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When I feel anger, I am reacting to something that has already happened. My attention is focused on the past. When I feel fear, it is because I am reacting to a future that has not happened yet. My attentions is focused on the future. So both feelings are creations of my mind, and exist when my mind is not in the moment, in the now.

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Saying this, I now wonder where these feelings go if I am living solely in the present moment. If we were able to live, absolutely, 100% in this moment, it would be logical to assume that I would not be able to feel anger or fear. This is because these feelings exist only when I move my attention from the present to another position in time. In other words, living in the present must stop anger and fear, because these two emotions only exist if we are not living in the present moment.

When I just make it my intent to live in the present moment, and allow myself this change in perception, meditation seems to come quite naturally. Indeed, many teachers of meditation begin by telling their students to observe their breathing only, and to ignore any thoughts that might pop into their heads about any other things. This exercise brings the students right down into the present moment. The student feels anger and fear melting away because perception is focused on single breaths at a time, which come measured in the moment.

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Now, what happens to reality when we live in the moment? All that we perceive becomes a deliberate choice. And now we can discover that in those single moments of the present, we become masters of our future, for quantum physics says that we are choosing our reality all the time, whether we are conscious of it or not.

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I hope a good discussion will ensue here about thought, emotion, thinking, and time. I am hoping you will run with this, and perhaps clarify some of what I have written.

Thanks for reading my post!


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One simple answer, we are ''allowing'' the life stream to bring to us those things which we want to experience in our physical reality, in a nutshell, being in the moment is wholeness.


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This reminds me of an experience I had while dreaming. I woke up in the dream and decided to try to observe my dream. As I attempted to observe the dream, the dream disappeared. I could not experience and observe the dream. I could not be both an actor on the stage and the person watching the play. It seems I could be either one or the other but not both.

Harry Palmer from Avatar EPC had a story of healing a man that was in constant pain. In the story the man was healed through intervals of distraction laced with how are you feeling now questions.

It was very interesting that every time he could get the man to talk about things that he liked and things that made him happy the less the pain became. Also the man became enlightened about the cause and released it.

There is a book that I own called, "Be Here Now!" That is a very good book filled with nothing but quotes to remember to always Be Here Now.


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a mind no longer bondaged
to time nor reacting with
the past, perhaps that of
unconditional being


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A good one, @fred!

(16 May '15, 15:37) Jaianniah
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