I know that sometimes, when my mind is really focused on something, I do not notice my severe pain. What is going on in my body at these times? Does it have to do with endorphins? Can a person "learn" how to control severe pain with thought?

I posted this question some time ago, and since have learned a thing or two about pain. See below for my answer.

Love to all of you, Jai

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See also http://www.inwardquest.com/questions/2243/how-can-spiritual-beliefs-and-practices-help-those-in-chronic-pain

(21 Dec '09, 16:21) Vesuvius

Your focus cannot be in two places at once. Even those who claim to be able to multi-task are really just switching their single focus rapidly between one subject and another.

So if something other than your pain has your attention for a while, you cannot be also focused (i.e. be consciously aware) of your pain so you don't feel it.

I guess you could learn to control severe pain with thought, but I would like to offer two observations, before you consider going down that path.

  1. Pain is an indicator of resistance to energy flow. It is like a burglar alarm going off. You can remove the irritation of the noise of the alarm by putting plugs in your ears but it doesn't really deal with the reason for the alarm going off. Each of your body's cells has an innate universal intelligence and has the self-knowledge to know what is necessary to bring about a healing. When you are feeling pain, it means the universal energy they are summoning is not being allowed to flow freely to them. If you are able to relax into the pain somehow, using whatever method you find acceptable, you may find it helps considerably.

  2. The other observation I wish to make is that painkillers, and medicines in general, are physical manifestations of desires from those who have previously been in pain. There is no particular virtue in ignoring them, going back to basics and using some mind-control based approach exclusively instead. As the saying goes, why walk on water when you can use a boat? If you are in pain, use a painkiller but then during that pain-free period, consider spending some time in softening the resistance that underlies the pain.


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This is very similar to a story of how an Avatar Master cured a man that suffered chronic pain for many years. As the Avatar kept switching the guys attention he all of a sudden had a breakthrough that he was once told by his commanding officer "Pain is good, it let's you know you are still alive." When he realized this it was released and so was his pain.

(22 Dec '09, 11:47) Wade Casaldi

opps lets not let's

(22 Dec '09, 11:49) Wade Casaldi

This is a great story on perspective and healing chronic pain by Harry Palmer and Avatar EPC.

Help For A Suffering Planet by Harry Palmer

This is a story of a man that has chronic knee pain, he has had it for very many years, Harry Palmer talks with him and does a shifting attention exercise. Through this exercise with Harry he has a break through and cures his knee pain. This is a very simple thing and is very natural to do like just having an ordinary conversation. It is so easy you could even help someone without him/her knowing you are doing it.


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Wade Casaldi

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I really recommend that those who have read Wade's answer, follow the link and read the story. It is wonderful! Wade, I was wondering if you should add a bit to your answer to introduce the link...Just a thought..Love, Jai...Merry Christmas! (2009)

(24 Dec '09, 19:09) Jaianniah

I have had very deep severe pain and I am telling you that pain was so severe that when I was sleep the pain was still there in my sleep. It was a constant even strong pain killers only ease the pain and made it bearable.

How it ease up and started getting better where I didn't have it every second of the day and night and in such a severe way was I keep praying to God and my prayers were answered through a yellow jack type of wasp stung me on my knee and I thought that pain was very severe but this you could not live with it long it would kill you it was so bad in a few weeks I am sure.

Anyway the yellow jack had 3 stinger one was white, brown and yellow or red I have forgotten now which and the reason I remember a yellow jack only has one stinger and this one had 3. For three days I had very sever pain from the yellow jack sting and it was really bad days past I notice that the pain wasn't near has quite severe as it was. So, I am so thankful it stung me but I do not wish to go through that kind of pain again. I don't know what kind of medicine he put in me with those 3 stingers but it worked and it helped me. Later on God did some more healing. I still can't over do things but I am so much better.

You are right the cells and the nerves send signals to the brain telling us there is a problem their for us to get it corrected so the natural flow of our electrical energy flows smoothly.

I also had somebody do some touch and you see my back and legs hurted me real bad and she did something I don't know I thought it might have been reflexlogy but she said no she would catch the top of my legs and go down them with both of her hands and than shake them off and do it again for a while with different legs and it was a while afterwards that I realized my legs didn't hurt me anymore. She wouldn't tell me what she done she just would tell me what it was not from my guessing. I just don't know what it was.

I gave you a link on another question you ask about your car accident.


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I suffer from a couple of conditions which cause me severe pain, which is why I asked this question way back when...

I have since learned some tricks and coping skills to deal with my pain. I hope that some, or all, of these tricks can aid someone else.

CHRONIC PAIN VS. SEVERE ACUTE PAIN: There is a difference between the two, and it is important to identify which type of pain you have. If you break your leg, or cut your finger, that is acute pain. It hurts sharp, deep, and "fast". Your brain is telling you to get help and treatment for the problem, which in most cases, you should do. If you've had a tooth pulled, that, too, is acute pain. Now chronic pain is real, but it develops when you have an area of pain that continues for days and weeks. Treatment for chronic pain is very complex. I suffer from both types of pain.

TRICKS TO TREAT! First of all, the answers above cover the fact that you need to try to "defocus" your mind. I find that (ironically) my number one best pain-coping skill is helping other people. Inward Quest itself is one way I do this. While I am writing, I am not thinking about me, but all of you. It works for me. Phone calls to people I know that need support also help.Another "trick" is artwork. You do not have to be a great artist to make a large collage on poster paper. Using old magazines, I have made some great stuff, portraying everything from war to my pain itself. I downloaded Paint.Net from online, and I upload my photos, and mess around with the program: great, great fun! I would show you some of my work if I could figure out how to upload my own art. (Vesuvius?? Stingray?? HELP!! LOL!) The best thing about graphic art is that you can do it from your bed- no messy paints or glue, etc.

WHEN THE PAIN IS UNBEARABLE I pray. I ask my best friend to help me pray, and he can sometimes lift my pain completely! I do use medication, but I try not to overdo it or rely on just that. I do cry. Then I sigh, get some ice, put on a good movie, and give it to God. The act of surrender seems to help the pain come down a notch or two. This is because pain causes a rise in blood pressure, which creates more pain. If you can remain calm, or get to calm, and get your blood pressure down, this will lower the "pounding" where you are hurting.

I hope these things help you. I have written more about chronic pain on Hub Pages under "Jaianniah". Check it out if you'd like.

Good luck. The Hub Pages link eventually will allow you to contact me if you want more help with your chronic pain.

Blessings, and I pray for all of you. May you be pain free one day. Love, Jai


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To share your art, I believe most of all those social networking sites of today have a "create photo album"-like feature that you could use for that. Also if you have a google(mail) account you also have already a photo/image space I think. Or you could sign up at http://www.flickr.com/ or http://www.deviantart.com/ . Then there's DropBox [ http://db.tt/D4SCQf5 ] which lets you share any kind of files privately or publicly and is very easy to use since it integrates into your Windows Explorer. Just drop a note if you need more help.

(03 Mar '11, 18:20) herzmeister

Scan the art and save it. Then upload it to a photo sharing site like photo bucket. Then copy the url to the photo and in the text box for the answer or question, there is an icon for adding a photo. Paste the url into the box. I haven't done it yet, because I don't have the photos hosted that I wanted to use, but that is what I think would work.

(08 Jul '11, 17:51) Fairy Princess
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