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Every second of every day- indeed, every millisecond of every day- I am choosing my reality. I am choosing whether to be happy or disgruntled; I am choosing whether to be a Navy Seal or major in Biochemical Engineering (both which are such hard work that I might, at times, feel quite unhappy, but will bring me my happiness anyway...); I am choosing what objects to observe in my environment, and then choosing my reactions to the objects that I see. As an example, I now look up from my keyboard and see my bedroom, and I could choose to observe everything in it- but I usually do not. This time, I see my cat, Beau-Beau, in the window. Am I going to call him to me? Am I going to try and see what he sees out the window? Or am I going to squint my eyes and try to see the dark brown tabby stripes that are magically hidden in his seemingly solid black coat? Our brains are making choices non-stop, and we can bring any choice we make up to the surface, and alter the choice or whatever we want to do with that choice.

I have millions of choices at every moment, and I am right now glad that my process of choosing is usually unconscious, for it is overwhelming to consider the choices that are presented to me by my eyes when I look up from this keyboard. But hidden in my choices at every millisecond is intent for the future. Those choices exist out there, waiting for me to optimize my existence. And every moment you live from now on will be a decision, a choice, as to what reality you care to experience.

Your whole future is waiting for you to choose it. Watch this, (which is, What the Bleep Do We Know?), to learn about all of this.

Love to you all,

Jaianniah ♥

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@jaz- Never saw this in my life until now.

(13 Jun '15, 18:38) Jaianniah

it all boils down to that famous phrase ... "to be or not to be" ... "is it better to live or to die?"

(13 Jun '15, 23:40) jaz

"is it better to live or to die?" ... this is a trick question ... the flip side to death is birth

(14 Jun '15, 23:25) jaz


(13 Mar '19, 19:48) Roy
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Yes, it comes to what we pick. We may choose to see flowers or weeds. What we have or what we lack. The choices we make influences the experiences we live through.

Thought creates experience, it is like choosing to go to a film, it could be a comedy, drama, adventure, science fiction, thriller or horror film, what we choose to watch we see played out before us on the giant silver screen.

We pick before we experience the film which category of film we choose. We know if we choose horror we will be terrified, we even expect that. Now in life where we put thought brings us that experience, so if I choose how bad things are that is the experience I'll be having. If I choose how good things are that is the experience I'll be having.

I remember It is said in the Bible Jesus said, "To those who have, they will receive more, to those that lack, they will lose even what they have." Having something is interesting because he said they will have more but those that lack will lose what they have. So this is clearly not about possessions because those that lack have something to lose. So he seems to be pointing to a state of mind, having, appreciating, enjoying, feeling blessed, feeling secure, feeling needs are taken care of. The lack mind is the opposite, lacking, fearing loss, scared, not appreciating but ignoring what is owned, wanting something else, wanting something more, depressed, feeling helpless, feeling no one cares, feeling alone, feeling what more is going to be taken away, feeling unstable, insecure, feeling there is never enough.

So if those are put into two categories, one "Those that have" and two "Those that lack" as if the lists I just gave are examples of what to expect when one of those two categories is chosen then we see clearly why Jesus expressed that lesson.


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what we are, with free will
is responsibility
of choice, if we fight not
nature, our world be better place

01 june 2019


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