This new years morning I experienced something very strange to me: When I awoke I asked myself what this year will bring to me.

The first thought which came into my mind: You will die.

So - I am unable to imagine that this thought will become true but I am wondering what's the real message?

I have to admit that there's still some preoccupation inside me and my thoughts come often back to this. It is actually hard for me to get an idea to switch this thought in something more positive.

In case of a dream I would understand it as I lost last year a dear friend with whom there was a connection through the spirit world. But my thought came up when I was awaken...

What perhaps make this thought more heavily is the fact that I am doing some meditation where I connect my spirit with the universe. Therefore another voice tells me that the spirits are talking to me, tell me what will happen within my life. But maybe there's also another interpretation which I am unable to see actually.

Your thoughts on how to handle this strange words are appreciated. Thank you!

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enjoy each moment as if it was your last...not that you need the though to relate to it.

(02 Jan '14, 07:54) CalonLan
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There're always two sides to the coin, putting it otherwise there's always negative and positive aspects. Death to the unconscious is not dying and disappearing as we often think of it as, the opposite to death is birth. My interpretation of thinking of death means that you're going to experience sudden and sweeping transformations, the ending and clearance of negative aspects, the death of negative aspects if you like, and the energy of these deaths is recuperated, recycled and used in a more positive fashion. This year should bring a brand new start into your life a new dawning

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Thank you for driving my thoughts into the proper direction. I am well aware that there are a lot of negative aspects which until now I was/am unable to change. I will understand this thought now the way that I am finally able to drive in the desired direction.

(02 Jan '14, 14:13) Rieke F

When you claim Jesus as your savior you die and a new you is born. Similarly this is part of inititations in the mystery schools, the old dies the new is born.

This can also be in a new years resolution, for example someone addicted to alcohol decides to seriously quit and totally change him/her self.

Another way is a great enlightenment that changes you and your whole life. A drastic serious shift in mind and life is a death of the old.

In any of these, you lose the old person and gain the new person. It is about transformation.

So this does not have to be a physical death, it can be transformation, death of the old you, birth of the new.

It can be that your life and who you are become unrecognizable to those that know you. Now in this case you need to understand, there are those that will want to pull you back to your old life. They will be uncomfortable with the new because they are still in that old pattern that you left behind dead.

This change that I showed is neutral in that there is another way you could die as the old you. This way needs to be watched out for. If something big happens and breaks your heart that creates a drastic life changing shift too, but into depression or drinking or whatever negative.

It is a big shift either way.


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Wade Casaldi

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I will follow your thoughts of transformation which means for me finally, a way more in accordance with what I appreciate but which for several years I couldn't change. Thank you Wade!

(02 Jan '14, 14:19) Rieke F
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