believe that manifesting is something we have always done as natural as breathing. The only difference now is that it is out of the Great Secret Societies and more mainstream now. But manifesting is like understanding how prayer works, you needn't understand how your electricity works to light your house, this is the same with prayer. Manifesting comes easier the closer to God we get because the closer to God we get is the closer to source we get. Prayer is consciously choosing to work with God in manifesting, where are mechanical I'll do these steps manifesting is not consciously choosing to work with God, however you can not work without God you can't even breath without God as you are an expression of God. So I see manifesting as an expansion on prayer, or as prayer in another form, as we know prayer has other forms as meditation manifesting is yet another. Also playing music or painting any creating is an expression of God even dreaming.


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