As the title says, what happened in WW2, and with that I am refering to the genocide.

Everyone creates their own reality, however I believe that in WW2, the german folk had been influenced by the Nazi Party and Hitler in particular, giving birth to a mass consciousness(Collective Consiousness) of hatred against certain "kinds" of people.

How did these "kinds" of people become victim of genocide, did they believe they were as the Nazi Party described and labeled them? I can keep giving examples of what I'm trying to ask but I'm sure you understand my question.

Why did they allow themselves to be killed?


I recently manifested this website into my reality, I had been reading about "The Secret" and watched the movie, I read Conversations with God by Neale Donald Walsch and listened to some of his seminars, then I desired a place where I could find answers to my questions I had about the LoA, and from this website, Abraham came into my vision. Thank you for this website! I love it!

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Barry Allen ♦♦

Welcome to Inward Quest.

I think there's a couple of assumptions underlying your question.

  1. In order to become victims (your word), they must have actively believed themselves into that role.

  2. Death is a bad thing.

I would like to suggest that both of these assumptions are incorrect.

Incorrect Assumption 1: In order to become victims, they must have actively believed themselves into that role.

In order to become a vibrational match to something unpleasant in your life, it is not necessary to believe anything at all about that particular thing. Just find things in your life to feel bad about and the unpleasant vibrational matches will start physically manifesting. :)

Then get upset about those manifestations, and you'll soon start attracting more and more unpleasant manifestations (both in number and in strength of unpleasantness).

It's just the impersonal Law of Attraction doing what it does...responding to where your thoughts are predominantly focused.

I think where people sometimes get confused is thinking that the Law of Attraction manifests according to subject matter instead of emotion. In fact, your manifestations can come about from unrelated subjects but which create related emotional responses within you.

There is more information on this in Is visualization a key component in the manifesting process? and here is a relevant quote:

This explains why, for example, you can feel consistently frustrated by, say, your boss at work but it manifests as you always getting stuck in supermarket checkout queues (it matches frustration). Or your television suddenly stops working (it matches frustration). Or your car doesn't always start properly (it matches frustration), and so on.

So those victims did not necessarily have any beliefs related to the Nazi Party.

Another common (and more obviously connected) way to attract something you don't want is to "push against" the thing you don't want...for example, either fear it, fight it or constantly try to protect yourself from it.

Because in order to do those things you must again be focused on what you don't want, which again produces the negative emotional reaction which indicates an unwanted manifestation is coming...except in this case, the manifestation is more obviously connected to the thought pattern that gave rise to it.

Incorrect Assumption 2: Death is a bad thing

In the moment of transition (or death), which is a withdrawing of focus from physicality, all resistance and negativity is instantly released because those are only products of being focused on the physical plane.

So the death experience itself (for most generally resistant people) becomes one of joyous release.

Since the Law of Attraction is always matching up vibrations then if, for example, someone is feeling trapped in their life and are actively seeking freedom, it is quite possible for them to be a perfect vibrational match to death, which provides instant freedom and joy...if it is something they are open to.

Before anyone asks, I should point out that if someone has powerful desires still drawing them to the physical plane, then death is an unlikely positive manifestation because it doesn't satisfy those unfulfilled earthly desires

Indeed, Abraham have said (only half-jokingly) that if people truly understood what a joyous event death really is, there would be many throwing themselves off high buildings everywhere :)

Humans have such a messed-up idea of what death really is that these last few paragraphs can sound truly ludicrous at first...which just demonstrates how deeply conditioned so many of us are regarding this subject.

And yet, so many apparent disasters where many are killed together start to make complete sense when you begin to scrutinize the idea closely.

Yes, there will be those who are caught up in those incidents because of fear-related emotions but there will also be many others who are choosing it (at some level) as a quick way of undergoing the death experience.

A general rule of thumb I have come to observe is that if someone's death is fairly instant and they were not predominantly in a bad-feeling place, it is usually because death was a happy vibrational match (the "next logical step", you could say) and it was a positive choice.

On the other hand, if a transition state is long and lingering (such as through some debilitating disease) then the death is resistance-related.


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Stingray, thank you for giving me insight on this matter, I've read alot of your answers and they are always wonderful, as for this one, my "ah!" moment was in the quote you gave from the other post you linked. Cheers!

(04 Nov '10, 15:13) Milanz

Glad to help, Milanz

(04 Nov '10, 15:27) Stingray

I always thought that the jewish people were too meek to stand what Hitler and his followers put them through. Later I learned that Jewish were tought by their religion to be meek and stand every difficulty that God send them with a humble and happy heart, told not to fight difficulties but to bear with them to please God. That might have put them in the place of facilitate Hitler's horrid manifestation... Just a thought. I'm not a scholar in Judaism, so this is only my opinion. I am willing to be corrected if wrong.

(05 Nov '10, 13:51) BridgetJones09

You may have noticed one or two conflicts in the Middle East area of the world over the past few years. It may well be that Judaism teaches to not to fight difficulties but I still see a lot of fighting going on, don't you? :) And that applies to all of those who cannot let go of this conflict, so I'm not just picking on one side when I say this. So could it not be that there was also considerable pushing against (vibrationally) during Hitler's reign? Just speculating, I wasn't there.

(06 Nov '10, 08:28) Stingray

Well, I am not very well informed about the Middle East conflict so I won't get into that. The story I read told by a jewish philosopher was about explaining the jewish submissive behavior during WW2. But 70 years have passed since. Could it be that they have thought it 'better'? Also speculating... Could you explain what pushing against vibrationaly means? I don't quite get it... Thank you!

(08 Nov '10, 13:47) BridgetJones09

@BJ09 - Pushing against means giving your attention to something you don't want because you don't like it and don't want it in your life. Unfortunately, by giving your attention to it, you are instead attracting more of what you don't want, not less. You can never get rid of something by giving your attention to it, you must always move your attention elsewhere instead or otherwise look at the thing that is bothering you in a better-feeling way.

(08 Nov '10, 16:58) Stingray

@Stingray: Thank you. Got it a'right now :)

(09 Nov '10, 15:14) BridgetJones09

@Stingray are you saying for nothing to have happened to the Jews in WWII all they would have had to do was go along with what the SS wanted and Hitler wanted willingly in agreement and there would have been no problem?

(24 Aug '11, 19:40) Wade Casaldi

Is the assumption that torture is a bad thing incorrect also? That happened in WWII as well.

(24 Aug '11, 19:44) Wade Casaldi

@Wade - The starting point you are choosing there is an artificial one to suit your point of view rather than one that looks at the principles objectively. It's like saying "You are falling from 30,000 ft without a parachute. What do you do now?" :) ...there were many, many, many events and decisions along the way that led to the culminating situation and, at any of those times, anyone who did not wish to be involved in that situation could have followed their inner guidance and stepped away from it. Many Jews were not involved in the Holocaust because they did that.

(25 Aug '11, 09:16) Stingray

@Wade - Regarding your torture comment, it's back to personal value judgements again. Who decides what is bad and what is good? I see apparently "civilized" countries like the US slaughtering people in Iraq in the name of "good" and many back in the US (not all by a long way, of course) appear delighted with the situation. Is that good or bad? Or is it all personal perspective?

(25 Aug '11, 09:20) Stingray

@Stingray soldiers shooting soldiers is one thing but torture is wrong no matter who does it, yes even American soldiers if they torture it is wrong. Causing excruciating pain on purpose is wrong and should be wrong depending on anyone's point of view.

(27 Aug '11, 17:35) Wade Casaldi

@Stingray- This was the point I was sort of (negatively) approaching in my question, "Is suicide really such a bad thing?" I personally am going to be very thrilled when I die! Even though I am defiantly not suicidal at all, or look for dangerous situations, I am so looking forward to the experience of death.

(22 Aug '12, 08:46) Nikulas
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Hi Milanz,
Welcome to the site!

Most here will not agree with me but I personally do not believe they "allowed themselves to be killed". i do not think they attracted it either. How could a new born Jewish child murdered by a German soldier attract such a action??

I believe that Hitler was able to manifest his desires on such a large scale using the power of a mass consciousness (like you pointed out) to over power the manifestations of a much smaller mass consciousness.

His manifestations and goals were backed by large scales of physical action as well. I guess you could say he was a good example of manifesting, attraction others and carrying out "inspired action" but unfortunately in a very evil way.


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Hi B2B, if somethings is true then it must hold true across the board. Either the law of attraction is true or it is not. Either we believe in it or we do not. We will never be able to get the full benefit of law unless we believe in it totally.

(05 Nov '10, 00:18) Drham

Drham: I do not think it has to be all or nothing... I think we humans have picked up somethings about how the universe works but the universe is infinite in nature and I do not think we totally understand exactly how it works. The LOA may be us just hitting the top of the ice burg. In addition, why limit ourselves? Perhaps it is even more dynamic and in that we may learn far more that we could even imagine or have any concept of??

(05 Nov '10, 15:37) Back2Basics

If we say thins is exactly how it works, then ironically we are limiting ourselves! Why not allow more room for other possibilities??

(05 Nov '10, 15:38) Back2Basics
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