I've noticed this in my life time and time again. Whenever I am having a 'down moment' a certain someone comes calling me. When in a (mainly) happy spirit, this person does not call or contact me. It's almost like they're 'called' when I am feeling down. Wondering if anyone else has similar experiences.

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Yes, I've been noticing this for years. I become "visible" to different people when in different moods. It's fascinating to observe and really quite predictable at times.

It's all about vibrational matching, as always.

Those who enter your reality when you are completely aligned are representative of that alignment and those who enter your reality when you are out of alignment ("out of the vortex") are similarly representative of that out-of-alignment state.

So I'm generally cautious of those who "appear" when I'm out of alignment and 100% trusting of those who appear when in alignment.

This is not only true of people but also events, opportunities, meetings, deals etc. Those that crop up when you're out of the Vortex are probably not going to be in your best interest, those that are "called" to you when you are in the Vortex are helping you enormously towards what you want.

You can deduce from all this that the best way to live your life is to get into Vortex alignment first (preferably first thing in the morning) and then you can be sure that whatever happens to you or whoever interacts with you throughout the day is always in your best interest.

As Abraham say so well, 'Vortex First, Any Way You Can, Then Everything Else'


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I just glanced at your answer and I Love it!
Great insight!
It awakens an understanding that is immediately available for application in day-to-day circumstances.
I enjoy how you can take the most complex "little bit" that unlocks a flood of understanding and convey it in simple terms for the rest of us.
Thank you for this answer Stingray!

(09 May '12, 16:47) The Traveller

You're welcome, @The Traveller. Thanks for the nice comments :)

(10 May '12, 01:06) Stingray

It's true. Whenever I smile at the world, the world smiles back. Whenever I frown at it, it frowns back at me.

(10 May '12, 03:27) CalonLan

@Stingray- If you do vibrational work before bed, technically, shouldn't you awaken in the vortex?

(27 Jan '13, 20:54) Nikulas

@Nikulas - Yes, if you align with the Vortex as you fall asleep, you'll wake up in the Vortex.

(03 Feb '13, 14:49) Stingray
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In addition to Stingray's answer, I'd like to add and it is my belief that people who come into our lives not only appear depending on what state of vibration we are currently at, but also because there is a reason for them to appear.

To put it in a better way, it is not the other people that appear, but it's us who are able to see them (or thanks to our vibrational state of being attract them closer to us), and not the reasons outside of us, but the reasons inside of us that make it possible.

Very often, in my personal experience, these reasons are lessons we ought to learn about ourselves. If we don't, the people representing/mirroring the lessons will keep on re-appearing in our lives. I'm not talking about your manager you keep on seeing everyday, or people you meet on the bus stop just because you happen to go to work at the same time. But people who touch your soul in either positive or negative, or both ways.

Also, often times, the lesson is hidden in between the lines. That's why we don't learn it right away, because we don't realize there's more than meets the eye.

There was, and to this day is, a person in my life I meet everyday at work who used to, and sometimes (when I'm trapped in the limiting perception of my ego) is causing me great emotional pain. Whenever I look that person in the eyes, I feel betrayed, lied to, aggrieved, followed by feeling hopeless, depressed and desperate, which in a moment turns into being angry and raging like a bull. I get hungry for destruction, as it seems to compensate well for the injustice that I feel. But that person is not the reason I get mad. That person only reflects the reason within me I get mad about.

So in the end I'm angry about myself. For me, it's all about fears. Fears that chain me down, that hold me back from spreading the wings and living life free of doubt, worries and being afraid of silly illusory constructs which has been suggested or imposed on us throughout our lives and we believed them to be true, because we didn't know any better. I always wanted to go through life shinning and sparkling like a sparkle. From the start to the end, give it all I got. But I recognize at times, out of various fears I dim my own light.


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very well said dear! that was a great reminder! :)

(01 Jun '12, 10:15) MagicalUniverse

I agree, it's all about things I want to tell myself, to learn for myself. My hubby and I have somehow agreed to stay together and learn with each other, and anyone else out in the world is only my teacher at this point. There are none in my workplace that I would call friend except maybe one lady who I have learned to trust.

And most of that learning is to trust myself, know that they can't hurt me and learning how to live free from fear and doubt.

(12 Nov '12, 02:19) clearheart

Great question! i notice it all the time. When I've been in times of need various people have popped up and now just can't get hold of them now I don't need them!

It's all about energy matching and the reasons aren't always that obvious. I've had, what I thought, was an ogre of a boss, and I just didn't like how he made me felt. Of course no-one can do that and it was a great opportunity for me to clean up my act, how I felt about my work, etc. I'm much more confident and proud of my work now and my boss is slipping out of my view.

There's always opportunity in there, if you maintain that position.


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well for me that i am down or high it does not change annything,people does not come to see me one way or another. and sometime some people when there is people around well say i am going to call you and they never call,except when they want something from you a service,money etc... so are they sincere that they want to see you? i think they are hypocrites and fake if they really would have been sincere they would have call you. so you see they made their choice. then after when they want something and you do not go, they will say that you are not ok to not go see them because now they need you. and people will believe them and they will be all against you. but if they made their choice even if they did not directly tell you.then why are they against you when you make a choice that respect their choice? or is it that they see only the second choice when they need you? they should have washed the inside of the cup not only the outside. then they could have been sincere and do what they say with their mouth rather then say something not true just to be pleasing on the outside.(you see they wash the outside of the cup but because the inside is dirty when water comes out of their mouth it dirty also the outside,but they do not see it.) has for people appearing and disapeering in your life it is normal we are just passer by in this field. when people like you they stay with you,visit or call you and are sincere. but sometime in life they will need to travel,work or stuff that preoccupied them and they might be busy and not see you for a while, yet they can call you.once in a while. and for those that did not like or hate what i said i will say this blessed is he that is not ashame of me. so let there be light, be the light that you can be, experience and enjoy.


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Wow @white tiger, My life is like this also. It is very difficult, and breaks my heart to be remembered only when they need me, but i never see them when they don't need me! :-(

Sorry, this is not really an answer, but I'm expressing what I feel. Hope you don't mind!

(27 Jan '13, 16:12) Pam WAM
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