if it is having a bio feed back like a person looking at is self in front of a mirror could this pulsar be aware of it self by its own bio feed back? since it as returning energy to it self. it is similar to what someone doing reflection or meditating is doing when observing is own though on is own water giving him a feed back so he can understand himself. also called mirroring. also use in today technology when taking measure to send to a computer about heat, speed, fan rotation, etcetera... to be able to make correct change. used in automobile, aviation, navy, computer, server, internet. communication.


I would say that the energy coming back to it self is for is own awareness, and the outgoing energy outside is a form of communication like radio wave between different receiver and sender. for those that will say or think that energy is only to move things along and cannot have intelligent information embedded with in it I will simply say to you wake up you are using the internet right now and your computer is doing it right in front of you and all over the planet on the internet. you yourself are made of energy and stay hot. when the energy leaves the physical body the body becomes cold and is dead. like a car park outside in the winter when the user start the car it heat up when he close the car it becomes cold again.

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white tiger

There is intelligence in everything, all stuff is thinking stuff including a pulsar;

"The truth is, all matter is basically one and the same. All matter is different manifestation of thought wave or etheric matter. All other states are condensations of the highest state. Thought is consciousness, consciousness is mind. The Universal Mind is what all things ultimately consist of.

Every single elemental type of matter has its own default state at room temperature. That is because it has a mind, consciousness or memory to exist in that state and have its corresponding properties. It is a mental programming present within the matter that arranges the atoms, molecules or subatomic particles in a particular manner.

There is Intelligence in Everything. All Stuff is Thinking Stuff.

As the Universal Mind thinks of a form, it takes the form. As it thinks of a motion, it makes the motion. Everything you see in the universe is an expression of a thought of the Universal Mind. That is the way all things were created. We live in a mental universe and all things are truly thought forms.

When science is able to develop ways of manipulating the mental programming within matter, we will be able to create "smart objects" such as paper that can uncrease itself perfectly after being crushed into a ball. Or even a "mercury man" terminator machine who can transform itself into any shape and color. We are able to change the form and properties of an object by changing the way it thinks.

This sums up the seven states of matter, from matter wave to thought wave.

All matter is one matter. All matter is thought wave. All matter is energy. All energy is one energy. All energy is kinetic energy. Everything moves, everything vibrates. All energy is consciousness. Thought is mind in motion. All matter is mind. All matter and energy are different manifestations of Mind.

Mind is Matter. Matter is Mind. Mind is the universal matter.

Everything needs a medium to exist in. The law of the universe is something must exist in something else. Something cannot exist in nothing. A total vacuum is space empty of everything else except the Ether (dark energy) or thought wave. There is no such thing as complete empty space. It would not even be space at all.

All matter has mass and occupies space. Mass is the measure of an object's resistance to changes in either the speed or direction of its motion. The Ether or thought wave is what fills up the space in a vacuum. It has the least amount of mass because it is of the lowest density. There are different densities of thought wave and different densities in Ether. The Universal Mind is the Ether or Thought Wave by which all other thought waves (etheric matter/energy) pass through.

Something cannot be created from nothing. In the beginning, there was nothing but God or the universal mind. God can only create from himself. God is the universal matter. All things are manifestations of the universal mind/matter. The universe is one continuous sea of energy. There is no separation except by perception.

The universe was created as an idea in the Mind of God. First there was thought wave. The thought wave became beam, the beam became plasma, the plasma became gas, the gas became liquid, the liquid became solid and the solid became black holes. There is balance of forces in the universe. The universal thought wave is even finer than our individual thought waves. The universal mind is the Ether that permeates all things and is All Things.

Everything is Mind. Mind is Everything. The Universe Is Mind."


alt text



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Rather than speculate whether or not a pulsar having some seemingly random or complex behavior is somehow "thinking," it is probably more productive to speculate about the pulsar having some sort of underlying "mechanism" that causes this "behavior," a mechanism which we simply haven't identified yet.

The video already discusses this possibility. Don Scott says (at 3:30 in the video):

If this is an electrical oscillation, there are all sorts of circuits that man uses now that have been developed in electrical engineering laboratories that put out different signals at different frequencies and switch back and forth between one mode of operation and another mode of operation. So it's a strong, strong suggestion that what we are observing is an electrical oscillation that has a couple of different modes of operation. We see it in the lab every day.

In other words, it's not a thought process; it's some sort of mechanistic electrical process that happens to have complex properties. Weather is a highly complex and intricate system too, but we normally don't ascribe consciousness to it.


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@Vesuvius is not the brain also a electrical oscillation? is it not full of circuit and neurons?http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BKVv6v-Hd0A http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xmx1qPyo8Ks

(15 Jan '14, 15:07) white tiger

Yes, but not all electrical activity is equal. A lightning storm is electrical, but it is not intelligent. Nobody would argue that a pulsar has a brain, and none of the scientists who are pursuing an explanation for the pulsar's behavior are wondering if it does.

(15 Jan '14, 15:23) Vesuvius

they might need to look more in to the mirror. who is to say if a lightning storm is intelligent or not? is it because you do not know or understand something that you need to say it is not intelligent? go back a fee hundred year in time and talk with the people. they would also say that you are not intelligent and you say crazy and stupid things. you would say to them tv, x-box, E=mc2. and they would say he is crazy or posses by the demon. even mirror they might not understand. Born of water.

(15 Jan '14, 15:35) white tiger

That is exactly what they would have said: you are possessed by a demon. How is ascribing intelligence to a pulsar (or a lightning storm) any different than that?

(15 Jan '14, 15:38) Vesuvius

@Vesuvius can you prove to me that the lightning or the pulsar is not intelligent? if you say to me you cannot have a intelligent conversation with them is it because you are limited or not on the same frequency? you can hear the sound of dolphin or monky and not understand what is said between them can you say they are not intelligent? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pEk138lqaFo

(15 Jan '14, 17:13) white tiger

Can you prove that the electricity that comes out of one of the electrical outlets in your house is not intelligent? It certainly does some magical things when you plug something into it. But I don't think any reasonable person would consider that electricity to have thinking abilities. Lightning is a very well-understood phenomenon, and it can be entirely explained in physical terms without having to ascribe intelligent qualities to it.

(15 Jan '14, 17:54) Vesuvius
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