Hi everyone,

I've been a frequent visitor to this website for some time now and would like to open my IQ account with a question I've been pondering for some time now.

Without going into too much detail, there are a couple of people I know that have basically spent their whole lives destroying others. They do this by turning people against one another, spreading malicious rumours, manipulating people into doing their dirty work and have been known to steal from people as well. For some reason though, they always get away with it. They have never had to face any consequences for their actions. On top of that, it's like everyone else is blind to what kind of people they truly are. If you were to ask most people what they thought of them, you would only get positive, glowing feedback. There is only myself and my friend that knows what they are really like and to be honest, we've had enough of their behaviour. It's just as bad today as it was 15 years ago when we first knew them.

To cut a long story short, we used to be "friends" with these people. I use inverted commas because we thought they were our friends. In fact, they have no friends in the normal sense. They have many people around them that think they are their friends but if they knew what they did behind their backs they would be shocked. Examples include laughing and joking about someone's father who had cancer, doing impressions of someone crying after his grandad died and making fun of someones disabled relative. Yet if you see them with these people, they come across as supportive, empathetic guys.

If i'm honest, I knew what kind of people they were from the start but I was young then and knew that cutting myself off from them would be a bad idea, as they would use their influence to turn everyone against me, which was a big fear of mine at the time. Eventually though, I had enough and distanced myself from them, as did my friend.

This was over 5 years ago and because we all still live in the same town, we still (whether we want to or not) get updated on what they are up to these days. Despite their continued nasty ways, life just seems to be getting better for them. They are still behaving the same as they have always done, still mentally destroying people, but the universe seems to be rewarding them for their actions. They have somehow managed to buy huge houses in the poshest part of town, money seems to flow to them abundantly and they still seem to be as popular as ever.

Now, this is why I don't believe in karma because if it worked the way people say it does, these two wouldn't be living these extravagant lifestyles. My theory is that if you do something bad and feel bad about it, negative things will happen to you. If you do something bad and feel good about it, positive things will happen to you. Looking back, they definitely used to feel good about doing horrible things to people. Whether it was making up a reputation destroying rumour about someone and finding out it had spread or scamming someone out of their possessions, there was a definite gleam of joy in their eyes. This is why I believe they have not only got away with it for so long, but why they keep coming up trumps.

I've read about parallel universes and my understanding is that every version of every reality already exists and it is possible for us to shift into any one we choose. If this is correct, then there is a universe out there in which their luck has run out and everyone now sees them for what they are. Therefore, it is not me personally who has created it, I am just choosing to see the version I prefer.

To anyone reading this, it might appear that I am jealous of them. Believe me, i'm not. This isn't revenge, this is justice. I'm not talking about them getting a life threatening illness or being made homeless, I just want them to have a taste of their own medicine. Who knows, maybe once they've felt the pain they've put so many through it might change them for the better.

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Terry V

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@Terry V - Why not just forget about them and have nothing further to do with them?

(09 Feb '14, 15:42) lozenge123

perhaps our task is to have that happen here on earth, yet again ours to choose

(10 Feb '14, 16:29) fred
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Is it wrong to shift to a parallel universe in which justice is finally served?

Nothing in your reality is right or wrong other than what you decide it is.

But the real choice you should probably decide upon is...

Do you want things to be "right" OR Do you want to live a happy life?

(See Being Right vs Feeling Good for more information)

You can't have both because you can't control how others play this game of physical reality. You will always be able to find somebody playing the game of life in a way in which you don't approve.

And once you start down the road of insisting on "justice", the Law of Attraction is going to make it easier and easier for you to draw more unjust situations into your life for you to apply your requirement for "justice" towards...because you cannot get "justice" without focusing on what is unjust first.

That's a game you'll never ever win and you'll spend your days battling unjust situations, which is fine if you prefer wearing your underpants on the outside of your trousers...


...but not so good if you just want to live a happy life.


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love the allegory about the underpants @Stingray lol

(10 Feb '14, 05:11) jaz

Hi Stingray,

I suppose your right, I need to just concentrate on improving my own life and trying to be as neutral as possible whenever I hear about those two.

(11 Feb '14, 12:58) Terry V

@Terry V - "trying to be as neutral as possible whenever I hear about those two" - That's easier said than done :) ...especially when you've been feeling "triggered" about them so strongly for so long. Another way of approaching it is to ask yourself about what is it about You that makes You react like that. You'll find something deeper within You that is causing the triggering. And whatever that is, is worth resolving. Otherwise you will just be dealing with effects, not causes

(11 Feb '14, 18:56) Stingray

@Terry V - The ideas within Manifesting Experiment 4 are pretty robust in uncovering and dealing with those "deeper" issues, if you feel inclined to investigate them further.

(11 Feb '14, 18:59) Stingray
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As long as our society keeps rewarding people who have these personal characteristics, they will continue to exist. They seem to succeed because they do, at some level.

The day (as a society) we stop rewarding them is the day they will change their behavior, move to another country, or whatever.


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Massconsciousness paridgm is dog eat dog, or its a jungle out there. I agree this needs to be changed.

(11 Feb '14, 20:40) Wade Casaldi

For most people "Justice" is a code word for "Revenge".

Instead of saying

"I wish Justice is served"

putting out energy for revenge, say

"I wish for a world of Equality where all are treated fairly and equally as individuals"

alt text


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i agree with sathyanji. now "satyug" has started. kalyug ended in 2012. so, cosmic justice will be fast. for now..i would suggest you few things..see if you resonate with them..try to apply.

1) change your focuss- you focuss on your own life. see how you can make you and your life better. you have nothing to do with them. once you change your focuss..,such people will magically vanish from your life.

2) we are not suppose to judge others. cos we are not God. neither we are perfect. so, its better to leave all it to God. and let him decide to..what to do with such people. don't judge them, and don't get angry. just be in your own happiness.

3) you said they are rich having huge homes and abundant money but, do you know how peaceful their life is ? such people may be richie rich..but they lack mental peace. and you know..ofcose a big house and money can't give peace. that is to be something found inside..within us.few of my relatives are also same as you described these people, they are very rich, having large sums of money, they shop a lot..but basically they are poor when it comes to peace n real happiness that alone money can't give.

4) karma.. - this is the universal law. law of order and justice. so, if someone is doing bad to you or spreading bad things about you..all you need to do is.., "forgive and forget".., remember they will eventually face their own karma. why waste your time in revenge and anger. karma takes care of such people very well. may be not in this lifetime but, in their next lives, the will have to face their own karma. don't even react to such people, they don't even deserve your little attension. see.."how people treat you is their karma, how you react is your".

love, light n blessings to you all..



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Hi Supergirl,

I agree with everything you've said, I do need to just forget them and focus on improving my own life. It's just every now and then I hear something new about them and I let it wind me up. As for karma, I really hope it works the way you say it does because they are long overdue theirs.

(09 Feb '14, 14:53) Terry V

This movie is a good example of what you are talking about. Danion Brinkly was much like these people once.

Watch this film and you will see what he experienced when he died. He was dead for I am not sure how long before coming back but the other side told him he must come back and give his message. He died and came back twice.

Here is the film, as you will see he truely enjoyed hurting others. He even laughed while beating people up and shooting people in Vietnam. Oh but he didn't know he would feel their pain someday, he did!

This is a real good film about redemption and love for humanity.

Saved By The Light.


God would like you to know

Instead of wanting them to get theirs, feel sorry for them because you know what they have coming and they don't. Forgive them because they have no idea what they are creating.

Something has occurred to me from your response to supergirl. You have ties to them, every time you hear about them, this has an affect on you. This means that how you feel is related to what you hear about them. That is like you have these fiber optic cables attached to them, these go into your brain and affect how you feel! Cut the cords, these people you don't know anymore, hearing about their good fortune is the same as hearing about anyone you don't know having good fortune.


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Wade Casaldi

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90 minutes.

(10 Feb '14, 09:16) Roy

Yes it is a full length film, not a short clip.

It is pretty good and also pretty informative. The answer to everything is love. :-)

(10 Feb '14, 22:55) Wade Casaldi

Hi Wade,

Thanks for the link to the movie, my friend said he read a book about Dannion Brinkley last year, he's the guy that got struck by lightning, yeah? I'll check this out when I get a chance.

(11 Feb '14, 12:56) Terry V

@Terry V yes that is right, he did get struck by lightning.

(11 Feb '14, 14:11) Wade Casaldi
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strong text earlier Karmic Justice was implemented as a slow process. But from 2014 onwards,as TRUTH is doing forced induction over the cosmos things will be different.satguru Rishidev sri Narendranji is the preceptor who is ordained to to implement cosmic justice.ACTION WILL BE SUDDEN sathyan muttambalam


answered 09 Feb '14, 11:51

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Hi Sathyanji,

I hope your right. Could you share a link with more information on this?

(09 Feb '14, 14:47) Terry V
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