I believe the best questions are those that you ask yourself.

A good question to ask yourself is: What is it that fears death?

When you truly understand the answer, you will realize that one of the great secrets or truths of life on Earth is - to die before you die.

asked 13 Nov '09, 06:50

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Great question. I think the fear of death is the root cause of human dysfunction. It is the fear that the self conceptualized "me" will no longer exist. It is unimaginable that the "me" whom we hold so precious in our minds will no longer exist that we will do anything to defend and protect that "me". It is only when we come to realise that the Higher Self or I can never cease to be because it is part of everything and everyone that we can let that self conceptualized "me" or ego die while we are still here in our physical bodies and ultimately experience freedom and that connection to Oneness or All that is. That is my quest.


answered 14 Nov '09, 14:44

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We have a very powerful instinct for survival. Even a perceived threat, such as watching a scary movie, will set the heart racing and make the senses come alive. It's the Fight or Flight impulse. Deep down we know that none of this can prevent death. We can fight or run all we want but death will ultimately win. That's a frightening prospect. Also, we fear it because it is the ultimate unknown. We can only prepare ourselves as best we can with faith, for example. Finally, no matter how unpleasant one's life may appear to be, it is a very familiar and comforting life. To die would change our familiar world forever. That's also a very frightening prospect.


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Paul I 1

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Fight or flight very good, I being a karate teacher should have remembered that one, instead I approached it from a philosophical view. You are right the fight or flight is animal instinct and in this instinct which requires no thought there is fear of death.

(13 Nov '09, 20:05) Wade Casaldi

Thanks Wade. Cool web site by the way!!

(13 Nov '09, 21:53) Paul I 1

Very good question.

I think the reason we fear death is because we become attached to people and material things during our life that we don't want to leave behind as these have become our source of joy and pleasure in life. We think those things won't be there when we are dead, therefore we cannot carry on the same way we are and be happy.

So, it is that bond we have with people and material things in life that fears death.


answered 13 Nov '09, 13:11

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Pink Diamond

It's the ego that fears its dissolving into oblivion.

Our ego dying long before our actual physical death is rumoured to set us free in life. ;-)


answered 13 Nov '09, 09:26

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i agree with herzmeister the only thing that fears death is the ego.If you can the ego out of the way then you make way for your true self[which is who we all really are].the only thing that dies when one physically dies is the ego,your true self will always exist.Your true self being pure love,and if we can let the ego die[stop reacting badly to situations,stop worrying about what people think about us,etc]then your true self takes over and thats when one starts to experience becoming a manifestation magnet and making this planet your kingdom of heaven, since you are looking at this world through the eyes of pure love and that is what god is PURE LOVE. Hence we are all GOD,WE ARE ALL ONE


answered 13 Nov '09, 14:44

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mark 2

Yes. as I wrote in another post: Once one’s Ego understands that it cannot possibly know more than the totality of that which is both itself as well as all of all that is, it willingly relegates itself to the position of an advisor to Self and no longer tries to control everything.

(14 Nov '09, 03:28) Eddie

Because death is a percieved end in (via) a time bounded perspective, it is painful and filled with fear. The fear is born out of the idea that we are this solid persona that will come to an end one day. It's the tangibility of a self in a tangible world that we are accustomed to and must hold on to. This fear calapses not by conquering it with an avalanche of courage but instead, it is a wisper of transparency in recognizing that the space behind the process of thought (which gives us all that has become a conceptual life), is that same substance, that same nature that is one with all. Ultimately, it is that realization that one finds in death. Fear can not live in that primary substance because there is no longer the sense of time or space. No time, no percieved end,.... no space, no percieved form (separation).


answered 03 Jan '11, 14:37

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no1wakesup 1

Life fears the unknown. Now to some people if you were to start an class or an tour that would show what death would be like with feelings and how the other side is when you are transform to another plane or to some prove there is life after death.

So, fear makes you fear the unknown.

I was watching an movie one day and they had classes for children showing them that death was nothing more than going to sleep for when they got an certain age they would just put them to sleep and have the children in the class press the button that sent them into the room to be cremated like. No, it didn't show what it felt like to die or what went on after death. They controlled the minds of the people and would not let them think for them selves, they took happy pills so there were no worries, and you create children through the lab of how smart you want this person to be according to what job he would be doing, how you look and so on. But something happen and one person was different and he ask questions and refused to take the happy pill and choose to live life to the fulles and not like an zombie.

But if you trust in God and Jesus than you know he and the angels will be with you doing death and that death is just sleep, an moving from one plan to another and Jesus and God promise to be with us always and that is good enough for me. For your physical body dies but your spiritual body does not die it is connect to God and it will live for it is an spirit and it is what makes us an spiritual beings.


answered 13 Nov '09, 08:58

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Could it be the concept (believed by some) of hell or inferno? That sinners will never see light, and will suffer in hell.


answered 13 Nov '09, 09:10

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I believe it is the experience of any sentient being as animals don't know what death is, and they don't ponder what the possible outcome could be. So a person fully cognizant philosophizes on what could death be? Is there an end or a beginning? What could life be if we die, does any of it have any purpose or meaning? Will I vanish like I never existed and never will exist again? Will I go to heaven maybe hell what will become of me? All of these question require a level of intellect to even begin to try to comprehend.

This is precisely why I believe that only thinking conscious beings can experience this fear of dying.

The more we ponder it the more we come to the realization that whether we fear or not, death is coming to us eventually. So we just may as well enjoy life and forget about death, when it comes it comes, I'd rather leave peaceful and happy than terrorized and worried.


answered 13 Nov '09, 11:39

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Wade Casaldi

The only truth that is a 100% guaranteed to all living things is Death at the end of our physical journey here on earth! I used to fear death, but now I know that it is the only truth we all have to look forwards to in the end, so I have changed my fear of death into gratitude. So I am grateful for each and every new day in my life, and in the life of my love ones etc!


answered 05 Jan '11, 00:18

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Inactive User ♦♦

one may also not fear because she thought of herself as a mind/spirit wrapped in a human body; realizing that a body is only temporary while the thoughts/wisdom of that mind transfers into more enlightened spirit is eternal

(05 Jan '11, 01:36) fred

@ Fred, you are very perceptive!

(06 Jan '11, 07:08) Inactive User ♦♦

fear is another part of ignorance! death is part of the cycle! i have seen pass this side! and saw that i made the choice to come here and decided to come back what is there to fear? you are in the body and after you see the light and leave the body!


answered 18 May '11, 07:47

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white tiger

If you really asked yourself the question and your answer was that there's no part of you that fears death, why bother answering? Even though you didn't answer the question I voted you up anyway, coz it's interesting to encourage you to stick around and maybe learn. Yes, yes, we all obviously chose to be here, otherwise we wouldn't be here...

(20 May '11, 08:29) Eddie

eddie i have answer the question i told you what it is to leave this side and go to the other side! i could have stay there i add the choice stay there or come back here to finish what i came here to do!i learn can you?

(20 May '11, 20:43) white tiger

why i came here to share with you! even if you know answer and question some may not! it is by sharing that we can learn!

(20 May '11, 20:46) white tiger

I do appreciate your point of view white tiger and I don't doubt what you say. IMHO the people participating on this site already have a high degree of spiritual awareness. As such, I feel that reminders of what we already know are beneficial. Everyone already knows everything, no one needs to be told anything. Can you see everyone as equals, as the highest version of themselves that they actually are? That way what you say will penetrate walls and barriers, as opposed to endless lofty statements and exclamations (!!!) It’s in the delivery my friend :)

(21 May '11, 00:16) Eddie

well eddie i am french yes i use exclamation point why you don't use some in english? as far as higher version of them self even if people have it they are only aware of it at different degree and no they don't know everything yet no one does! you are here to experiance learn and grow like everyone else!if you want to penetrate wall and barrier do wall gazing! as for seing every one as equal i have all ready answer that question before!

(21 May '11, 02:56) white tiger

so eddie my friend! you have a way of doing thing question and answer! i have a way of doing things also experiance understand the meaning and put to rest in the mind! once everything is put to rest in the mind you can see the light and go out of the body to join the light!you make me think of the meeting being confecius and lao tzu! http://www.taopage.org/laotzu/confucius.html

(21 May '11, 03:06) white tiger

The sage experiences without abstraction, And accomplishes without action; He accepts the ebb and flow of things, Nurtures them, but does not own them, And lives, but does not dwell.

(21 May '11, 03:10) white tiger
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I have been dead as long as I have been alive, Forever. Another idea that one is without the other. Yet they are actually one in the same.

Though my physical body will expire and I embrace it, whenever it happens, I understand that there is a chance that my consciousness relies on my body to interpret it and I may never experience 'this' again on 'this' level.

Sometimes my point of meditation is visualizing my rotting body being eaten by maggots. It is very refreshing :) Really!


answered 18 May '11, 16:29

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micheal stop visualizing and experiance! do meditation to quiet the mind! that way you can go see for your self!

(18 May '11, 20:09) white tiger

I just don't see how you can use the word 'refreshing' in conjunction with 'rotting body' and 'maggots' - not exactly a pleasant visual :)

(18 May '11, 21:22) Michaela

@Michaela well the first few times it was not a nice visual. But that was the point, we fear what we do not understand. The more I got comfortable with that visual, the better I felt with death in general. It took some time :)

(18 May '11, 21:36) you
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maybe the elementals, who may enjoy feeding off of their victims
fearing the loss of their host


answered 19 May '11, 00:10

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