Since Abraham and Seth are spiritual entities which are not in physical form and they communicate through channels.

Both Groups/Entities (Abraham and Seth) explain human and Universe's reality.

There are many people who read and attended seminars of them.

are the teachings of both groups same? ..I mean can we see resemblance in teachings and lectures of both groups or they contradict with each other?

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Seth was channelled by Jane Roberts, who died in 1984 so there is no new Seth information coming specifically through her.

But The Seth Material which came through her has been highly influential to many famous reality creation channellers of today.

I know that Jerry and Esther Hicks (responsible for Abraham) and Darryl Anka (responsible for Bashar), two of my favorites, have publically stated that they were strongly influenced by the Seth books.

And when I was younger, the Seth material played a huge part in shaping my own thoughts towards reality creation ideas, as I know it was for others on this website. For me, it was the sheer clarity of the explanations of how physical reality was constructed that was so exciting - it was unlike anything else available in those days. There was no dogma, no preaching, just an attitude of "this is how it works".

But generally the Seth material was quite theoretical. There were not many practical methods whereby you could easily use that information in your daily life.

And this was also the feeling of Jerry Hicks, who strongly desired more practical ideas. This desire eventually culminated with him attracting that more practical information through his wife Esther in the form of Abraham and their teachings.

So what you can draw from this is that the Seth material is quite theoretical and the Abraham teachings are highly practical.

You could say that Seth deals with why the Universe is as it is, while Abraham deals with how to use that information to make your life better.

Abraham have referred to Seth a number of times in the past and the general phrase they use in referring to him is "a chip off the old block".

What they mean by this is that the Seth teachings are a different perspective on the same ideas. You can study both sets of teachings and while, at times, they appear to approach the same ideas in different ways, you can still see the general similarities...although it must be said that the language and metaphors/analogies used can be very different at times.

Personally, I think there is much to be gained from studying the same material from different perspectives and then synthesizing those ideas within yourself to come up with your own perspective.

They say "travel broadens the mind" and I would say that applies to intellectual travel too :)

But I would also say study only one set of teachings first - probably Abraham to start with - until you have truly internalized them (which may take some years) and then you will be in a much better and more stable position to compare and contrast what other reality creation teachers are really saying...otherwise you may find all the different ideas and approaches too confusing.


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very well explained Stingray.Thank you for this kind reply.

(05 Nov '10, 09:12) Zee

I'm happy to help, zulu

(05 Nov '10, 09:24) Stingray

Do Bashar and Seth also used to introduce themselves as collective consciousness or a seperate individual entity?

(05 Nov '10, 09:35) Zee

Seth referred to himself as individual though non-physical. Bashar refers to himself as individual but another extra-terrestrial civilization. I'm using the word himself here just to save me writing him/her/it-self every time :)

(05 Nov '10, 09:56) Stingray

Nice explaination Stingray. I discovered the Seth and Bashar materials more than 10 years ago, but discarded it as nonsense, lol, which is kind of ironic to me now. It wasn't until I'd started assimilating the Abraham material that I really got into Bashar :)

(05 Nov '10, 13:45) Eddie

I'd also add that the "Abraham teachings' are much easier to digest for most just beginning to understand this material.I think if I had stumbled on "Seth" first, I would have had maybe a harder time understanding his concepts but because I already had a grasp on some of it, I was able to 'get' a lot of what he was saying - fascinating reading.

(05 Nov '10, 13:48) Michaela

Thank you, Sting!

(23 Feb '11, 15:54) all2gethernow
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This is the kind of discussion that is worth joining!!!!!! Seth,Abraham and Bashar are voices of clarity and provide a basis for overcoming the paralizing effects of doubt and fear.It is not enough that only our "leaders" have good JUDGEMENT and Communication skills. Bashar demonstrates how we humans have difficulty speaking. Hesitating, as a result of self-doubt and poor communication skills.Much of our frustration and anger is a result of this.These entities are truly examples of clear thinking and clear communication, rarely encountered elsewhere.


answered 16 Jul '11, 21:25

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Your assuming that Abraham and Seth ARE spiritual entities. Big assumption there.



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Monty Riviera

Graham, Zulu's question was asking if their teachings are the same or different - I don't think he was making any kind of assumptions. His choice to believe in Seth or Abraham as spiritual entities is exactly that 'a choice', just as it's your choice not to believe in them - whatever works for you, but I wouldn't call it an assumption :)

(05 Nov '10, 14:38) Michaela

How much of the Abraham or Seth material have you personally studied, Graham?

(05 Nov '10, 19:11) Stingray

Quite a bit Stingray,and i just have a problem believing in it.Im quite happy to listen to her and have done for many hours.I find her entertaining and i enjoy her shows.But i simply dont believe shes a channel for group of spiritual entities. However i dont believe her to be uninspired .And i will also stress tha just because i dont believe her doesnt make her a fraud or wrong.Neither doe my pesonal belief in anything make it truth.

(06 Nov '10, 11:11) Monty Riviera

I think Michaela that he is. Zulu says tha Abraham nd Seth ARE spiritual entities. That is an assumption. But i take your point about it being a choice.And i would agree,the acid test is if something actually works. I do listen to all teaching and i will continue to study Esther.And if i disagre with her i will try to do it without being disagreeable.

(06 Nov '10, 11:16) Monty Riviera
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There are differences, and similarity in both teaching and you can look at it from the perspective of old information, and new age information. Also you should keep in mind that there was Seth, before there was Abraham!

Personally, I believe that Seth message was dedicated to mankind to help them to understand his role and purpose as an entity and to disclose information that would be rear to the human intellect, and intelligence.

Although, I have spent more time on Seth’s material, I have also spent some time on reading and listening to Abraham, and I truly love his approach and teaching, and I think it is a great mile stone for anyone to cover, nonetheless, I strongly believe in the spirituality of Seth’s teaching, and it’s astounding effects every time I read the material, so I know that his presence as an entity is real. Indeed spiritual entities are real!


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Inactive User ♦♦

both are in the business of stripping cash from the wallets of those that are looking for absolution. I have been to their seminars and to the other circus where the guy learned how to speak in an offbeat fashion in order to really point out the being he channelled. as the saying goes a fool and his money will soon be parted


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There is one curious contradiction - Seth states that Christ was not crucified a switch was made. Abraham says Christ was crucified.

I have studied Seth, I seem to understand more when I read the books a second or third time. After the contradiction previously mentioned and as I didn't resonate with Abraham I have left that material for now.


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Wendy Kennedy's Pleiadian Collective say that what we think of as the character of Jesus was actually a group of people. So perhaps both are correct.

(27 Aug '11, 10:06) Stingray

its mean that in Christ crucification issue,the teaching of Islam and Seth are same.great.

(29 Aug '11, 04:33) Zee
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